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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter #78 (Column: Kane and Lita)


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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter

- Issue #78 - 29th September 2004



Hey and welcome to the TWO Newsletter! It's been a busy week which will mean a busy Newsletter. The usual features are included so enjoy!


- Pabster

Newsletter Editor



This week in History


1977 - Born - Danny Basham

1982 - Paul Orndorff defeted Super Destroyer for the Georgia National Heavyweight title

1983 - Rick Steamboat & Jay Youngblood defeated Jack & Jerry Brisco for the NWA World Tag Team title

1992 - The Moondogs defeated Jerry Lawler & Jeff Jarrett for the USWA Tag Team title

1994 - Tommy Rich defeated Buddy Landell in a tournament final for the USWA Southern Heavyweight title

1999 - Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara leave the WWF for WCW



New @ Wrestling 101



- T3C: WWE No Mercy 2004 Preview


- TAT: WWE No Mercy 2004 Predictions


- WWE No Mercy PPV History


- How more is less


- FCW Endurance 2004 Review


- TAT: Chris Benoit - Was it worth it?


- UK Scene #140


- Toryumon January 2004 Revolucion PPV Review


- ST: Physique of the wrestler


- Future-Shock #22



Forum Threads of the Week





DID BENOIT PROVE YOU WRONG? was created by SCSteveAustin and as many Benoit threads this year, it proved to be a mega hit with the forum guys. Great thread!




SUPERTWO was started up by Darkstar and was a fun filled thread. Everyone loves superheroes, but this was TWO SUPERHEROES! Cool thread.



TWO Member of the Week



Who is TWO Member of the Week?


A.C becomes the TWO Member of the Week! A.C is posting more and more again after a little absence from TWO and it's great news. A.C brings quality to the boards in his own wacky, and hilarious way. Well done Acid!



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WWE No Mercy PPV Quiz and Chat - Sunday October 3rd 2004



As is our monthly tradition here at Talk Wrestling Online, we will be holding our monthly PPV Quiz and Chat night. And this month its Smackdowns turn with No Mercy. So in anticipation for the event, with such matches as JBL vs The Undertaker, Kurt Angle vs The Big Show, Booker T vs John Cena looming, why not head over to the TWO chatroom from 8pm until 1am, for a good ol' chat about the PPV with all the TWO regulars? The more, the merrier!


For more info click here.



US News - by Matt Fletcher





Billy Gunn has been pulled from the road due to there being heavy heat on him from management at the moment. There was an incident a couple of weeks ago where Gunn missed a flight which marked the peak of several earlier situations. Management want Gunn to get himself sorted out and as such he has been sent home.


Several new characters wrestled at the RAW house shows this weekend including Simon Dean, Gene Snitsky and Muhammed Hussan (who used to be OVW wrestler Mark Magnus). He was accompanied by Shawn Daivari as his manager using an Arabian gimmick.


WWE released the following statement earlier today:

WrestleMania 21 Tickets Sell Out In Less Than One Minute; Fastest Sales in World Wrestling Entertainment and STAPLES Center History


STAMFORD, Conn.--Sept. 27, 2004--


Fans From Around The World Will Attend World Wrestling Entertainment®'s Premier Event To See WrestleMania® Go Hollywood


All available seats for WrestleMania 21 were sold in less than one minute on Saturday, Sept. 25, setting records for the fastest ticket sell-out in STAPLES Center and World Wrestling Entertainment history.


A capacity crowd comprised of fans from more than 14 countries and 34 states is now set to attend WrestleMania 21 on Sunday, April 3, 2005. The WWE®'s premier annual event also will be seen on pay-per-view, cable, and satellite television by millions of fans from more than 90 countries.


The 15,000 available tickets, ranging in price from $40.00 to $750.00 (where you can sit ringside and keep your commemorative WrestleMania 21 ringside chair), were sold in less than one minute between Internet orders and the line gathered to buy tickets at the STAPLES Center box office. More than a thousand WWE fans gathered at the STAPLES Center, starting as early as Wednesday, Sept. 22, in hopes of purchasing tickets to WWE's annual extravaganza.


"The speed in which this event sold out further reinforces WrestleMania's position as a beloved icon in pop culture," said Kurt Schneider, WWE's Executive Vice President, Marketing. "The event is more than six months away, and still our great fans rushed to purchase tickets simply on the basis that this is WrestleMania, and that this will be a Hollywood experience like no other. After WrestleMania 21, 'Tinsel Town' may never be the same."


