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FCW - The Saddlers Club - Nov 2nd


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Remember, remember the 2nd of November.....


On Tuesday November 2nd, FCW will be having not one, not two, but 3 US stars.


Former WWF European Champion and current NWA-TNA star - D'Lo Brown,

ROH star - "Classic" Colt Cabana,

all the way from Metropolis - Chris Hero.


Tuesday November 2nd 2004

The Saddlers Club (Walsall FC's Bescot Stadium)




Tickets - £8 each.


Tickets are going very fast, where else will you see these 3 US stars plus all the stars of FCW for just £8??


Purchase yours now by ringing 07950 95677 or emailing tickets@futurewrestling.co.uk

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I already have my ticket :) Got it at the last Collingwood show :)


I'm looking forward to this event very much, and even better seeing that Colt's going to be there :) I thought he's last show in the UK was the 1st though, ah well, save the best till last


I'm still hoping to see Rob v D'Lo, or Laken Xander v D'Lo or even....



Wait for it....


DAMIEN GRANT v D'LO BROWN :thumbsup :thumbsup

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I already have my ticket :D


My thoughts on the full card :)


FCW Championship

D'Lo Brown v Laken Xander ©


Chris Hero v Rob Hunter


Colt Cabana v Morales


Tag Team Termoil

British Connection v 4Play v Party Boyz v Swift Justice v Devils Advocate (Dream Match :))


Marc Hogan v Danny Devine v Cameron Knight


I can't think of any more matches, I used most the guys in the tag termoil :D

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It's in one of the suite's. I forget which one, but it can hold a good few hundred in there I think.


You should come to the Dudley show this Sunday too, just for a taster. I'm there, Goldy is hopefully there, and Jayden will be there. So come and join the party :)

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Yeah may well come. I live rather near. Ive been to Bescot a couple times to watch Walsall, not that I like them as I suport wolves but I dont really know my way around the ground. Shall get a lift to Morrisons off dad or something I imagine
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Results -


Marc Hogan & Morales def British Connection

Chris Hero def Rob Hunter & Falcon in a triple threat elimination

Devils Advocate def Danny Devine & Cameron Knite

The Judge def Colt Cabana in a brillaint match


Intermission - Had my photo with D'lo - I was totally awe-struck


4Play def Party Boyz (i think) (including my face meeting the barrier, OUCH, right above my eye)

Spud def Bouncer

Laken Xander def D'LO Brown after Joel pushed D'lo and then quick counted the roll up.


D'Lo in FCW ruled, I have never marked so bad :) Fuill credit to everyone for a great show. I need this on DVD!!

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Im sooo disapointed I couldn't make this show, just no money unfortunately, sounds like it was awesome from all accounts! Was there a decent crowd there?


I'll have to wait for FWA to see D'Lo now, then back to baggeridge the week after :xyx

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