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Upcoming 3CW Events


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10th October

3CW at Ennis Square Social Club, Dormanstown


Doors open - 6:00, event starts - 6:30


3CW Heavyweight Title


? ? ? ? (Conscience has stated if he wishes to defend his title he will show up, and if 3CW don't like it, there is nothing we can do about it!)


3CW Young Lions Title

CJ Hunter © Vs EdEn


Rematch from the final of the 3CW Lord of the Ring

"Pop Sensation" Jayson Mayson Vs "Pure Sex" Lance Thunder


Ice XVII Vs "Mr 50-50" Dan Evans


Brother War Vs Malice Mascarado


Billy Grange Vs Eric "The Fist" Canyon


"Play Boy" Jonny Love Vs "Porn Star" Dave Styles


Chris Cannon & Jaws Vs Kid Ritchie and "Simply The Best" Chris Whitton


7th November

3CW at Acklam Garden City, Burlam Road, Acklam


10th December

Billingham Synthonia Club, Belasis Avenue, Billingham


3CW Heavyweight Champion Conscience will almost certainly appear at both events, as will "Wild Thing" Adam Brown, Chris Cannon, "Pure Sex" Lance Thunder, Ice XVII, "Pop Sensation" Jayson Mayson, "Porn Star" Dave Styles, Eric "The Fist" Canyon, 3CW Young Lions Champion CJ Hunter and other 3CW and SWA Superstars.


More information and Full Cards will be announced prior to the shows, visit www.3cw.co.uk for more information.

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