Schneider added that once staging requirements for WrestleMania 21 are completed closer to the event, additional tickets may be made available for sale.


"Every one of WWE's 10 previous appearances at STAPLES Center has sold out, but to sell out in less than a minute is unprecedented in the five-year history of our arena," said Brenda Tinnen, Senior Vice President Event & Guest Services, STAPLES Center. "There is no doubt that the STAPLES Center continues to lead the nation in hosting the most popular events and WrestleMania 21 is another example of that. Thanks to Vince McMahon for bringing WWE's crown jewel to Los Angeles and STAPLES Center, and we look forward to presenting this event to the millions of fans worldwide on April 3."


When WrestleMania 21 plays the STAPLES Center on Sunday, April 3, it will be the first time in a half-decade that the Big Event returns to Southern California, and the first time a WrestleMania has been performed at STAPLES. Monday Night RAW® on April 4, the evening after WrestleMania 21, also will be held at STAPLES Center. Tickets for RAW are still available.

A few more details were revealed about the RAW brand's "Taboo Tuesday" PPV event:


- Fans will be able to choose Triple H's opponent from a selection of three choices. These choices are Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels or Edge. It is interesting to note that Edge was mentioned despite being sidelined with an injury at this point in time.


- Stacy Keibler will be involved in a match where fans will be able to choose what she wears. This could possibly be against Molly Holly - but take that as a rumour for the time being.


- There were three gimmicks announced for the Eric Bischoff vs. Eugene match. These were "Loser Wears A Dress", "Hair vs. Hair" or "Loser Has To Be A Servant For The Winner".


The current plan is to turn The Hurricane into a heel. The general feeling is that the character has accomplished all that it can as a face and so turning him heel may have some possibilities.


Pat Patterson was on the RAW brand house shows this weekend. He was mainly there to observe and offer some suggestions to both wrestlers and management in order to improve the product.


Big Show was welcomed back to the WWE locker room because he gets along with everyone so well. He is said not too take himself very seriously and he is an easygoing, joke cracker.


John Cena is now the only person "exempt" from the dress code because of the conflicts it presents between his on air character and being dressed in business attire. The Undertaker is now following the dress code also and many wrestlers are making the best of the situation.


The WWE Divas have a lot more leeway when it comes to the dress code because "business casual" for them gives them many more options than the men.

One of the main reasons that Mark Jindrak is still around the roster even though management has given him no push is because he is good friends with Randy Orton.


Most are now saying that the scuffle between Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle can be mostly attributed to Guerrero's stress levels being so high lately. Guerrero is said to be running on fumes as of late, both due to exhaustion and stress. The fight between the two is said to be described as a fight between "brothers" because normally both men get along so well backstage.


Angle was openly apologetic after the incident occurred. Another factor leading into the incident is that both men are so intense and it takes them several minutes to cool down after their segments on television once they get backstage. Angle is unapproachable for up to 45 minutes before his segments as he gets into the mindset for his character. All is said to be good and well between the two men this week however.


It was surprising to some that WWE was able to maintain a 3.6 rating with the return of Everybody Loves Raymond and Monday Night Football, but traditionally the WWE's viewership stays steady in the fall, because of the greater number of people who return to watching television for the fall season balanced against those who leave to watch something other than Raw.


Shane McMahon was not backstage at Unforgiven, which was surprising to many, because Shane attends all PPV's and Raw events that follow them the next night. Many backstage like to keep a close eye on Shane, because it was believed for a long long time that Shane would be running the company by the ago of 40. However, more and more it looks as though his sister Stephanie and Hunter (Triple H) are looking more and more like they will be running the company in the future. As of now, Stephanie has much more power than Shane as far as things go with the WWE at this point.


Jamie Noble was of course fired last week by the WWE for unknown reasons because the WWE did not release any details, however the speculation is that it had to deal with problems over documents filed for medical insurance purposes that involved WWE, when it shouldn't have involved WWE. Jamie Knoble was well liked by all his peers backstage, but wasn't considered to be a large asset to the WWE, otherwise he would have probably been given another chance.


Jamie Noble is scheduled to make his wrestling return for October's New Japan Pro Wrestling tour.


