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Such funny boys....


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haha those Corcorans, what a barrel of laughs they are. Especially you Martinv1316 my arent you hilarious.


Making up sad little imitation emails of me and Dutton. Thats hilarious. Despite the fact the people who need my email have it and I would add them or they would add me.


It really is the saddest thing Ive ever seen in my life when you thinkits funny to put my name in your email account. Its pretty obvious you want to be me or else you wouldnt have done it. So lads lets grow up eh and act your age not shoe size. Arent you lads just a tad pathetic? I think so


Grow up

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Martin thinks its funny to imitate people because he obviously has no testicles or a life of his own. The fact that he makes it so obvious that its him by signing on and off on msn at the same times they log on and off doesnt exactly take a genious to work out who it is.
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What are these Corcorans you speak of,(Spiritchaser, slowly slides a steel folding chair into the ring).

Are they children? Are they aliens? Do they know whereof they speak?

(Spiritchaser, glides effortlessly across the canvas and offers F2K an ally.)

Dost thou require the peasants to be slap'ed about yon fascia and cranullium?

But say the word and the dragons shalt be slain.



Lost in Time

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Haha f2Klassic. The corcorans are the idiots that use the words Al and puss more times than a cheap pantomine.

Theyre clearly immature little children with nothing better to do than make up silly hotmail accounts because they obviously have no friends and mommy doesnt like them leaving their rooms.

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