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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter #79 (Column: Kidding the Viewers!)


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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter

- Issue #79 - 6th October 2004



Hey and welcome to this week's TWO Newsletter. Adam Sibley is covering for Goldy this week as the blonde one is on hiatus. Usual features are in so let's get going...


- Pabster

Newsletter Editor



This week in History


1932 - Ed "Strangler" Lewis defeated JAck Sherry for the NY World Heavyweight title

1982 - Nick Bockwinkel defeated Otto Wanz for the AWA Heavyweight title

1999 - Event - Heros of Wrestling, Casino Magic, Bay St. Louis, MS

2003 - Nova & Aaron Stevens defeated Tank Toland & Chris Cage for the Ohio Valley Southern Heavyweight Tag Title



New @ Wrestling 101



- Rowdy Roddy Piper Profile


- UK Scene #142


- TAT: WWE No Mercy 2004 Thoughts


- Ric Flair - Living in the past


- ST: The UK Scene wrestling fraternity


- Video Games: October 2004 Update


- UK Scene #141



Forum Threads of the Week





Batista: The Next Big Thing? which SCSteveAustin wins this week's Thread of the Week. A lively discussion which was a good read!




England v Wales which WelshScouser created, wins the award for this week. Great football banter about the big match this past weekend, quality stuff.



TWO Member of the Week



Who is TWO Member of the Week?


Jayden takes this week's Member of the Week title. Such an impressive week from him, he keeps on getting better and better. Well done Sir.



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WWE Taboo Tuesday PPV Quiz and Chat - Tuesday October 19th 2004



As is our monthly tradition here at Talk Wrestling Online, we will be holding our PPV Quiz and Chat night (for the 2nd time this month!). And this month its Raws turn with Taboo Tuesday. So in anticipation for the first ever interactive WWE event, with such matches as Triple H vs ? and Eric Bischoff vs Eugene looming, why not head over to the TWO chatroom from 8pm until 11pm, for a good ol' chat about the PPV with all the TWO regulars? The more, the merrier!


For more info click here.


Please note this chat will be shorter than normal as Raw will be airing at 11pm on Sky Sports 1 followed by Taboo Tuesday from 1am-4am. (for the UK)



US News - by Matt Fletcher





Rumour is that Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak's new group on SmackDown! will be called 'The Honor Society'. The name was recently trademarked by WWE.


The fixed version of the SummerSlam DVD should hit stores in the next few weeks, if they haven’t already. There was a problem with many of the originally released DVD’s as the sound was out during the show’s main event.


As John Cena is currently filming a WWE produced movie called “The Marine”. Cena's appearance this Sunday’s WWE No Mercy PPV will most likely be his last for several months. He will only be making appearances between now and the end of the filming if his schedule allows it.


Eddie Guerrero was allegedly involved in a car accident last week. It was said to be a pretty serious crash with another car and took place during the middle part of last week. Guerrero was said to be OK after the accident and managed to work the house shows last weekend. A number of people backstage feel that Guerrero should be given some time off to deal with his recent injury issues.


The official Taboo Tuesday site has been launched and can be viewed at tabootuesday.wwe.com. Right now not much is featured other than highlights from the recent press conference.


An interview with Gene Snitsky has been put up at WWE.com. The interview follows the on-air storyline, but does not include any real information about Snitsky. WWE.com does not seem to have "insider" articles on the site anymore, only things that are involved in their storylines.


Lance Storm has updated his online commentary. In his latest entry, Storm discusses going to see a local Stampede Wrestling show this previous week in Calgary. He shares both his negative and positive thoughts.


WWE Weekend schedule:


*RAW Brand:

- Tonight - Portland, ME

- Saturday - Burlington, VT [Main Event: Randy Orton, Chris Benoit, & Eugene vs. Triple H, Batista, & Ric Flair]

- Sunday - Binghamton, NY [Main Event: Randy Orton, Chris Benoit, & Eugene vs. Triple H, Batista, & Ric Flair]

- Monday - New York City, NY [RAW]


*SmackDown! Brand:

- Sunday - East Rutherford, NJ [No Mercy]

- Tuesday - Boston, MA [sD!]


Both Mick Foley and Christopher Nowinski appeared on MSNBC's post-debate edition of After Hours last night. They primarily discussed voter registration drives.


