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My Poem


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I wrote this all myself.


Owen Hart


The stage was set

you were ready to go

but you wasnt sure

of this you did know


The zipline was lowered.

It was going real fast

but we didn't know

this would be when we saw you last


The emts ran in

but nothing could be done

you had ascended to heaven

we knew you was gone


You filled us with laughter

had plenty of fun

but one thing we never saw

was you ever glum


You died whilst performing

whilst entertaining the fans

and you was the best wrestler

in all the land


Owen the one above all the rest,

They love you most, they miss you best

and the wrestlers thank god they was blessed

Just to know you



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cool poem, i don't really think it's a case of "bringing it up all over again". Owen will always be in our hearts and our minds. i write a lot of poetry and sometimes you get urges to write about the most bizarre of topics and it's like you just have to get it down on paper right there and then, so i don't think writing a poem about owen, even this long after the event is bringing it all up again, just getting down emotions on paper that were there at the moment they were written
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