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Unfair Expectations?


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Ok, I've decided to start this thread because of something I heard that concerns Alan Curbishley. You know, the young Charlton manager who everyone from Liverpool to Tottenham to England have been linked with over the past few years, the manager who took Charlton up to the Premiership on limited resources and has kept them there thanks to some shrewd buys and a good youth set-up? Yep, that's the one.


I read (rightly or wrongly) that a section of the home support has been getting on both his and the team's back this season, particularly in games at The Valley against Portsmouth and, I believe, Southampton. If this is true, it begs the question - what the hell do Charlton Athletic fans expect? The gap between the haves and the have-nots is widening all the time. The dog-fight for survival in the top-flight is getting more and more desperate. Surely the team deserve maybe a little bit more of a chance from their own support?


I mean, it's not like Charlton are in the position of a Norwich or a Crystal Palace. Charlton have consolidated under Curbishley, and they've been a Premiership team for a good long while now. Ok, he sold Scott Parker, but did he really have a choice when Chelsea made their advances? Curbishley is a damn good manager that Charlton are lucky to have, which makes it all the more unbelievable if his own support is barracking his team.


So let's go to the wider issue; maybe it's been debated on here before, but do fans and clubs have unfair expectations? Supporters of a club like Liverpool, Arsenal or Man. Utd I could understand having a go when their team is struggling to beat Portsmouth and Southampton at home; but Charlton? Can they really expect that much?


The other thing that leads onto, of course, is the familiar managerial merry-go-round; when Gary Megson is in trouble after a few games, then you know you're in trouble. The guy at Southampton (whose name escapes me, sorry pal) barely got a chance. Obviously there's tremendous pressure on those running the club as well, since they know that dropping down a division could spell curtains. But then Rupert Lowe is the one that hired him in the first place . . . . .


Maybe fans especially should calm down a bit?

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