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Life of a Pro-Wrestler


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Lee Butler - The Middleman

The Life of a Pro-Wrestler


Have you ever wondered what its like to be a wrestler?

Have you ever wondered what training a Wrestler does?

Have you ever wanted to see what the real wrestling world is like?


Well if you want answers to these questions, dont buy the bull sh** books and the "Secrets of Pro-Wrestling" Video.


Check out Lee Butlers, Diary !! Lee will be keeping a diary and we will be publishing it. It starts from today (12th March) and will run for the coming weeks and months. See the real Wrestling World from a real Pro-Wrestler, who has had over 400 matches in his career.


Lee will visit the http://forum.wrestle-zone.co.uk regular and answer any comments and questions you have.


Read "The Life of a Pro-Wrestler" Click the link below, and then the link to the page...






Gary Graham

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