While they didn't appear to like each other very much on camera, the word is that both Carmella and Christy were good friends behind the scenes for the Raw Diva Search. This leads people to believe that the Diva's were just faking tension between them and leading some to believe that the entire Diva search was scripted to a certain extent.


The following is posted on the Raw Diva Search webpage which would release the WWE of any charges of fraud against them:

"WWE, in its sole and exclusive discretion, reserves the right to change the rules, method and manner of fan voting and winner selection at any time, for any reason whatsoever, or for no reason at all."

While this is customary for most reality shows, because it relieves the WWE of any lawsuits that contestants may bring saying they were taken off the show for other reasons than the fan's voting. It had been known internally by some that Christy was favored to win because of the previous weeks voting and many times the girls went out there prepared to be voted out because of this knowledge. Other fans accused the WWE of fraud because it seemed as though the voting was setup to favor Carmella because it seemed as though phone lines allowed for multiple votes for her, but only single votes for the other Divas.


The WWE claims however that it was the heel fan vote that keep Carmella around so long and that the other Divas (outside of Christy) were so indistinguishable from one another that they split the votes up among themselves.


::WWE RAW Results-Season Premier::

  • Victoria and Stacy bt. Molly and Trish
  • Tajiri and Rhyno bt. Hurricane and Rosey
  • Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho fought to a No Contest
  • Maven bt Sylvain Grenier (Matts note..Awwwwww)
  • Christy wins the Diva Search
  • Orton, Benoit and Shelton bt Evolution

::WWE SmackDown Results-5 year Anniversary::

  • Paul London bt Billy Kidman via Countout
  • Booker T bt Paul London
  • Spike Dudley bt Rey Mysterio to retain the Cruiserweight Title
  • Undertaker bt Viscera and Gangrel
  • Moolah and Mae Young bt Torrie and Dawn in a school girl match (Matts note.... Yuck)
  • Eddie and Show bt Kurt Angle and Luther via Dq I presume


Masao Inoue to debut for TNA In September:


Pro-Wrestling NOAH


Height: 5'11"

Weight: 235 lbs.

Debut: April 4, 1991 (w/ Mitsuo Momota vs. Richard Slinger & Satoru Asako)

Titles Held: All-Asia Tag Team Title (w/ Tamon Honda)

WEW Tag Team Title (w/ Yoshinobu Kanemaru)

Finishing Moves: Million dollar buster, Argentine backbreaker


Bio: Masao Inoue is a thirteen year veteran and a mainstay on the Pro-Wrestling NOAH roster. Though most of his success has come with his tag team partner, three-time Olympian Tamon Honda, Inoue is an exceptional technical wrestler who can mix it up with punishing striking blows when needed. He has the tools to become a breakout star and is looking to establish himself as a contender for a major singles title.


Selected to tour the United States by eight-time NWA World Champion and World League Wrestling chairman Harley Race, Inoue has been booked to appear on TNA Wrestling Impact and Xplosion tapings September 28th and October 5th.

Sorry but no TNA Impact Results this week, Due to the Hurricanes sweeping Florida. Wassup wid dat?




Ring of Honor have announced several new matches for their return to Philadelphia, PA on October 2nd, below is the updated lineup.


-Samoa Joe vs. Brian Danielson.


-Austin Aries, Alex Shelley, Roderick Strong & Jack Evans vs. John Walters, CM Punk, Ace Steel & Jimmy Jacobs (Elimination Bout).


-The Havana Pitbulls vs. BJ Whitmer & Danny Maff.


-Low Ki vs. Jay Lethal (Midnight Express Ceremony).


-Homicide vs. Nigel McGuiness.


-Jimmy Rave vs. Josh Daniels.


-Special K vs. Dunn & Marcos.


-Also scheduled for the show: Carnage Crew, Trent Acid, Allison Danger and Gary Michael Capetta.


WWE RAW brand announcer Jerry "The King" Lawler is scheduled to face TNA X-division star Kid Kash at a USA Championship Wrestling event in Nashville, Tenn. on Oct. 16 at the State Fair Grounds. Also on the card is Lawler's son Brian Christopher teaming with Doug Gilbert to take on former TNA tag-team champions The Naturals.


Bret Hart was interviewed by The Calgary Sun. In the article he talks about the dumbest thing he ever purchased: "That would be that stupid rubber man sitting in an electric chair in my basement. You hit the switch and he goes nuts, like he's getting electrocuted. I never did know why I bought it but I did for some stupid reason." The figure being talked about was seen in the Beyond the Mat documentary.


