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NFL Update - Week 3!


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Hello everyone and yes NFL Update is back for a rundown of all the week 3 action over in the states. With four teams getting a bye this week, we were without the New England Patriots, Carolina panthers, Buffalo Bills and the NY Jets. Which means there will be no Jets talk this week. However I will take a look at the Bengals – Ravens game, and I will also include all the weekends results, plus some injury news. So here goes, week 3 of NFL Update at TWO!


Game Feature: Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinnati Bengals


This game was decided by three players, the 2nd year QB’s (Palmer of the Bengals who had threw 3 interceptions, and Boller of the Ravens who fumbled and turned the ball over twice) and the Ravens back Jamal Lewis (he ran for a total of 186 yards on 18 carries!). The first quarter was all Baltimore, with the Bengals unable to find a way to stop Jamal Lewis from running everywhere and Kyle Boller from scoring a TD. The Bengals were not only unable to stop the Ravens offense, but they couldn’t even manage to get their own in shape early on. Carlson Palmer was off target more often than not in the first, and that lead to the Ravens taking a 10-0 lead into the second. In the second quarter Cincinnati seemed to wake up slightly, but only after the Ravens went 17-0 up from a TD from Randy Hymes. Palmer was gradually getting more accurate with his passing, and after a long drive they finally got on the scoreboard with a field goal from Shayne Graham. But the Bengals were dead before the half, as they were unable to rally their offense into producing anything substantial.


The second half got under way with a low scoring 3rd quarter, the only points coming from a S.Graham field goal with around 6 minutes to go. Baltimore didn’t do too well on the resulting drive, gaining only 16 yards on 6 plays. The Bengals recovered the punt and went storming forward on a 52 yard drive (16 penalty) which lasted into the 4th quarter, things were looking up until the Ravens intercepted a poor pass from Palmer to turn things back to the Ravens. They failed to make anything count, but with an 11-point lead in the final quarter you can afford to do that! Cincinnati drove forward and picked up another field goal to bring them within 8 with 9:03 left on the clock. It was still a TD game, but from the resulting kick off, Jamal Lewis ran 75 yards on one play to get a TD and seal the game for the Ravens with 8:45 left. 24-9 was great news for the Ravens, but the Bengals were beginning to look like the Bungles of old, the final minutes were dwindled down by the Ravens, although Cincinnati managed to get a couple of good drives together for a little yardage.


This wasn’t a bad game, but it did showcase the huge flaws in both sides. The QB’s were both inconsistent and each could have cost their team the game, but Jamal Lewis was the main man today and nothing could stop him from taking the Ravens to 2-1 on the year.


Full results.


Houston Texans went 1 and 2 on the season after beating the Kansas City Chiefs 24-21, KC are still without a win. Terrell Owens and the Philadelphia Eagles continued their unbeaten run by overcoming the 2 and 1 Detroit Lions 30-13, whilst the Baltimore ravens went 2 and 1 destroying the 1 and 2 Cincinnati Bengals 23-9. The Arizona Cardinals remained without a win (0-3) after losing on the road 6-3 to the unbeaten Atlanta Falcons (3-0), Jacksonville Jaguars pulled off an astounding third win by beating the Tennessee Titans 15-12, The Saints of New Orleans were also victorious against the St. Louis Rams winning 28-25, they now go 2 and 1 on the year whilst St Louis are 1 and 2. The Cleveland Browns lost 27-10 to the 2 and 1 NY Giants to move to 1 and 2 on the year, The Minnesota Vikings (2-1) beat the Chicago Bears (1-2) by 27 points to 22, and the Denver Broncos (2-1) beat the San Diego Chargers (1-2) 23-13. The 49ers of San Francisco are still without a win (0-3) after losing to the unbeaten Seattle Seahawks (3-0) 34 to 0, Green Bay (1-2) lost to the Indianapolis Colts (2-1) in a high scoring game which ended 45-31, and the Tampa Bay Bucs still cant get that win (0-3) as they lost 30-20 to the Oakland Raiders (2-1). Finally the Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1) beat the Miami Dolphins (0-3) 13 to 3, and the Dallas Cowboys (2-1) beat the Washington Redskins (1-2) 21 to 18.


Injury News


Yes we are only 3 games into the season, and already the injury list is mounting for most teams in the league. We will start with the Eagles, who have now lost 4 important players for the season. These are Fullback Jon Ritchie (knee), running back Correll Buckhalter (knee), right guard Shawn Andrews (leg) and defensive end N.D. Kalu (knee). This is a big blow for Philadelphia, I wonder if they will be able to survive through it? The Tampa Bay Bucs may lose running back Charlie Garner for the rest of the season after tearing his patella tendon in his right knee during the Oakland game, and tight end Ricky Dudley broke his thumb during the game. Oakland lost their QB Rich Gannon early on after a helmet to helmet collision with Derrick Brooks, that put him out of the game, but he should return fairly soon. The Dolphins lost their running back Lamar Gordon against the Steelers after injuring his shoulder, added to the three players they were already missing (Travis Minor, Rob Konrad and Sammy Morris) things aren’t looking good for the 0 and 3 team from Miami! The Ravens are currently without their starting receiver Todd Heap.


Wrap up


So, week 3 is over and already we are seeing some teams dominate and reach 3-0 on the year. Teams like the Eagles and the Falcons you may have expected it from, but Jacksonville and Seattle as well? At least we know things will get interesting very early on. Last years Superbowl teams both had byes this week, so they had a well-earned rest after pre-season and the first 2 games, and maybe they will come out firing on all cylinders next week? Speaking of next week, some enticing games are on the cards, such as NY Jets taking on the Miami Dolphins, the Patriots travelling to the Bills, and Carolina hosting the Atlanta Falcons. Next week Dallas, Detroit, Minnesota and Seattle are all without games so Seattle keep their unbeaten run for another week! What did you think of this week? Your team still struggling? Or are they towering to the top? See you next week for NFL Update!

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The Colts just had too much in the end I'm afraid, but oh well. The Eagles look a real contender now that they've added that deep threat with Owens. The Falcons are looking good as well, I really like Mike Vick, but I don't see it lasting for them if they can only score six at home to Arizona. The Cowboys are going well, they'll be a threat. It seems in recent seasons that the teams with the best defence are the ones who get the job done and win the trophies. I'd say this year might be no exception.
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