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Tut tut...

Guest Apollo Creed

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Guest Apollo Creed

Listen to all you young whiper snappers running off your mouths like you're all qualified to have an opinion. I was at the show the other day and I'll tell you what, I've stood toe to toe with the best, and beat the best for that matter and I have to say I am not impressed with anybodies standard.


Too bad we all gotta get old but I'm considering coming out of retirement and sending you kids back to school. I mean it's a cryin' shame that some people just have to learn the haaaard way.


Seem's one or two people around here need 3 minutes with the dancin' destroyer.


Kev 424: I want you....you!


Mayhem: You.....you!


Jimi: You boy....I want you....


Samhain: You again!


- The count of Monte Fisto.

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Aaaaaaallllllllriiiightyy TheeeeennN!!!!


Come on then you crinkley coffin dodger.


After I slap you out of you wheelchair, I'll make you drink the contents of your adult nappy.


Your probably more rusty than a Mk 1 cortina and probably decrapit enough to have owned one in the dark ages.


It seems I have a way of getting into scrapes with wrestling dinosaurs....


well its time to make you all



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