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Wrestlers who need new gimmicks/changes


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I thnk there are a few wrestlers on both rosters who need to change their gimmick to maybe earn a push with the wwe.. They seem to be a bit stale at the moment so maybe a change in their gimmick could do wonders like what cena has done.. Same with Orlando Jordan. not so long ago he was a jobber on Velocity and now hes working with WWE Champion and the Undertaker


on raw side

hurricane - i read they are turning him heel.. I think that could be a good move for the hurricane. .I dont think he was going anything as a superhero... Hes a very good wrestler. I enjoy his wrestling.. nice combination of moves etc.. excellent in my opinion on the mic.... if he revamps a bit could get a bit of a push... Might get a chance for the IC title maybe..


Same goes for Rosey... I dont think people would take him serious again if he was to go heel.. like when he was with 3 minute warning...


Val Venis

Maven - maybe turn heel and be the new member of Evolution.. That would be an excellent move for him.... Give him more recognition as well...Like the hurricane.. good in the ring and good on the mic/speaker...




Jindrak - Im glad they have Jindrak on Smackdown... and now been involved with angle / reigns...Hopefully he can make the most of it



Johnny the Bull Stamboli - Im not sure if he should drop the FBI gimmick but I think the guy has what it takes.. He certainly has the look , I think he should be in line for a push for US title..


Anyother wrestlers in your opinion that could do with a change of character?

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Garrison Cade - ANY gimmick might give him something to do ( although he looks like Ric Flair's head on Barry Windham's body :? )




Kenzo Suzuki - the "stereotypical Japanese wrestler" is SO tired.


Charlie Haas - Needs a Shelton-type push for a singles title


Nunzio - a good CW push would be nice

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There are a few, such as the stereotypes Tajiri and Suzuki, then theres the guys like the Hurricane and Rosey who need to get a serious gimmick or they will be a laughing stock forever. Val Venus needs to change, the gimmick is old and should have stayed away first time round. Thats the main few, and obviously there are those who a gimmick change would not help in the slightest such as A-Train, Billy Gunn and Hardcore Holly. No matter how they are packaged they seem to bomb and nothing will change that.
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