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***Official Raw Thread - 4th October 2004***


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From 411Mania.com


411's WWE RAW REPORT - 10.04.04


Really nice video recap of the killer Orton/Flair promo and the main event from last week.


Hey there! Move to his music and we're LIVE from MADISON SQUARE GARDEN with pyro, JR, King and Monday Night Raw!


Promised for tonight:

- Shawn Michaels vs Christian

- Kane returns!... and Gene Snitsky is here too


Evolution hits the ring. Actually, it's just HHH and Ric Flair; no Batista.


Flair gets the stick and clarifies something: last week, he came out on Raw to say that HHH was the greatest wrestler alive. "I was wrong! Because I want you to understand he is the greatest wrestler of all time. And I, I, I am the only man in this great business that can say that! Because Randy Orton, wherever you are, the legend you think you disposed of, (and first of all, Randy, the reason you're not here tonight is because Eric Bischoff, for safety reasons, has barred you from the building), safety, and purposes of recuperation after last week's recuperation ... Orton, let's get something straight. You have never beat a legend." He goes through the laundry list again. "You look at me and say legend; I look at you and say virgin. You are a virgin at killing legends! And you know how many virgins I have made holler, scream and bleed all night long!" Flair throws down a challenge to Orton for Taboo Tuesday for a submission match, a cage match, whatever.


HHH bashes the voting concept a bit more. He insults the fact that fans get to decide his fate, and says that they'll be in over their heads trying to run a show. "I am qualified to tell you that Taboo Tuesday is a joke. It is a sham." Brilliant advertising there. Seriously!


Y2J countdown and Chris Jericho hits the stage. "Attention viewers, do not adjust your sets, this is not a repeat!" Jericho notes that HHH shouldn't be uncomfortable, beacuse it's a good thing: everyone has the right to make a choice and vote. He conducts a poll that reveals that HHH is not the greatest wrestler alive; instead, he's the biggest horse's ass on the face of the earth. But Jericho says that the first person to come up with the idea of voting was... himself, and it was his idea to inspire an entire PPV based on that concept, and he'll be smiling when he wins da Belt on Taboo Tuesday.


Flair takes offense and challenges Jericho, who walks away. So Flair calls him a coward... which brings Jericho back out with a chair.


And he gets ambushed from behind by DAVE BATISTA... with a brand-new T-shirt! The 3-on-1 mugging goes on until Chris Benoit comes out for the save. He fends off the heels until HHH and Batista double-team him. That brings out the returning Edge. Jericho and Benoit dump Batista and Flair, and Edge spears HHH.


Edge saves Jericho? Feel the continuity...


Ad Break.


Backstage, Coach interviews Christian with Tyson Tomko. Christian pooh-poohs the idea that he has to be scared of HBK in the Mecca of WWE. "It's time to steal the show."


Match #1: Shawn Michaels vs Christian (w/ Tyson Tomko)


Joy joy joy: Mike Chioda inspects them for illegal substances. Shawn slaps Christian, who is so pissed off he tries a wild right, ducked, and Michaels chops him for two. There is much rope running and Shawn gets a running forearm or two. They fight over a headlock. Shawn reverses a back suplex to a headlock takeover. Shawn hangs on to the headlock, and Christian gets to his feet, escapes and uses kicks to escape. Shawn survives a flurry of punches with a Thesz press, but Christian gets the edge back with punches and choking and such. Christian gets some punches in the corner and sends Shawn into the opposite corner headfirst, followed by more punches and choking. Christian slaps Shawn, then keeps the punches going. Christian uses a corner whip but misses a blind charge and gives air a bronco buster, crotching himself. Shawn sets up for Sweet Chin Music. Tomko pulls Christian out of the way - problem solved, so Shawn goes outside and hits Christian with a swinging neckbreaker, then Sweet Chin Music for Tomko. We done found us an ad break around four minutes in.


