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Heidenrich **SPOILERS**


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I think he is wierd you can all agree.

but y he did little johnny no one can see.

i watched dis dude on smackdown with his gay cobra clutch,

y did he kidnapp cole he has nuthin to toutch

man this guys a poet He didnt know it

neither did Mcmahon whats this dudes plan

no one knows i think its best to leave it alone

or like mathews he could break ur collar bone

what was the gm thinkin signing this guy for 500 dollars

he got his head caught up in his fizle shizles and hollar hollars

paul heyman tells him no more! but hedenrich wont listen to that little hore

cole aint dead yet i cant believe his luck

all im thinkin is WHAT THE F**K!


and dat was a litlle sumthin by PROF!........V..........D.!!!

Y'all feelin that.


Its good to be back

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Is it me or was Johnny Heidenreich protesting for equality for Fathers on SmackDown, i mean i found this on a bbc.co.uk/news




Just a week or so after a protesting father scaled Buckingham Place as a badly impersonated Superman, it got out of hand this week when a man badly impersonating a wrestler scaled the SmackDown set.

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