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Wish they were here


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I know we've had something similar recently so please feel free not to reply to this thread if ya don't want to.


I was thinking about a few guys who I would love to see plying their trade on WWF TV right now.


Ken Shamrock - Could have some great feuds with Benoit, Regal and Angle if he was still there. I know Angle's a big fave of everyone's but you can't deny that he borrows a little from Shamrock


CIMA - With so much talk of a Cruiserweight division at the moment, CIMA would I think fit in better than a number of the Japanese guys, as an all round package he seems more suited than most to American tv.


Leviathan - If they can't get Goldberg, why not go for his cheap immitation. If WCW can push Goldberg to the point he becomes a megastar in a matter of months rather than years (in reality that kinda ended up not being a good thing), then surely WWF could do the same with a monster like Leviathan.


Steve Corino - Not really suited to WWF television, a little small for Vince, and his blading did get silly at times, but nevertheless he always entertained me, both in the ring and outside it.


Admittedly it would be nice to see the booking team start using the talent they have got better rather than investing in anymore, but I wouldn't mind seeing any of those guys on WWF programming, and rumours surrounding these guys would certainly excite me much more than any surrounding Savage or Warrior

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Guest edgehead2001

People i would like to see on the WWF screens are


Jeff Jarret = VERY UNLIKELY but just imagine a Jeff vs Austin that would be good


Raven = Hes great i have always liked Raven when he was in WCW and the few DVDS that i have seen of ECW.. He could really elevate the Hardcore title


Billy Kidman = THE BEST CRUISERWIGHT EVER In my eyes this man can do no wrong, well apart from being forced to have a match with X-PAC which was no good for either of them..


Rey Mysterio Jr = Any match between Billy and rey was a classic in WCW, Rey Rey he has a huge fan base so the WWF will be able to promote it..


Konnan = The filthy animals reunite.. They had a great face run in WCW and they could do it here... They may even be able to create a Fued with another rival Faction from WCW which is MIA (Misfits In Action)

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yeah I understand what you're saying but it doesn't detract from the fact that I would like to see CIMA here if the booking was right. He's made for US TV.


Jarrett. I think he makes a great heel, and can hold his own in the main event. He had some great matches in WCW. Unfortunately it's that feud with Stone Cold you talk about that's half the reason he's so unlikely to sign. Would be great though.


Kidman the best cruiserweight ever? Err, he's good but he aint that good. Would be good to see him get decent TV time, but unless they put together a proper Cruiserweight division I can't ever see him being a success there.


Rey Jr, dissapointed me a lot towards the end of WCW. He just seemed to underperform week in week out bearing in mind how talented he is. I haven't seen anything he's done since though, and supposedly him and Juvi have been tearing it up like they did in 95.

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