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Another story about the kind of big-hearted guy this man is. It's a familiar story when it comes to The Rock but they are always nice to read.


From ydr.com


There was the kid from East York, in the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel at Universal Studios in California.

His hero walked through the door.


Derek O'Melko, 19, walked up to The Rock and gave him a hug.


The Rock smiled.


"I don't recognize the (haircut), but I know the voice," the hero said.


The dream had come true.


Forgive people for not believing in the perseverance or the goodness in a man's heart, for not believing in the dream.


But O'Melko said he always believed.


To understand this story with the happy ending, go back to the spring.


O'Melko was living a life with hypoplastic right heart syndrome, a condition where a damaged left side of the heart must do most of the work.


He had already been through 10 heart operations, seven of them open-heart surgeries.


He had been rushed by helicopter to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia when his breathing went haywire.


He understood, better than most, that his life may well be a short one. His family understood, too.


He also knew that the one person he wanted to meet, no matter what, was The Rock, the World Wrestling Entertainment champion. The action movie star.


His family understood.


So after months of writing and calling, O'Melko got The Rock's cell phone number from his staff. The Rock called him last spring, and the two talked for an hour, like they were old friends.


The Rock told him to call anytime, which O'Melko did often.


The Rock promised to meet him.


And O'Melko believed.


So as the summer melted away and school approached, O'Melko called to remind The Rock of his promise.


Wheels turned.


And a couple of weeks ago O'Melko and his family flew to California where they were escorted in a limousine, put up at the Sheraton and given VIP passes to Universal Studios.


All paid for by The Rock.


Then came the meeting in the Sheraton lobby. And then a couple of hours talking to The Rock with some other kids at a private lunch reception.


As expected, O'Melko, always outgoing, asked most of the questions.


He asked The Rock about his new movies, about his wife and daughter, about how much he misses his dead grandfather.


He watched a short movie with The Rock and the other kids. They all took pictures. The Rock gave O'Melko an autographed photo.


"To Derek, Great meeting you, my man! Thank you for all the inspiration! Stay strong. Your friend, The Rock."


It was tough to say goodbye.


"I told him he's my hero and I love him," O'Melko said. "He told me that I'm his hero and his inspiration."


"A dream come true for my son," said mom, Debbie McLaughlin. "It's one of two things I needed to do, that and see him graduate.


"What a genuine caring soul," she said of The Rock. "It's hard to believe. You don't always see a lot of that goodness in the world." The Rock promised to call when O'Melko graduates from high school this winter.


He promised to send him tickets when he wrestles again.


O'Melko seems confident as always.


He already has the cell phone number and the gifts and the memories.


"We'll definitely keep in touch," the kid said, believing.

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that is classy that i thought :worship :worship :worship THE ROCK :worship :worship :worship

was great any way before but this i respect him alot he is a cool guy and i support him with what ever he may do and good luk to the little boy aswell

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Man, there's not many pople who would go out out their ways to do that. The Rock is truley excellant. As a human, a wreslter, celebrity, film star, role model, etc.

He's one of the best representations of the WWE, and makes the company and his fans proud.

Who can't smell what he's cooking?

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It stories like this that make you think what a bunch whining little b*tches all those idiots are that clog up your sunday tabloids. I hate it that wrestlers are overlooked by the genral public. Most of them are so disciplined and generally great people that they deserve more. And the Rock doing that is beyond classy. The word role model is overused but he truly is someone to look up to.
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I always believed that Rock was a great guy out of the business from what people like Austin and Foley have said and the fact that despite the fact his schedule is bulging with movie, wrestling and family commitments all year round he can still make time for his fans just shows how great he is.


To Dwyane The Rock Johnson, the Great One

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