Vince McMahon was in Sports Illustrated magazine this week in the list of "Dumbest Sports Moments of the Past 50 Years". The XFL flop came in high at number 5.


And Finally this week, we here at TWO were all saddened this past week to hear the tragic and sudden passing of The Big Bossman, Ray Traylor. Everyone here wishes to pass their condolences on to his family in this sad time.


Sources: 3StrandWrestling.com and TNAWrestling.com





UK News - by Goldy



Hey everyone, welcome to this weeks UK news and results. As usual we have plenty of each for you, so sit back and enjoy catching up with all the latest goings on in the world of British wrestling.




CSF - Wiltshire - 26/09/04

  • Tex Benedict def Jay Phoenix
  • Aaron Fusion def Jason Fury
  • Alex Steele & Van Wicked def Ashton Brown & Dave Mercy
  • Justin Richards def 5 Star
  • Jake Jeckle def Odyssey
  • Stu Natrass def Gideon
  • Stevie Knight def Carl Conroy & Dan Conroy.



Dropkixx - Battle - 25/09/04

  • Bradley Beck def Paul Robinson 2-1
  • John Ritchie def Brian Maxine via DQ
  • Charlie Rage def Steve Grey 2-1
  • Barry Cooper def Tony White 2-1
  • Pete Nixon def Mel Stuart 2-1.



FCW - Baggeridge - 26/09/04

  • Laken Xander def The Judge
  • Devil's Advocate def Morales & Spud
  • A-Star def Danny Devine
  • Colt Cabana def "Tomcat" Kevin O'Neil
  • "Golden Boy" Cameron Knite def Marc Hogan
  • The Party Boys vs The British Connection ended in no contest.
  • Falcon def The Bouncer
  • Super Dragon def FCW Champion "SOTN" Rob Hunter in a non title match.

After last weeks show at Baggeridge, FCW now have 5 matches announced for Haden Hill this coming Saturday the 2nd of October:


- Cameron Knite vs Colt Cabana

- Sweet Saraya vs Shelby Beach vs Pippa L'Vinn

- "Tomcat" Kevin O'Neil vs "Wildcat" Robbie Brookside

- 4 Way Tag Team Table Elimination Match -

Swift Justice vs British Connection vs Party Boys vs Devil's Advocate

- FCW Title - Ladder Match

"SOTN" Rob Hunter vs Laken Xander


The action takes place at The Haden Hill Leisure Centre, near Halesowen. Tickets cost £5 each or a "Family Pass" for 4 persons costing just £17, email [tickets@futurewrestling.co.uk].




The FWA has called its biggest ever press conference, which will take place in London on Thursday November 11, and an announcement on the main event at British Uprising 3 will be made right there.


The FWA has also signed another exclusive deal with The Daily Star, who will be first with news from this British Uprising press conference in their edition on Saturday October 2.


Remember, Alex Shane has challenged Doug Williams to a One-Fall, Winner Takes All FWA British Heavyweight Title Match at Uprising, with the added stipulation that if The Showstealer loses, he will face Danny Williams in a wrestler v boxer match.


Following the signing of the All-England Title Match between Hade Vansen and Jack Xavier at British Uprising, Commissioner Flash Barker today announced that a final eliminator to determine a number one contender to the All-England Title to also take place at Coventry SkyDome.


The participants, in what should be an exciting three-way dance, will be Aviv Mayaan, Ross Jordan and Spud. The winner will receive a shot at the All-England Champion after British Uprising 3, whomever that will be.


This match joins Hade Vansen v Jack Xavier, Last Man Standing with the All-England Title on the line, James Tighe v AJ Styles (30 Minute Iron Man Match) and Hampton Court v Mark Sloan and Stevie Knight (FWA Tag Team Title Match) as the card for FWA British Uprising 3 begins to take shape.


Ticket prices have been set for FWA British Uprising 3 as follows:

£60 Gold Ringside, £45 Silver Ringside, £25 Bronze Ringside, £20, £15 and £10. There is also a Premium Family Ticket priced at £70 (the equivalent of four £25 tickets- based on two adults and two children of 16 and under, or one adult and three children of 16 and under) and a Standard Family Ticket priced at £30 (the equivalent of four £15 tickets - based on two adults and two children of 16 and under, or one adult and three children of 16 and under.)


