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First off - get yourself a study guide, it worked for me :lol Seriously, study guides don't give you all the answers, but they're a really good way of getting to grips with things if you're in trouble, and they're a damn good way of preparing yourself for your exams. They deal with just about everything you'll need to answer questions in the exam. 'York' do good ones. Of course, you still kinda need to read the book/play, that's the only thing :D


As for those you mentioned, I happened to do both for my Leaving Cert. I love Wuthering Heights, King Lear not as much (very depressing). Overall, it goes without saying that it's really important to know the characters inside out, as well as having a few quotes from the play in your head to back your arguments up with (or at least be able to refer to specific parts of the story). As far as themes to watch out for, I don't remember exactly what questions I got (it's seven years ago now) but I know Wuthering Heights fairly well, so there's a couple of things to watch out for:


The whole Heathcliff/Cathy thing is obviously the spine of the story, in addition to the way that it can consume and destroy, so obviously love as a destructive force would be one theme. You've also got it's redemptive qualities later with Catherine and Hareton. So love as a destructive/redemptive force.


Nature is obviously a big thing in the book as well, in particular in relation to social class and culture. You know, the way the rich Lintons live in the big and lovely house while the poor and uneducated Earnshaws live in a s**thole on the moors where it's always raining and windy? The whole wind/storm thing is kinda meant to evoke this as well.


I love the book, but it's been a long time since I actually sat down and studied it. Like I said, invest in a study guide, they deal with pretty much everything.


Hope I've been of help

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