At this point, Cablevision and Adelphia Cable have no intentions of carrying WWE 24/7. They may consider adding it in the future but have failed to reach a deal with WWE.


SmackDown! did a 3.4 overnight rating last week.


::WWE RAW Results - 27th September 2004::

  • Shelton Benjamin defeated World Champion, Triple H, by Disqualification
  • Hurricane Helms and Rosey defeated Rhyno and Tajiri
  • Gene Snitsky defeated Val Venis
  • Christian and Tyson Tomko defeated Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho
  • Batista defeated Randy Orton in a No Disqualification match

::WWE SmackDown Results - 30th September 2004::

  • The Dudley Boyz defeated Rico and Charlie Haas
  • United States Champion, Booker T, defeated Paul London
  • Hardcore Holly defeated World Champion, John Bradshaw Leyfield, by Disqualification
  • Nunzio defeated Cruiserweight Champion, Spike Dudley, in a non-title match
  • Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak defeated Eddie Guerrero and Rob Van Dam.



It seems that Jeff Hardy has done it again, this time by not showing up for last weeks Impact Tapings in Orlando Florida at Universal Studios. He was scheduled to face a returning David Young who hasnt been on TNA television since the weekly pay per views ended. The match had to be completely changed and TNA management are seemingly unhappy with Jeff Hardy again. It was well reported some time ago that Jeff was late for the TNA bus and Monty Brown spoke out against Jeff. TNA then put Kazarian in charge of looking after Hardy. With him now creating new problems rumours are running rampant that TNA may well dispose of Hardy after Victory Road but take that at face value. Hardy is of course still perhaps TNA's biggest name commercially so if he's still around in a couple months dont be shocked.


TNAwrestling.com have recently launched several new features on their website which includes a new trivia game. Fans can play this of course at TNA's homepage but you must register to play it. Its a great game that I’ve played first hand. However due to their slow server TNA have now limited play to one game every few hours to avoid server crashing.


Nashville, TN (October 4, 2004) - TNA Entertainment, LLC. announced today that Saturday, November 6 & Sunday, November 7, will be Total Nonstop Action Wrestling “Victory Road” weekend. Fans will have an opportunity on Saturday to meet their favorite TNA Wrestling Superstars with the Total Nonstop InterAction fan festival. Then, on Sunday November 7, at 8PM, TNA Wrestling’s first ever monthly pay-per-view, “Victory Road”, will air live from Soundstage 21 in Universal Studios at Universal Orlando Resort.


Total Nonstop InterAction will be held in the Doubletree Hotel at the entrance to Universal Orlando. TNA Superstars that will be in attendance are Jeff Jarrett, “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, Jimmy Hart, Rowdy Roddy Piper, AJ Styles, Monty Brown and many more to be announced. Advance tickets are $49 and include 2 items autographed by each talent, admission for two Q & A Sessions, VIP Seating at “Victory Road”, Commemorative “Victory Road” poster, and access to the post party with TNA Wrestlers. Tickets are $49 and available starting this Saturday, October 9th at 10AM through tnawrestling.com or can be purchased at the door for $59. A limited number of tickets will be available; this package is the only way to guarantee a seat at “Victory Road”.

::TNA Impact - 1st October 2004::

  • Jeff Jarrett beat Bryan Gumble
  • Raven defeated Scott Stevens
  • Abyss defeated Luther Jackson
  • The Naturals defeated the Tag Team Champions James Storm & Christopher Daniels
  • A.J. Styles beat Kazarian, Alex Shelly, The Amazing Red, Kid Kash, and Chris Sabin



TSN has a very interesting article up online today, in the article, it announces that Bret Hart has a new profession. Starting this forthcoming holiday season, Bret Hart will be playing the character of The Genie, in a production of the Disney movie "Aladdin". It is a musical that will be happening from Dec 2 - 31 at The Elgin Theatre in Toronto.


Sources: 3StrandWrestling.com and TNAWrestling.com





UK News - by Adam Sibley



Hey Guys Goldy is away touring the UK at the moment so you got to put up with me this week. Here is just a quick round up of events, cards and results happening in the UK.




