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Stuffs for trade and selling.

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I only want to trade for the following items as buying stuff is costing me a fortune.




R3-5 Jeff Hardy

BB 2003 Goldberg

RA4 Hurricane

RA6 Maven

RA2 Tommy Dreamer

RA3 Goldust (With wig.)

SummerSlam 2003 HHH

RA9 Matt Hardy. Pending trade.

RA9 Jamie Noble

RA9 Matt Morgan

CS1 Ultimate Warrior

CS1 Andre

CS2 Mankind

CS2 SGT. Slaughter

ME2 Shawn Michaels


I'll trade these for the items above




Survivor Series 2003. Condition: Very good.


Armageddon 2002. Condition: Excellent.


WrestlemaniaX8. Condition: Excellent.


Royal Rumble 2000. Condition: Excellent.


Wrestlemania 2000 and RAW double pack. Condition: Excellent.

(Mentioned in another trade, but still maybe available.)



Summerslam 2002. Condition: Excellent. Pending trade.


Trades will not take place this week, next week only, but trades are limited then too. PM if you are interested, but be quick!


These are from my last haves and wants and are still up for grabs.


Ok, here are my haves and wants. I have alot up for sale and trades are accepted too. I'm sorry for only putting one figure up for sale or trade, because I cherish my figures and this is the only one I want to go.


I can not sned until Friday, the day I get payed and will have a limit on trades on sales per week. I only accept postal orders or preffably cash sent.


Anyway heres what I have.




ECW - A matter of Respect 1998. £4.50. Condition: Very good.


WWF/E - Royal Rumble 1989. £5.00. Condition: Excellent, plus poster included in sleave of video.


WWF/E - US Rampage 1992. £3.50. Condition: Good, cup mark on front, from the previous owner.


WWF/E - No Mercy 2000. £4.50. Condition: excellent.


WWF/E - Backlash 2002. £4.50. Condition: Very Good.


WWE - Shawn Michaels - From The Vault. £6.00. Condition: Excellent. Deal cancelled.


WWF/E - No mercy 1999, English Event. £3.00. Condition: Very Good.


WWE Survivor Series 2002. £4.50. Condition:Excellent. Deal Pending trade.




ECW Hardcore TV 2 - E.C. Dub! £4.50. Condition: Excellent.


ECW Hardcore TV 4 - Ratted! £4.50. Cndition: Excellent.




WWF/E - War Zone. Nintendo 64. £1.00. Condition: No boxing.


WWF/E - Attitude. Nintendo 64. £1.00. Condition: No boxing.


WCW - Mayhem. PSONE. £1.00. Condition: Small crack on case. Disc has a couple of scratches, but it is still playable.


Legends Of Wrestling 1. PS2. £3.00. Condition: Excellent.


WWE Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth! PS2. £5.00. Condition: Excellent.




Posters are likely not in the magazines.


WWF/E March 2001. 75p. Condition: Great.


WWE September 2002. 80p. Condition: Excellent.


WWE June 2003. 80p. Condition: Excellent.


WWE May 2003. 80p. Condition: Excellent.


WWF/E September 2001. 75p. Condition: Very Good.


WWE April 2003. 75p. Condition: Very Good.


WWE March 2003. 80p. Condition: Excellent.


WWE Holiday 2002. 80p. Condition: Excellent.


Toxxic: Wrestling 2000, february 2000. 65p. Condition: Very Good.


WCW Issue 63. 65p. Condition: Good.


WCW Issue 64. 65p. Condition: Excellent.


Power Slam Issue 106. 70p. Condition: Excellent.


Powerslam Issue 113. 70p. Condition: Excellent.




WWF/E - TTL Big Show. Old big show, wearing blue jeans, and white t shirt, Long hair. Condition: Used. Price: 85p.




The Rock Cap.












SuperBrawl 1998

SuperBrawl 1999

Spring Stampede 1998

Slamboree 1998

Great American Bash 2000

Road Wild 1999

Fall Brawl 1999




Cyberslam 1999




Bad Blood 2004 & 1997


Ring accesories


Ladder match


Announce table


Figure accesories



trash cans

title belts

anything else ya got tell me.

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