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UK TNA Results-Cage Match


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Well folks its been built up for 6 weeks but finally it was here. Jeff Jarrett had to defend his title his title in the cage against Chris Harris. Or so he thought.


Tna opened up with its usual video package and then e go to the ring for the music of the Alpa Male to play as a tag team match is scheduled as Abyss lso joins him. Sabu then comes out and Ravnes music plays but Raven isnt anyway to be seen so its a handicap match.

Monty Brown and Abyss defeated Sabu

Sabu showed a lot of heart and grit in thi one but itasnt going to be his day a despite hitting each other with big moves a couple of times Abyss got the pinfall with a Backbreaker after Sabu had already recieved a Pounce.


We quickly cut backstage to see Raven and the Wildcat Chris Harris fighting backstage and Raven then started working on the already injured lef shoulder of Harris and he took him out as Storm came to the aid of his partner. Raven exited through the ring, even stepping over his own tag partner Sabu who he had left on his own in the previous match.

Sharkboy defeated David Young

Youngs losing streak continued as this time it was the young Sharkboy who managed to get a win over Young. Young even managed to block the dead seas drop but he was clearly fazed from Glen Gilberti leaving him onhis own. Sharkboy managed an upset win as he left and the 3LK then came out.


The 3 Live Kru talked about The Truth and how he should have the shot at JJ later in the night rather than Raven. They left leaving Russo with a lot to think about as we see Harris being carted into the ambulance as we hear he may have a seperated shoulder and Harris tells Russo to put Cowboy James Storm in the cage with Jarrett.

Swinger and Gilberti w/Trinity beat Diamond and Siaki.

The team of Siaki and Diamond teamed again this time to take on Simon Diamonds former tag partner Johnny Swinger and used car salesman Glen Gilberti. And it seemed that perhaps the team of Siaki and Simon could be succesful yet again as a tag team until devious Trinity helped out Gilberti and Swinger and they got the win. After the match a beat down was saved as Desire returned after almost a year and took out Trinity as she then reunited with Siaki and the trio in the ring celebrated.

Team NWA Spot at stake match

Christopher Daniels defeated Michael Shane

Technical difficulties on TWC prevented me seeing most of this match but the finish was clear. Shane Douglas wrapped a chain around his hand and he hit Daniels with it. However Shane refused to pin Daniels and went to the corner to strike up the band for the Sweet Shane Music. However Daniels caught his leg and he managed to get a pinfall as he joined Team NWA ont he ramp and he is the new member taking Sonjay Dutts place in the team for the World X Cup. After the match Shane Douglas tries to talk to Michael Shane but Shane pushes Douglas which Douglas doesnt react to. When Shane slaps Douglas , Michael Shane then gets ont the wrong end of a leather belt whipping from Douglas. What happened next is anyones guess as next thing we know, Traci is whipping Douglas with the belt as she and Shane stand over a fallen Franchise.

NWA Tag Team Championship

Kid Kash and Dallas defeated D'Lo Brown and Apolo

Last week Dalla used the steel pipe in front of the ref causing a DQ. But TNA rules stated that then the titles changed hands so D'Lo and Apolo won the tag titles. This week Kash and Dallas seemingly set up Apolo and D'Lo as Kash brought in the pipe but Apolo got it and used it but the ref turned around ad saw him as he rang the bell for a DQ and New Champions again. So Kash and Dallas retain in what seemed to be a set up.


In the back we saw Raven who talked to Russo saying he was the only man who could beat Jarrett and that Russo should put him in the match. They shake hands as JJ says Russo was playing a game and he almost had JJ fooled but that Raven would be in a repeat of a year ago. JJ walks in champ and he walks out the same.


Jarretts music hits as he walks out to the ring and into the cage as I mark out woooooo. Russoc music hits and he walks out and starts talking about who is going to be JJs opponent. Russo says Storm isnt ready so it wont be him. He tells Abyss and The Truth tha he wont be bullied into giving out title shots. And he says then it comes down to Raven. But Russo says when he came back he promised not to make deals with the devil so tonight in the cage JJ's oppoent woulld be The Phenomenal AJ Styles!!!

NWA World Heavyweight Championship

Steel Cage Match

"Phenomenal" Aj Styles defeated Jeff Jarrett

Jarrett clearly wasnt prepared for Jarrett but Aj clearly was prepared for the NWA Champ. The cage seemingly working to JJ's advantage though as he tossed around Aj from side to side back first into the steel. Jarrett even went for a figure four but he couldnt lock it it. So he locked in a sharpshooter. When Aj tried to reverse, JJ locked in a figure four at last but Aj flipped him over and locked in a sharpshooter himself. Jarrett tried to hit a Styles Clash himself but was unable to do it. Aj then climbed to the top of the cage but JJ pushed the ref into the cage and JJ fell all the way to the floor smacking his knee off the steel on his way down. JJ got out of the cage and he put Styles back in as he got his guitar. Russo then tried to climb the cage but JJ kept him down with the guitar. When JJ set up for the guitar shot Aj kicked and smashed the guitar and then hit a Styles Clash for the 3 count as we have a new champion. Aj becomes a two time champion.


Next week

Abyss vs Sabu

NYC vs Siaki, Diamond and Desire

And yes

Team AAA vs Team TNA

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This wasn't a bad show if I remember rightly. Nothing special though. Nice writeup again by the way. Dont' stop doing these, even if I'm the only one who replies because it's nice to be remined of these shows.


As this point in time, in my opinion TNA was just on the verge of starting to suck a bit. It had been through some cool shows and was starting to book badly.


I remember this show filling me with disappointment. When Raven took out Harris I couldn't decide whether they'd done a great job in making me hate Raven and make me see him as a heel, or whether all they'd done was make me pissed off with the booking.


Harris Vs Jarrett, clean for the title was much needed. Whoever won a clean finish in a match they'd hyped for a while and built heat for was exactly the sort of thing TNA could rarely pull off back then because they were always trying to hold something back for the next show.


Well, on this night in my opinion they screwed up again. Styles winning the belt again seemed pointless and didn't add anything short term in my opinion. They may as well have kept the belt on Jarrett.


Sabu getting his ass kicked by Monty Brown (the future of the business) and Abyss was nice. I also like D'Lo and Apollo. I always liked Apollo, I thought he had a lot of raw talent and athleticism and his match with Jarrett on show four or five I think it was was very good for someone that green.


Desire coming back was great, coz she's a fox. Anythig involving Trinity is always good too because she is similarly a fox.


The shows back then, and this one as well, always highlighted to me how much they screwed up the Swinger and Diamond feud. These guys had tagged for a long time even before they got to TNA. I should have cared when they split, but I didn't, I should have cared when they had matches, but I didn't. They botched it completely, bad booking, and badly carried out by the two guys involved.


All in all not a bad show though, and as always a pleasure to read fletch

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