Tickets will go on sale to FWA Fan Club members on Monday October 4th. Tickets will initially be available to everyone else through The Wrestling Channel website http://www.thewrestlingchannel.tv from Tuesday October 5. The Coventry SkyDome box office will then open and take over the selling of tickets from Friday October 8. More details will be available in our Saturday update, the last before tickets go on sale.


The FWA has confirmed its first show after British Uprising 3 will take place on Sunday November 28 at Broxbourne Civic Hall.


Although details of the actual name of this new event in the FWA Calendar are yet to be confirmed, as are any of the participants on the show, stay tuned for more information as I receive it.




After the success of the first ever FSW show in Stockport, Future Shock Wrestling is proud to announce that it returns on Saturday 16th October 2004. At the Stockport Guildhall, Wellington Road South (A6), Stockport, Cheshire (opposite Stockport College & adjacent to Evans Halshaw Volvo Garage).


Doors Open at 18.30 and show starts at 19.00. Tickets cost £14 Front Row Ringside, £9 Adults & £5 for under 14's. Tickets are available to buy on the door, by calling 07754680311 or at training from Paul.


Already confirmed for the show is a 3-man round robin tournament featuring, Colt Cabana, Chris Hero & Jonny Storm. Other wrestlers scheduled to appear include: Alex Shane, Damon Leigh, Dirk Feelgood, Paul Zantar, Declan O'Conner and Dave Rayne.




GPW's next show is on October 17th, at The Royal British Legion

Windermere Road, Leigh. Here are the full card details:


- FSW Guest Match Featuring Paul Zantar

- Pain Inc vs Damage Control For the services of Greg Lambert

- Heresy vs Jack Hazard

- Alex Shane vs Cameron Knight

- James Tighe vs Lee Butler

- Classic Colt Cabana vs The Manchester Devil Declan O'Connor

- GPW British Title Match

Dangerous Damon Leigh Vs JC Thunder

- GPW International Title Match

The Raging Bull TJ Cain vs Chris Hero.


The doors open at 6PM, show starts 6:30PM. All tickets cost £5, Family Ticket (4) costs £16. You can order online via PayPal at http:// www.GPWrestling.com or buy them at the door.




IPW:UK - Orpington - 25/09/04

  • Assasin def Sean Avery
  • Jed Masters def Spud
  • Tony Sefton def Darren Buridge
  • Jonny Storm def Rob Hunter
  • Robbie Brookside/ Colt Cabana def The Knights
  • Jonny Storm def Sefton, Assasin and Masters.
  • Super Dragon def Jonny Storm 3-2 after extra time.



IWW - St. Michaels Hall, Cootehill, Co. Cavan - 19/09/04

  • 'The Ladies Hero' David Zero def Brain Roche
  • Irish Dragon def Fireboy
  • Joey Cabray def Danny Demento
  • Alex Breslin def Red Vinny in an 'Inter-gender' Match
  • 'Master of Disaster' Darragh Galligan def 'Middle Man' Lee Butler
  • Red Vinny won a 15-man Battle Royal.

IwW's have an upcoming 5-Day Tour of Northern & Southern Ireland. Here are the details:


Bangor Castle Lesiure Centre, Bangor, Co. Down.

Friday, 22 October 2004

Doors Open: 7.30pm & Show Time 8.00 pm

Tickets @ Door: £5.00 Children, £7.00 Adults, £10.00 Ringside

Or Call - (0044) 07711561433.


Ballynahinch Centre, Ballynahinch, Co. Down.

Saturday, 23 October 2004

Doors Open: 7.30pm & Show Time 8.00 pm

Tickets @ Door: £5.00 Children, £7.00 Adults, £10.00 Ringside

Or Call - (0044) 07711561433.


Stars in Northern Ireland: ROH's Xavier & Fast Eddie, TNA's Mikey Batts, Canada's Scotty Mac & Vid Vain (As seen on WWE HEAT), America's CJ Summers & Delle Morte and Ireland's Red Vinny, Joey Cabray, Eamon Galldubh & Alex Breslin.


The Moat Theatre, Nass, Co. Kildare.

