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Undertaker NOT on the UK Smackdown Tour


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I think its becoming more and more like the Undertaker will not be heading to the UK for the Down and Dirty or Smackdown TV Event. So everyone thats going that are fans of the Deadman, its more than likely he wont show up. The Reason is when JR was saying who would appear the first name you think he would mention would be Undertaker, but he wasnt even mentioned. This also will probably mean JBL will defeat Undertaker at No Mercy, and send The Undertaker for his Last Ride, and be gone off TV for a while.


But hey i could be dead wrong :xyx

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This is so much speculation that it's making my HEAD spin. XD


First off, he features prominantly on the Smackdown TV event booking page....(yes, I'm thinking of booking now. :D)


Secondly, they mentioned his name among many a when discussing the event last week.


I wouldn't take your idle speculation on this and attempt to make it fact simply because a name was missed...it means SQUAT, really, unless somebody in the WWE says it WON'T be the case.


Not a critique, just a simple prod from a guy who really wants to go to SD! to see the deadman walk and kick much arse. :P


Besides - Raw doesn't focus on SD!'s events all that much...Oo

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According to today's Fighting Talk in the Daily Star, Booker T is NOT coming to the UK.


Sadly five-time WCW champion Booket T will not be joining the WWE party on our shores. He had been complaining of feeling unwell and as a result of an MRI has been excused travelling duties. Get well soon Book!
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Actually guys The Undertaker IS On The Down n Dirty Tour. House Show Report from WWE SmackDown Down n Dirty Show in Belfast Northern Ireland-


Credits to Rajah.com


Taker vs Jbl

JBL came out with chief of staff orlando. He then told us we looked like

englishmen..who had their faces kicked in. Ohh JBL why i oughta!!! Think he

called us all gay afterwards. Taker came out to a huge pop. The whole place

was happy to see him i think he was last here in 1992. Slow match won by

Taker by DQ as JBL smacked him with the title belt. JBL then declared it

open season on taker and the dudleys came down and beat him up a bit. Taker

rallied and beat them down before that damn heidenreich came out and took

it to taker.


Taker got the better of him chokeslamed him and then he heard the chants

for the tombstone. He lifted him up and then kind of dropped him. He left

the ring looked confused came back looked a bit more confused and then

kicked john. He got cheered like a mofo though.


***Deleted Spoilers as SmackDown aint aired yet***


Hes on the Tour and will more than likely be on the remaining 4 Shows. He Probably will be on SmackDown in Manchester next Week or at least have somat to do with it. I think the whole idea of the angle the did at No Mercy was to give Taker Time off due to this tour and the travelling on it. anyways there you go. cyall



~The Lord Of Darkness

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