UKPW at Nye Bevan Hall - October 7th 2004 in Hackney, London

Marcus 'The Toad' Hiscott vs Chris Wyld


Chris Wyld was disqualified for hitting his opponent with a low blow. Upon realising that he had been disqualified, Wyld grabbed a chair from ringside with the intention of causing serious damage to 'The Toad'. Hiscott was able to avoid being struck with the chair and knocked Wyld from the ring. Wyld was persistent and again grabbed the chair. At this point, Marcus' tag team partner, Anton Green, came out and convinced Hiscott to leave the ringside area as Wyld seethed at the match result.


Andy Simmonz pinned 'Wrestling's Cool Kid' Stevie James


With Ian Logan at ringside, Andy Simmonz had a distinct advantage in this match which proved to be an uphill challenge for Stevie James. At one point, James appeared primed to finish Simmonz off with a superkick. However, Logan entered the ring and tried to t! alk Stevie out of hitting the move. Logan was successful in preventing James from striking Simmonz as Stevie turned his attentions to Logan and blasted him with the superkick. This distraction allowed Simmonz to hoist James into a powerslam position and drive him into the canvas for a pinfall victory.


Eamon O'Neil vs 'The Idol' Ian Logan


This back and forth contest saw Simmonz return to ringside in the corner of his Towel Boys partner, Ian Logan. As Logan attempted to execute a chokeslam variation on Eamon O'Neil, he was rolled up for the pinfall. This decision was popular with the crowd but not with Simmonz who would make a challenge to O'Neil later in the night.


Ethan 'The Heat' Hayze vs 'The Atomic Ant' Anton Green


After several minutes of hard fought action, The Towel Boys made their way to ringside, causing a distraction for both Ethan Hayze and Anton Green. The distraction would ultimately turn physical when Simmonz & Loga! n climbed onto the ring apron and were struck by Green and Hayze. Following a double clothesline, The Towel Boys jumped into the ring and pummelled both men. At this point, the match had already been thrown out as a no-contest.


Impromptu challenge match


Eamon O'Neil vs Andy Simmonz


Ian Logan attacked Eamon O'Neil which prompted the referee to call for a disqualification. As The Towel Boys continued to attack O'Neil, The Green Machine, Ethan Hayze & Stevie James ran to the ring to halt the assault. Eamon then announced that he would find a partner in order to get revenge on Simmonz & Logan, making the Main Event a 4 Way tag match. Chris Wyld would then come out to ringside and offer to team with O'Neil as a means to get back in the ring with Marcus Hiscott.


Main Event: 4 Way tag team match


Hayze & James vs The Towel Boys vs The Green Machine vs Wyld & O'Neil


The team of Chris Wyld and Eamon O'Neil proved to be a very tenuous one. After O'Neil hit slan abhaile on Anton Green, Wyld begged for the tag so that he could score the win. O'Neil refused and attempted a cover. Wyld broke up the pin and again requested a tag. Angered at Wyld's actions, O'Neil made the tag by slapping his partner and hurling him into the ring before walking backstage. A dazed Chris Wyld would ultimately fall victim to a superkick from Stevie James who made the pin and scored victory for his team. After the match, The Green Machine shook hands with the victorious team of Ethan Hayze & Stevie James.



IWF in Gateshead, 2nd Oct 2004


4th Anniversary Show


After celebrating four years of the Independent Wrestling Federation, Bobby Jackson was officially stripped of the IWF Tag Team Tiles due to injury suffered by his partner, Hot Ed. The main event was named as The Avery Brothers v Assassin & Jimmy Blade.




RD Wood v Max Heat


These two, arguably the top two competitors in the IWF Junior Academy met one-on-one for the first time in a match that saw Heat crowned the new champion. The challenger, realising he could not compete with Wood on the mat, spent much of the match in the air. After surviving the Shockwave (Suplex/Rock Bottom) from Wood, Heat became the new IWF Junior Academy Champion following a Liger Bomb.


Winner – Max Heat


Liam ‘The Player’ Atkinson v ‘Deckham Radgy’ Paul Dalby


Junior Academy member Dalby was offered the chance to step up to the next level by tangling with submission expert Liam Atkinson. Despite entering an impressive performance, the Deckham Radgy came up just short, falling victim to the Player’s Bridging German Suplex. Although he lost, Dalby showed great promise for the future, almost taking victory with his Radgy Star Press (Standing Shooting Star).


