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Sod's Law


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Hey there,

Can anyone think of those things that just have to take an inconvenient twist no matter what the circumstances? I'll give an example of what I mean.


We've been waiting for a guy to look at our burglar alarm today, he said he'd come in the afternoon and my father specifically wanted to be there to deal with it. He went for a bath and said to let the guy in if he turned up because he didn't know when that would be. I thought 'I know when it'll be. The second you get comfortable in that bath, he'll arrive'.


My Dad goes for his bath and sure enough, the van appears when he's in the least convenient position to be there. At least I was home, so he got in, but normally this happens when there's one of you home, specifically because you're waiting for a workman to arrive! This sort of thing happens all of the time. Basically, if you want a workman to appear, go for a bath, a dump, go down the street for fifteen minutes, anything that will put you at an inconvenience and they will appear. It's not your fault, it's not their fault, but it always seems to work that way, at least in my experience. How come this happens so frequently?


Anyone else have any examples or experiences of this sort of thing that they'd like to share?

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My wife always needs something when I just got comfortable, or just started to really enjoy a game I'm playing, etc...


My kid always wants to go outside just as I'm going to sit down after a long day and I'm tired.


Bills always arrive when I'm broke.


But I always do my best to prove that I am above this and any other law by doing what needs done just to spite Murphy, the punk.

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