We're back about seven minutes in, and Tomko was assisted to the back after Sweet Chin Music. Pussy. During the break, Christian reversed a suplex to the outside, landing on the apron, btu Shawn sent him off and throat-first into the security wall. Shawn missed a springboard double axehandle, though, and killed himself in the process, giving Christian the edge. Christian has a chinlock, but Shawn escapes... so Christian pokes him in the eye and hits the TORNADO INVERTED DDT~!! for 2. Christian goes back to the stomping. And back to the choking, choking Shawn on the second rope and going to a really cool taunt. Christian cuts off a comeback. Shawn whips him into the ropes but lowers his head, and Christian uses a kick and the modified backbreaker for 2. Christian goes directly to the chinlock. Shawn gets up and reverses a backbreaker, landing on his feet, then rnus the ropes and we get a double-shoulderblock for a double-KO. They get up at nine, and it's a slugfest. Christian actually wins with two kicks, but whips Shawn and gets hit with a forearm... and Shawn kips up. Christian walks into the Manhattan drop and forarm, and another Manhattan drop and another forearm. Shawn gets Christian in the corner and throws the ten mounted punches. Cross-corner whip by Shawn and he hits a backdrop for 2. Shawn uses a whip, but Christian reverses a whip and goes for the Unprettier, but Shawn reverses to the JERICHO-BEATER '03 rollup for 2. Christian blocks a move from Shawn, and HE HITS THE UNPRETTIER!!!!... and SHAWN KICKS OUT! Who was the last person to kick out of the frickin' Unprettier? Nobody does! Shawn goes to the corner. Shawn follows but gets elbowed, and Christian goes up top. Shawn catches him and stops him on the second turnbuckle. We get a slugfest atop the corner, and Shawn backdrops Christian off! Savage elbow from Shawn and he oversells the back injury all the way back up to his feet and he tunes up the band again. Sweet Chin Music, see ya and Shawn wins. Crowd seems noticeably deflated by the finish, but that was a solid, solid match.


Winner: Shawn Michaels via pinfall (13:27)


Shawn celebrates and leaves.


Ad Break.


Promised for tonight:

- Chris Benoit vs DAVE BATISTA!

- Triple H vs Chris Jericho!


Taped Todd Grisham interview with Lita. She's disappointed that the only innocent thing in her whole predicament is dead, and that she'll never hold her baby boy. "Snitsky took him away from me." Todd tells her he thinks it wasn't his fault. "I have no love for Kane, but once, I hope Kane does exactly what he says he's going to do. Make no mistake. Snitsky is a dead man." And we get the prolonged close-up shot on HER now. I love that theme of the feud. Kane rules.


Eric Bischoff shakes on a deal with... a mystery person. He gets what he wants, and she gets her match. A female! Coach barges in and says hi, and complains about the possible volatile situation that he'll have to deal with in interviewing Snitsky. So Eric makes JR do it. And he gets back to talking to the mystery woman.


Ad Break.


Jim Ross is in the ring. "Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time... Gene Snitsky."


Snitsky has more respectable music and a more respectable video now. He wheels an empty stroller out to the ring, takes a lap, and carries it into the ring for his interview. Snitsky shushes JR before he can ask a question, and the Baby Killer chant begins. "Look. It wasn't my fault!" And he gives the mic back. JR thinks there are lots of people here in MSG who would disagree.


Speak of the devil, here's one who just might. Kane hits the stage and glares at him. Snitsky throws the stroller at him, which does nothing... but Snitsky gets a steel pipe that he'd hid in the stroller and BEATS THE PISS OUT OF KANE WITH IT! THE JOBBER THINKS! THE JOBBER THINKS! Snitsky lines up the knockout blow... and HITS IT! JR reassumes the announce position as Snitsky stares intensely at the pipe and lines up one more shot... then instead decides to choke Kane out with it! Kane is busted open! Snitsky leaves, victorious!


Ad Break


Match #2: Chris Benoit vs Batista


They lock up and Benoit goes right for the crossface, so DAVE bails. Batista starts beating on Benoit in the corner with rights. Batista uses a whip and goes straight for the spinebuster, but Benoit baseball slides under, blocks a kick and uses a dragon screw leg whip and goes for the Sharpshooter. Again, Batista bails. CHop block on the outside from Benoit. Benoit puts Batista back in and throws some rights. He tries some kicks, but Batista fights him off, and Benoit runs right into the SPINEBUSTER; DAVE is in control. DAVE uses a gutbuster for 2. DAVE uses a kneelift to set up a scoop powerslam, but Benoit escapes and goes for the Sharpshooter again. This time he almost gets it before DAVE powers out. Batista misses a blind charge and kills himself in the process, allowing Benoit to set up for the GERMANS~!. Three for Batista and he unloads the snot rocket, but Batista gets up before he can head up, so Benoit gets two more Germans and knocks out Flair from the apron for good measure. Batista gets up AGAIN, so Benoit goes to an armbar. Batista throws him out and distracts the ref, allowing Flair to kick Benoit in the nuts and toss him into the post. Batista has the edge in the ring as Benoit rolls in gingerly. Batista sets up the DAVEBOMB, so Randy Orton hits the ring and clears it out. That brings out Eric Bischoff to get security to take Orton out. And that gets a Randy chant. So Batista beats up the security guards allowing Flair to join in a beating before the security guards restore order again.


Winner: Batista via disqualification (4:34)


Ad Break.


In the ring, Eric Bischoff brags about Orton getting tossed. He also updates the crowd on Taboo Tuesday, which he still hates. Gene Snitsky will face Kane in a Weapon of Choice match. "You people will decide whether it's a lead pipe, a steel chair, or a steel chain."