Winner – Liam ‘The Player’ Atkinson


Lee Kyle called Jed Masters to the ring and told the ‘Bad Boy’ that he was barely worth the attention of the leader of the ‘Lee Kyle Experience’. He then introduced Masters opponent…Kamala’s #1 Fan.


‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters v Kamala’s #1 Fan


The somewhat strange Kamala’s #1 Fan offered little competition for Masters, tapping out to the Masterpiece in under a minute.


Winner – ‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters


Kyle then introduced another opponent for Masters, in the shape of Lee Kyle Experience member Chris Prime.


‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters v ‘All The Time’ Chris Prime


Gifted flyer Prime fought Masters to a close run contest, bamboozling the popular powerhouse with a variety of aerial techniques. Eventually, however, Prime became frustrated when Masters kicked out after the ‘Prime Time’ Shooting Star Press, allowing the Bad Boy to take advantage and hit his patented Masterclass for the three count.


Winner – ‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters


His plan seemingly rumbled, Kyle came up with a plan B, introducing another opponent for Masters, this time Harry Pain.


‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters v Harry Pain


Exhausted by this point, Masters managed to blister the chest of Pain with some stinging chops but was unable to mount much other offence. Harry Pain unleashed a variety of devastating moves but the Bad Boy hung in, managing to roll a shoulder on each occasion to avoid defeat. Eventually, Pain earned a third public warning, and despite making Masters tap to the Hall of Pain Cloverleaf, was disqualified.


Winner – ‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters


Seeing Masters barely able to move, Kyle took the opportunity to announce himself as his fourth opponent of the night.


‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters v Lee Kyle


With his opponent virtually immobile, Kyle slapped on his Mamba Choke for a barely deserved choke-out victory.


Winner – Lee Kyle


Masters eventually made his way to his feet and challenged Kyle to a bout on November 27th, when the IWF return to Gateshead. Kyle accepted, on condition that Masters, who had taken an incredible beating, passed a drug test.


Emma ‘Phoenix’ Anderson v Angel & Courtney Synn


Phoenix, who’s scheduled partner had been ‘mysteriously delayed’ agreed to take on Synn and Angel in a handicap match. Although she managed to cope quite comfortably with her opponents on a one-on-one basis, the IWF Women’s Champion fell victim to the numbers game when, after hitting her ‘Phoenix from the Flames’ Death Valley Driver on Synn, she was rolled-up and pinned by Angel


Winners – Angel & Courtney Synn


Jed Masters returned to the ring with his urine sample, and to much laughter threw it in the face of Lee Kyle. A shocked Kyle then accepted the match on 27th November.


‘Unbreakable’ Bobby Jackson came to the ring for his scheduled Ring of Faith title match with Weapon X. However the champion informed him that he would not be getting a title shot tonight, and would never get one unless he could defeat Nick Damocles.


‘Unbreakable’ Bobby Jackson v Nick Damocles


The debuting Damocles dominated the former Tag Team champion with variety of hard-hitting power moves before working over the left leg in an attempt to prevent Jackson from hitting his 450 splash. Eventually though, the mysterious newcomer realised why they call Jackson unbreakable, when Jackson, with his leg clearly bothering him, climbed to the top rope and hit the 450 to earn a hard fought victory.


Winner – ‘Unbreakable’ Bobby Jackson


Weapon X then declared that he would defend his title, and declared his opponent ‘The Ultimate Challenge’




Weapon X v The Ultimate Boog


The Ultimate Boog (Boogie Knights in a surprisingly convincing Ultimate Warrior costume) turned out to offer very little in the way of a challenge for the ROF Champion. It seemed as though the brutal Weapon X could have beaten the challenger before he did. After a monumental beating, Boog was eventually put out of his misery with a top rope splash.


Winner – Weapon X




The Avery Brothers v Assassin & Jimmy Blade


IWF Champion Assassin and his powerful cohort Jimmy Blade spent much of the match attempting to stop Shaun Avery making the tag to his well-rested brother Youngsta. Eventually though, the tag did come and the match began to break down, with each man hitting one of his patented moves to great effect. Assassin attempted to finish off the match from the top rope, but was sent crashing to the outside when Blade was sent flying into the ropes. A Shaun-ing Wizard and a springboard Moonsault from Youngsta later, and the Averys were two-time IWF Tag Team Champions.


