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Bittorrent help


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I've just completely wiped my hard drive and reinstalled everything. It's grand except my bittorrents seem to be running far more slowly than before. I'm re-downloading the same anime tv shows I lost when my PC went t*ts-up but instead of getting around 22kbps I'm hitting 7 if I'm lucky.


Does anyone know if there's something I can do about this? Or am I just unlucky with the amount of seeds available? There are 27 uploaders for the particular file I'm downloading at the moment and it just seems a bit odd. Is it just me?


I'm not drunk, before you ask.



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I've worked it out. It wasn't working because I'm a spanner. A.C. didn't think to consider that listening to japanese radio through Wimamp might be taking up a teensy-weensy amount of his bandwidth did he? Spazz.


Anyhoo: my favourite site for the BT (apart from random anime links) is Digital Distractions. They have all sorts of groovy stuffs.


As Adam says: any other recommended links?

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