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[FWL] Update: 11.3


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FWL Update: 11.3



Hey all,


Sorry about the late update, this includes last weeks Raw and Smackdown plus the No Mercy PPV from Sunday.


Interesting to see that the NO.1 guy only moved up by 30 points from last week and has STILL retained his position! The top 3 all have Raw only picks...it looks like theres more points on Raw!



CHANGE A PICK - MONDAY 25th October 2004



You will be able to change a pick anytime on Monday 25th October (GMT). All you will have to do is login as normal, and you'll notice it will let you change a pick - as long as you dont go over your budget! But remember ONLY 1 PICK can be changed.


If for whatever reason you wont be able to change a pick during that day, post in the thread below giving the name of the superstar you would like to change along with their replacement by SUNDAY 24th October, and I'll change them for you on Monday 25th October.








> > > No Mercy:


- Spike Dudley, Kenzo Suzuki, Rene Dupree and JBL received an extra 30 points each for successfully defending their respective titles.


- John Cena received an extra 75 points for winning the US title.


As always please check the overall points in your FWL control panel - just to double check I have not made any mistakes.






> Main leaderboard



> Usergroups

http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/FWL/usergroups.php (click the name of any usergroup to see their respective leaderboards)


> FWL User Control Panel

http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/FWL/login/wrestlers.php (If it said "Access Denied Entry Deadline Past", ignore it, if you registered in time, you will still be able to login. Don't forget, you have to be logged into the forums before you can login to the FWL section)






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