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***Official Smackdown Thread - 30th September 2004***


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Sept. 30, 2004


The countdown to No Mercy will begin when SmackDown! visits Wichita, KS., this week.


Clearly, the Big Show can’t wait to get his giant hands on Kurt Angle, who humiliated Show last week by shooting him with a tranquilizer gun and then shaving his head.


Also, will John Bradshaw Layfield and Undertaker have any final words for each other before they meet in a Last Ride Match at No Mercy on Oct. 3 at Continental Airlines Arena?


And there figures to be more news involving the saga of Billy Kidman and Paul London, who are also scheduled to compete at No Mercy, that’s if Kidman is up to it.

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I enjoyed Smackdown this week.


The Undertaker/Orlando Jordan thing was quality :xyx


What was the point of Heidenreich reading a poem on top of the big Smackdown Hand :roll


I actually thought JBL vs Holly was decent.


Looks like there setting up a Haas/Jackie/Dawn Love triangle.


Why didnt they show the Bald Show's head :P


Overall i think it was a pretty good show :xyx

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