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Tapes to sell

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Hi den2extreme here


Anyone interesed in buying any of the following tapes


WCW Uncensored 2000 boxed original perfect £7.00

WCW Uncensored 1999 American ppv Excellent £5.00

WCW Spring Stampede 1999 as above Excellent £5.00

WCW Halloween Havoc 1991 boxed original Excellent £5.00

WCW Best of Bash at Beach/G.A.B boxed original perfect £5.00

WCW Best of Fall Brawl/Uncensored boxed original Perfect £5.00

WCW Best of Starrcade/Slamboree boxed original Perfect £5.00

WCW Goldberg/Sting Boxed original Perfect £5.00

WCW Kevin Nash/Ric Flair Boxed original Perfect £5.00

WCW D.D.P/ Randy Savage Boxed original Perfect £5.00

WCW Sting(Back in Black)/Sid Vicious Box original Perfect £5.00

NWA Chi Town Rumble 1989 commercial v good £5.00

WWF Royal Rumble 1999 Boxed original Perfect £7.00

WWF St Valentines Massacre Boxed original Perfect £7.00

ECW November to Remember 1999 Boxed original Perfect £7.00

Best of Japan Tv Nov98-Jan99 4hr vg-Ex £5.00

Battlecade Extreme Fighting 3 Pretty good £4.00

Battlecade Extreme Fighting 4 Pretty good £4.00



I might have some others later just sorting through um


Anyone interested can contact me on this board or


email me den2extreme@yahoo.co.uk


Oh by the way prices include postage & packing

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Sorry world of wrestling man i have just sold that one with some others



Here is what is left at this time


WCW Bash at Beach/ Great American Bash

WCW Starrcade / Slamboree

WCW Goldberg / Sting

WWF Royal Rumble 99

WWF St Valentines massacre

ECW November to Remember 99

Best of Japan Nov 98 to Jan 99

Battlecade Extreme Fighting 3

Battlecade Extreme Fighting 4


VQ + Prices are as on Started post


Cheers den2extreme@yahoo.co.uk

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Guest WorldOfwrestlin

ok i'll have november to remember 1999 if it is still available.


does it have dubbed sound on it?

also what was the event like.





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Hi world of wrestling


Yes it is still available


It is not the best show they have ever done but is still great



If i remember correctly this is not a dubbed over tape

this has been out a long time i have not watched it lately

but i'm pretty sure it's not dubbed



If you want to buy it as i say it's perfect & boxed



Can you email me





With your details



Cheers den2extreme

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Hi cactus


The Battlecade tapes are entitled


Extreme Fighting to my knowledge there were only 4 shows


before they were shutdown not sure the reason.


These shows are just like the Ultimate Fighting Championships


except there is no tournament, all the matches are single


matches of different weight catergories, sometimes they


have time periods.


The picture is pretty good nothing at all is unwatchable.


You know what to expect with this some is hard &brutal


& some a bit slower.


If you need matchlists i'll have to get back to you and check


my lists


Cheers den2extreme

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