Winners – The Avery Brothers

The IWF make their London debut on Wednesday 27th October, when they perform at the Viz magazine 25th birthday party. The event takes place at the café de Paris. Unfortunately, no tickets are available for this event as it is by invite only, but the IWF roster are said to be tremendously excited at the prospect of performing on this star studded occasion. Although no tickets are available, expect a run down of the card as and when it becomes available, and a review of the matches and event, once the hangover wears off!


The next IWF show in the Northeast is at Bedlington Community Centre on Sat. 30th Oct. Tickets are £4 from the club ((01670) 824 141), a preview of the card will follow when available.




First of all, make sure you get yourself to the next MPW show, which will take place on 16th October, at: Centre AT7, Austin Drive, Bell Green, Coventry. CV6 7PG


For tickets, call the hotline on 0774 22 33 109, or E-Mail

[info@mpwrestling.co.uk]. Also available from reception at the AT7 anytime, or on the night of the event.


Tickets are priced at:

Adults - £6.00

Children - £4.00

(Under 12's must be with a paying adult)


Doors open at 6.30pm, show starts at 7.30pm and finishes around 10.30pm.


Future 2004 show dates: (Both at the AT7 on a Saturday)

20th November 2004

11th December 2004


MPW's Samurai is currently touring Japan, working several shows over there.

Some of the top Japanese promoters are said to be at these shows, so who

knows what'll come out of this for Samurai.


Jekkel will be working for TAP, facing Adam Thorn. This show will take place

on October 9th, at Loughborough university. Also special appearances from

Abi Titmus and The Big Brovaz. Show starts at 8pm.


Both Mad Mike and Psycho Steve worked for RBWA on the 25th of last month, in a triple threat tag team match. The show went well and MPW were well represented by these two.




Upcoming dates:


Tuesday 19th at 7.30pm

Winter Gardens, Margate, Kent.

Details of proposed events to be announced soon.

For advance tickets sales please call the Box office on 01843-292795.


Thursday 21st at 8pm

Civic Hall, Grays, Essex.

Details of proposed events to be announced soon.

For advance tickets sales please call the Box office on 01375-383961.


Saturday 23rd at 8pm

Leisure Centre, Andover, Hampshire.

Details of proposed events to be announced soon.

For advance tickets sales please call the Box office on 01264-323355.


Monday 25th at 8pm

Castle Hall, Hertford, Hertfordshire.

Details of proposed events to be announced soon.

For advance tickets sales please call the Box office on 01992-589026.


Wednesday 27th at 7.45pm

The Cathays Community Centre, Cardiff, Wales.

Details of proposed events to be announced soon.

For advance tickets sales please call the Box office on 07729-045845.


Friday 29th at 8pm

Mote Park Leisure Centre, Maidstone, Kent.

Details of proposed events to be announced soon.

For advance tickets sales please call the Box office on 01622-761111.


Saturday 30th at 8pm

Stour Centre, Ashford, Kent.

Details of proposed events to be announced soon.

For advance tickets sales please call the Box office on 01233-639966.


Sunday 31st at 8pm

The Benn Hall, Rugby, Warwickshire.

Details of proposed events to be announced soon.

For advance tickets sales please call the Box office on 01788-533719.


Scottish Wrestling Alliance


As announced at Retribution, Eric 'The Fist' Canyon will get his shot at Conscience and the NWA Scottish Heavyweight Championship in a one on one match on November 6th!


The Sinners latest aquisition, William Grange, will also be in action as he battles against Jonny Milla in a bid to win the T-Division title for the Sinners.


The November 6th event takes place at the Sir Matt Busby Sports Centre, Bells Hill, date to follow! Doors open at 6pm and tickets can be purchased directly from the venue. Alternatively, they can also be purchased by emailing events@swa.t2u.com. Tickets are also available through SWA staff and members of Area 52. Ticket prices are: £7 for adults, £5 for under 14's or £22 for a family ticket which allows two adults.


January 2005.

Clan Wars, more details on the SWA website.






Thats it from me this week remember tickets for British Uprising 3 are now on sale so be sure to book your seats soon for a history making night of action.


Adam Sibley



TWO Newsletter Main Event

- By Stephen Ashfield



Kid (man)ding the Viewers!