Every Raw superstar who isn't in a match is eligible to face Chris Jericho for the IC title, too.


Finally, Bischoff's match against Eugene: he has an announcement, for which he invites his nephew out.


Eugene hits the ring and gets an impossible announcement: "Somebody backstage has a crush on you. What's even more amazing is she's absolutely determined to come out here and meet you tonight. But I'm sure, Eugene, you don't want to meet her, do you?" [He nods.] "Oh you do want to meet her! Well. OK, Eugene! Please meet... the runner-up in the quarter-of-a-million-dollar diva search, Carmella!"


Out she comes.


"See, Eugene, Carmella here (who by the way I think should have won the diva search) Carmella here has a match with Christy at Taboo Tuesday." Eric tells Eugene that she was in Playboy, the magazine where... you get to see everything!" She tells him that he's hot, but she loves bald men, and if he were bald, he'd be perfect.


Eugene says that sounds good... on one condition: she has to kiss him now. She almost does... then refuses. Eugene: "I wanna see her boobies!" OK then. She's put off and goes into bitch mode: nobody here is in her league, because she's the Playboy playmate of the year. Eric says that it hasn't worked out that well, but he admires her style, so the match at Taboo Tuesday is still on. Eric has some comforting words for Eugene: Nobody likes him. Aww.


This brings out Christy, who punks out Carmella and kisses Eugene. And then passionately. Aww. And they exit.


Ad Break.


Match #3: La Résistance vs Hurricane & Rosey


Titles on the line here! The superheroes are so respectful that they actually let Sylvain finish the Canadian anthem. Conway and Hurricane start. Hurricane's tights are darker this week... hey! He whips out ofo a headlock, but Conway gets a shoulderblock and runs the ropes. Hurricane leapfrogs and they hit the respect close. Hurricane ducksk a clothesline and htis a modified neckbreaker. Rosey tags in. He beats on Conway some more. Hurricane tags in and heel cheating gets Conway the edge with a headlock. Grenier cheapshots Rosey and distracts him, allowing the heels to hit AU REVOIR~! for the win.


Winners: La Résistance via pinfall (2:17)


Post-match, Rosey goes nuts and beats on everyone. Unfortunately, with his mask on backwards, he hits Hurricane with his move by accident... and then realizes his mistake and looks over him. Uh-oh...


HHH/Jericho, tonight!


Ad Break.


Simon Dean still doesn't like you. "Fat people aren't jolly. They're disgusting!" ... "Give in to the Simon system, and in a few weeks, you'll be able to see ten old friends: your toes!"


Backstage, Coachman interviews Edge and asks him why the fans should vote for him. He says it's because he's faced HHH zero times, unlike Michaels and Benoit who've had a bajillion world title matches. Actually, Edge faced Big Show for the Smackdown title once in 2002, if that counts. But yeah, he's been through hell and back to get his title shot, and every fan knows that he's the only one who deserves the shot.


Backstage, the 20 eligible contenders for Jericho's IC title are in Eric Bischoff's office. He gives them a chance to impress the audience in tonight's now-a-lumberjack-match between Y2J and HHH.


Trish Stratus assumes the announce position for the following match. We get highlights of Christy's appearance last week: "If you look closely, you can tell she's actually quite a slut."


Match #4: Stacy Keibler vs Molly Holly


Molly puts a finger in Stacy's face, which prompts her to bite it, unload kicks, and work the dreaded high leg choke in the corner. Stacy uses a hairpull takeover, but walks into a drop toe hold, and Molly capitalizes with a snap suplex. That gets two. Molly chokes Stacy on the second rope. Molly drives a foot into Stacy's head, then uses a face slam. Trish: "I'm not too fond of sluts. She just exudes sluttiness, you know?" Molly unleashes the slaps on Stacy. Molly uses a whip into the corner and a running kneelift. But she misses an avalanche, and Stacy uses a kick to the head. Molly charges Stacy and gets dumped outside. This prompts Trish to head down to the ring. She attacks Stacy, who just kicks her in the head. Stacy reverses a schoolboy to just sit on Molly for the pin!


Winner: Stacy Keibler via pinfall (2:54)


Ad Break.


Our lumberjacks are just finished getting to the ring - it's time for our lumberjack main event!

