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McMahon/Flair argue... *RAW SPOILERS*

Dickie Hyde

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There was a 'near-violent situation' according to one source backstage at RAW last night between Ric Flair and Vince McMahon.


Vince apparently went absolutly nuts on Ric Flair upon returning to the back after his promo about breaking virgins and making them bleed. Vince walked around the backstage area furious as the promo was airing and was just irate. When Flair came though the curtain, McMahon was heard screaming at Flair about how it was totally inappropriate and was not the time for Flair to say it on live TV.


Vince was so irate throughout the night after the promo and that's all that people were talking about last night. Some wondered why Vince could be so upset about the entire thing when later in the night they had Gene Snitsky to come to ringside with a baby carriage and has been running an angle around “Lita’s miscarriage”.

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Maybe I'm evil or something but I loved Flair's promo. Absolutely brilliant.


And maybe I'm missing something... but the bleeding girl thing just happens to be part of human nature.


When Jerry Lawler got to talk about Mollys vagina all the time, Flair gets to talk about how many women he's broken in. Flair the man.


Vince the hypocrit. I'd rather have Flair talking about breaking virgins in than Vince McMahon making out with a different diva each week, or the countless number of other STUPID sexual innuendos that the WWE come out with.


Brilliant promo.

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