Sunday, 24 October 2004 (Matinee Show)

Doors Open: 1.30pm & Show Time 2.00 pm

Tickets @ Door: 10 Euros

Or Call - 0872725106


Mount Temple Gym, Malahide Road, Dublin 3.

Sunday, 24 October 2004 (Evening Show)

Doors Open: 7.30pm & Show Time 8.00 pm

Tickets @ Door: 11 Euros

Or Call - 0872725106


Portlaoise G.A.A. Club, Portlaoise, Co. Laois.

Monday, 25 October 2004

Doors Open: 5.30pm & Show Time 6.00 pm

Tickets @ Door: 10 Euros

Or Call - 0872725106.


Stars in Southern Ireland: Canada's Scotty Mac & Vid Vain (As seen on WWE HEAT), America's CJ Summers & Delle Morte, England's Lee Butler and Ireland's Red Vinny, Joey Cabray, Eamon Galldubh, Irish Dragon & Alex Breslin.


For any and all information, Please call 0872725106 or e-mail [info@irishwhipwrestling.com].




RBW - Finchley, North London - 25/09/04

  • Tex Benedict def Jack Storm to advance in the British Heavyweight Championship tournament.
  • Morales & Dragon Phoenix def Judge & "Bird of Prey" Falcon
  • Johnny Kidd def "Golden Boy" Cameron Knite to advance in the British Heavyweight Championship tournament.
  • Sammy Ray def Flaming Red
  • Stixx def Ashe of The New Breed.



RBWA - Stamford - 25/09/04

  • Azazeal / Diamondback def Psycho Steve / Mad Mike and Killer Instinct
  • Storm def Magenta
  • Keith Myatt vs Jack Hazard was a draw
  • Bubblegum def Kris Travis
  • Alan Kilby def Ghloom
  • Ghloom won a 20 Man Battle Royal.



The fourth video release from United Kingdom Pro Wrestling will be available next week. UKPW are releasing the entire event held on September 3rd 2004 as the third volume of the UKPW Raw Action Series. UKPW Raw Action Series: Volume Three will be available to buy at upcoming events as well as online at http://www.ukpw.com .


As a special offer, UKPW are currently offering a pre-order price of just £6.99 (including postage and packaging) for those wishing to purchase the video online. Online payment can be made via PayPal and all major debit and credit cards are accepted.


This offer ends on October 6th 2004 when the video will be available to purchase at it's normal selling price of £8.99! However, UKPW Raw Action Series: Volume Three will still be available for only £6.99 at the UKPW event taking place in Hackney, London on Thursday October 7th. For more information on this event, please visit http://www.ukpw.com .




UCW are back at the Civic Hall Trowbridge, Wiltshire on Friday 29th October 2004. Doors open at 7pm, bell time is 7.30pm, there is ample free parking along with a fully licensed bar.


UCW have an action packed evening with the stars of UCW but for the first time ever it's our privilege to have FWA'S very own James Tighe make his pro debut with UCW.


All tickets cost five pounds regardless of age and family discounts are also available. To order tickets you can call either 077 394 57512 or The Civic Hall itself on 01225 - 762439.




UWL have an upcoming event entitled 'Hitting Hard' on the 9th of October in the Bugbrooke Sports & Community Centre, Camp Close, Bugbrooke, Northampton.


Wrestlers on the show include MTX, Shabazz, Stevens Brothers, XDW, Andy Hogg, Retribution and many more.


The doors open at 6.30pm, show starts at 7.pm, all tickets cost £5 available on the door. To make reservations email [ultwrest@hotmail.com], or text 07901652722 with name and number of tickets. All reservations must be paid on the door.




The World Association of Wrestling are sorry to announce that Roy Bevis, aka The Zebra Kid, was sentenced today, Friday, 24th September to nine months imprisonment for drink driving and dangerous driving.


WAW would like to apologize on Roy's behalf for any inconvenience cause to promoters who have booked Roy for future dates.


This will be the only statement made by WAW and the Knight family, and they ask people to respect the fact that Roy has a young son and younger brothers and sisters, and hope this subject will be given the respect it deserves. As a family the Knights are obviously devastated and only made this statement so fans may know the truth first hand, and not through the wrestling grapevine, and would hate for the younger members of the family to read twisted versions of events.


The World Association of Wrestling will be returning to the Community Centre in Fakenham, Norfolk, this coming Saturday, October 2nd 04.