59.07 04.25

Match #5: Chris Jericho vs Triple H


Jericho attacks before the bell and whips HHH into the corner, then gets a backdrop. Jericho charges HHH and clotheslines him out... right into the vicinity of Shelton Benjamin and William Regal. They get their shots in, then put HHH back in. HHH returns the favor, feeding Y2J to Batista, Rodney Mack, Tyson Tomko and others. Jericho gets on the apron, though, and gets a sunset flip into an attempt at the Walls of Jericho, but HHH isn't turning, so he catapults him into the corner instead and gets a schoolboy for 2. Chop against the ropes by Y2J, but HHH reverses a whip and dumps him. Stevie Richards and Rob Conway put Jericho back in. They slug it out in the corner, and HHH wins with a kneelift. He whips Y2J into the opposite corner but charges into a boot, and Jericho hits the running enzuigiri. It's a double-KO. Jericho ducks a clothesline and tries the Walls again. HHH fights it and kicks Jericho off and over the top rope as Christian pulls it down! Rhyno saves Y2J from the heels and puts Jericho back in. Jericho stupidly uses a baseball slide on Rhyno, then hits HHH with the Bulldog and tries the Lionsault. He misses and lands on his feet, gets distracted by Batista, walks into the Pedigree attempt... but reverses to a double leg and it's Walls attempt #3, and the third time turns out to be the charm! Flair gets on the apron and earns a springboard dropkick. Jericho goes up top to take out a bunch of lumberjacks tending to Flair. Perfunctory Holy Shit chant and Jericho heads up with a reverse elbow on HHH... but Rhyno hits him with GORE GORE GORE! And that wins it for HHH?!


Winner: Triple H via pinfall (5:18)


Post-match, it's a massive brawl. Those are always fun... especially when Randy Orton hits the ring and RKOs Batista. And everyone else. Yup, he's getting the Stone Cold push. RKOs for Conway, Grenier, Christian, Rosey, Coach and probably a couple others I missed, and he gets the ring all to himself post-match.

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I am sorry but I LOVED that Flair promo.


But for God's sake I take back what I said about Snitsky... having Kane get beaten up by some jabroni really is a complete joke. Agh the storyline hurts my head.


Anyone else notice that they CLEARLY want Shelton Benjamin to face Jericho by the way? (ie "oh my God anyone can face Jericho...." before the camera pans every time to Benjamin.)


I think Edge came out well after that episode and I'm up for a HHH v Edge match, and I hope people vote the same (sorry I should say I hope the WWE rig the vote that way). Whoever fights HHH will be losing so it might as well be Edge who's looking good right now in my opinion.

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If anything proves Ortons the next Rock, its knocking out Rocky's favourite b*tch Coach with the RKO. While were on the subject, doesn't Coach look remarkably like the great one? Or is it just me. Anyway, suprised by how much I liked the HBK/Christian match. Michaels usually bores the hell out of me. And when was the last time someone kicked out of th Unprettier? Answers on a postcard.

I'll have to second those sentiments about Kane Simon. When Kane came out I was actually excited, (In a non sexual way) because it reminded me of the Kane of Old. The Ass kicking Kane that everyone wants to see. But then he gets his ass kicked by some no name chump, who makes Jericho's beard from a few months ago actually look cool.

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That was a very impressive Raw i thought, due to watching it on SKY i missed the contraversial bit of Flairs promo, but it sounds good. Anyway Raw began quite poorly i thought, i dont like it when any superstar rants/talks for the whole first segment, especially when its HHH and Flair! The matches were pretty good, except for Stacey/Molly which was dire to say the least. And another moan i am afraid, Lita i dont care if you lost this fake baby and neither does anyone else! I cannot stand the storyline, and havent from the start, but i must say i am a Gene Snitsky mark now, he is quality!


HBK and Christian put on a high standard of a match, which is expected really from HBK. Tag match was the same old story, Benoit and Batista had a surprisingly decent bout which shocked me actually, i am impressed with big Dave at the mo. Main event was what you would expect from a lumberjack match, but i didnt like the fact that Rhyno gored Y2J, especially as the fans were getting behind him lately.

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You can hear the Flair promo on WWE.com if you go to the Raw results, that's generally where I am forced to see most of my WWE stuff these days since over here everybody gets broadband in their room from the Uni.


Which is nice.


edit: Actually dearie me, they've removed the video which had Flair's promo! Jeez Vince must have been REALLY pissed off with it.


Such a shame!

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Christian blocks a move from Shawn' date=' and HE HITS THE UNPRETTIER!!!!... and SHAWN KICKS OUT! Who was the last person to kick out of the frickin' Unprettier? Nobody does[/quote']





Really. Unless you know different.


In fact, I started a thread about the Unprettier Vs the gore. Gore lost!

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I wonder if Jericho will ever, ever get a win over HHH. He just jobs every time. It was pointless having the whole thing with Rhyno as he was starting to get over again.


I think aside from that little gripe, I thought it was a good show. Michaels v Christian was enjoyable and Edge cut a good promo backstage to hype the World Title match at Taboo Tuesday. Michaels getting the win over Christian makes him look like a real contender now as well.


Pretty good show I thought, save for the Kane/Snitsky crap and the finish of the main event.

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