Yes, this week I’m going to take a look at the latest storyline for Billy Kidman. Not that this guy has had that many storylines since he joined WWE after the demise of WCW. He did tag with Rey Mysterio for a while and it oh so looked as if he’d turn heel on Mysterio and challenge him for his cruiserweight title. But that never happened and I’ve never really worked out why.


Now he has a storyline surrounding his Shooting Star Splash which has suddenly become the most dangerous move in wrestling. Well it is when Brock Lesnar tries it, but for himself not his opponent. Kurt just lay there as Brock sailed past him! OK it’s a decent enough storyline which makes Kidman a crazy heel but just look at the damage this has caused.


Kidman was tag champ with Paul London when Kidman injured Chavo Guerrero, his sudden reluctance to use the move didn’t just cost them the tag titles but split up a very promising team. So all of a sudden WWE decide yet again to build a tag team and then destroy it when it was at its peak. I’ll never work out why they do that when there isn’t a great number of tag teams in WWE that fans actually care about.


But it wasn’t just the tag division that suffered when Kidman started going crazy. Take a look at the cruiserweight division. It’s had a tough time this year with wrestlers such as Chavo Classic and Jacqueline holding the belt. Ultimo Dragon was wasted, Rey Mysterio flits in and out of the division and Jamie Knoble is history. At ‘No Mercy’ Spike Dudley defended his title against Nunzio. That match had hardly any impetus pumped into it. One match on Smackdown and there we are, a title challenge on the Sunday. Meanwhile the match between Kidman and London had been brilliantly built up over the past few weeks and has a follow-on storyline. Surely Kidman should be cruiserweight champion.


Is it right that the champion of the cruiserweight division is being totally overshadowed by what’s happening to Kidman? No it’s not. Besides, the Kidman v London match was far better than the Dudley v Nunzio bout. If the Kidman match had been for the title (will the champ fight or lose his title and be sacked?), that would have given the cruiserweight division a big push.


In a way it’s good that the cruiserweights had two matches at ‘No Mercy’ but now it looks as if Kidman is being pushed into matches with wrestlers from outside that division. That means the tag and cruiserweight divisions have lost the services of Kidman and he’ll be stuck in mid-card until the storyline grows stale and ends. I wonder what Vince actually wants to do with the cruiserweight division, I wonder actually if he knows himself!


Issue two of Piledriver magazine is being published on October 15th and after its successful first edition, is even bigger this time around. It’s SIXTY pages A5 b&w and the contents for edition two include interviews with Colt Cabana, former WWE Women’s and Cruiserweight Champion, Jacqueline, ASW Promoter Brian Dixon and Eddie Hamill, aka The Amazing Kung Fu. We have a four page report fresh from the Raw and Smackdown tapings in Manchester and plenty of columns written by some of the top writers in the UK including Steve Ashfield, Double A, Adam Sibley, The Cynic Mitchell Gadd and Kriss Sprules


Contents are :


News from the Mexican wrestling event in Colchester

Training updates including a preview of the FWA Academy events

Tribute to Adrian Street

Interview with Eddie Hamill aka The Amazing Kung Fu

Website reviews


Tribute to Ray Traylor

Interview with Colt Cabana

Past, Present and Future: The History of All-Star Wrestliing, with an interview with Brian Dixon

Interview with Rockin' Rebel

Book reviews include Ric Flair and The Canadian Hall of Fame

Eleven pages of news from the UK and around the world

Full report on WWE in Manchester

Preview of Taboo Tuesday

The PWI 500

Video reviews including shoots from Kamala and The Honky Tonk Man

TV previews

Interview with former WWE Women's and Cruiserweight Champion, Jacqueline



To order your copy send a cheque (made payable to SOLENT RAINBOW) for £2.25 to Piledriver, 29 Graham Road, Southampton SO14 0AX. Copies of edition one, which included interviews with Mick Foley, The Rock and Steve Corino are still available, again for £2.25 or order both for £4.20


If you want to place an advert, our classified section costs just £3.


Subscriptions to Piledriver are £15 for twelve editions and that also gets you a weekly Piledriver email newsletter plus special PPV Previews and exclusive competitions.









Thanks for reading the newsletter this week. Have a great week and take care all.




Some of the news stories included in the TWO newsletter are taken from various sources around the Internet and is not necessarily exclusive TWO news.


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