Matches announced so far are;

- "The Dark Angel" Ashe v "Gentleman" Jimmy Ocean.

- Destiny v Kharisma.

- The Kraft v Bash.


The first matches have been announced for WAW's autumn tradition, October Outrage VI, coming to The Paddocks, Canvey Island, on Friday, October 8th:


- Jake "The Snake" Roberts & "The Tattooed Warrior" Steve Quintain v The U.K. Pitbulls

- "The Wonderkid" Jonny Storm v "Rowdy" Ricky Knight

- "Superstar" Mal Sanders v Steve Grey.


Tickets for both shows can be purchased on the door, or can be reserved by telephoning 07979302203, or e-mailing [sweetsaraya@hotmail.com]. It is highly recommended that tickets are reserved in advance, to avoid disappointment.




Jonny Storm will this week be appearing on The Bagpipe Report on the Wrestling Channel as the special guest. The Bagpipe Report is on Fridays at 8pm with repeats on Saturdays and Sundays. Don't miss it! ;)


That's everything for this week, don't forget to check out Wrestling 101 for all your UK wrestling needs. I will have an FCW show review up shortly and as ever there's Adam Sibley's weekly UK Scene round up and Saracens Tenets to keep you right up to date! Thank you for reading.





TWO Newsletter Main Event

- By Stephen Ashfield



Kane and Lita: A storyline too far?


So Lita has lost the ‘baby’ and she even managed to do that on live TV, her timing is getting better than it ever used to be in the ring! I guess we all knew this was how the storyline was going to end but did it have to be played out so graphically. You know what, I really hate it when wrestlers get ‘injured’ in the ring and we go through the whole medical emergency storyline. The paramedics rush out, JR gets all sad and we see either Lita or Shawn Michaels carried away on a stretcher with the oxygen mask on. After what happened in the ring to Owen Hart and Droz I find that really upsetting.


Anyway back to Kane and Lita, just where will this lead next? The first question that has to be answered is just who the hell is this Snitsky guy? He comes out of nowhere and the simple fact is he’s responsible for Lita’s miscarriage after attacking Kane in the ring with that chair. Since then he’s been saying that it’s not his fault, well it is, so what will happen next?


Next weeks Raw just happens to come from Madison Square Garden. It could well be a case of a full circle for Kane. It was there that, after losing to Triple H (join a very long queue Kane) he unmasked and revealed a look a heck of a lot more horrifying that he had the following week. Now after a rampage of terror he returns to the Garden and could well be about to turn face. What else can he do? Are we going to boo him when he seeks revenge on the man who cost him his unborn son’s life? Why else use a total nobody who can disappear for ages after without anyone really caring. Of course there could be a really sinister plot hidden away here, What if Snitsky was being paid by Matt Hardy to make sure Lita lost the baby? A sick thought but the way WWE are going these days I wouldn’t put it past them.


A sick idea from me to be added to a sick storyline that actually exists. Miscarriage is a horrible thing and to portray it in this fashion with a screaming Kane (I can wait for his movie believe me) and Lita staring into space distraught at the fact she used to actually wrestle one day rather than being a soap star. How do you think someone who has recently lost a baby felt watching that? Raw is becoming more of a soap opera as every week goes by, is that what the fans really want?


Time for the usual Piledriver Plug, Copies of the first edition are still available, just contact me at [mageditoruk@yahoo.co.uk] for more details. Edition two is out in the middle of October and coming along very nicely thank you. Interviews include Kung Fu, Nattie Neidhart and Rockin’ Rebel with Chris Hero likely to be in there somewhere. There’s feature articles on Adrian Street and Ric Flair, book and video reviews, nine pages of news from around the world and some of the top columnists around today. A twelve edition subscription is just £15 including a weekly newsletter.








Thanks for reading this week. Thumbs up to SCSteveAustin and Darkstar on winning the Best Thread(s) of the Week and well done to A.C on bagging the TWO Member of the Week award. Thanks to all the workers, you are all legends in your own right.


Enjoy the PPV, take care and have a brilliant week!




Some of the news stories included in the TWO newsletter are taken from various sources around the Internet and is not necessarily exclusive TWO news.


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A.C becomes the TWO Member of the Week! A.C is posting more and more again after a little absence from TWO and it's great news. A.C brings quality to the boards in his own wacky' date=' and hilarious way. Well done Acid![/quote']


:eek :D Thank you!

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