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Event in Ireland with CZW,British,Tough Enough 1 stars and more.

Brian Houlihan

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Dublin on June 15th 2002. The matinee show is at 2:00pm and evening show is at 7:30pm. Loads of wrestlers from around the world.


Here are all the wrestlers and matches on the shows:

WWF Tough Enough 1, Josh Matthews vs. WWF “ “ Chris Harvard

In a Barbed-wire Hurley, Gaelic Death match - CZW Champ Justice Pain vs. Zandig

EWA title match- Michael Kovac vs. Chris The Bambi Killer

Ladder match to face winner of EWA title match- Castano vs Storm


From Usa - Josh Matthews, Chris Harvard, Zandig, Justice Pain

From England - Flatliner, Dominator, Lee Butler, Johnny Storm, Scott Future, Jorge Castano

From Scotland - Robbie McKay

From Austria - Chris The Bambi Killer & Michael Kovac (Worked briefly in WCW)

From Ireland - are Lemon, Chaos, Wildcard, Freak & Lynx

++A Hurley is the Irish version of a baseball bat and Gaelic is Irish for Irish++


That was an edited version of what was posted on wrestle-zone so thanks to them for information and thanks to Gary Graham for posting it.


Irish Whip has it's very first fan club and it's the closet you'll get to Irish Whip site is just open but interviews etc, will be up very soon we have a special interview with Mike O Leary who is supplying the irish wrestlers. Fan Club click here


For tickets go to http://www.ticketmaster.ie or ring 1890 925 100 and usually outlets,


Loads of info will be posted on fan club regulary

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