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*spoiler* raw


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ok, after reading that, that sounds like the worst raw ever.


terrible and illogical booking, rubbish matches, pathetic skits, my oh my the wwf is going super downhill fast.


Those guys better realise what the hell they are doing, or else, xwf and wwa have a lot better chance of being the number 1 US promotion than they realise.

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yeah this is just getting more and more stupid by the week.


admittedly I haven't seen it, but personally I can't be entertained by the stuff in the spolier. Any match with Austin trying to carry Hall, Nash, Hogan and Rock just aint gonna do it for me, whatever story they tell in the ring. Hogan's big boot and legdrop, ugggghhhhh. Who cares about Steph and a dog. Goldust Vs Al Snow for the hardcore title? Where's Raven when you need him. And please don't tell me that they've decided they need to create some feuds now to bump up the Mania card, ie. Goldust Vs Snow for the Hardcore Title, DDP Vs Christian. That should have been done a month ago.


they just seem to be making all the same mistakes that WCW made. annoying thing is, Vince and the booking team have proved that they know what they're doing, but...........they just seem to be losing the plot.


Maybe it's time to get Steph and Vince off the prouction team, and give the whole thing to Heyman, from one PPV to the next. So for instance from the Raw after Wrestlemania to the Backlash PPV and see what he can do for ratings. What's the worst he can do? consolidate their position of crapness?

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