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I saw this movie and I didn't even show interest in it. It was so boring, that I had to leave like the first 15 minutes to see some other G Rated movie with my little sister. God, why do they make such movies like these? These movies are class and I also enjoyed these:




Spider-Man 2

Shrek 2 (Shame on you Catwoman)

Finding Nemo (I still love this movie)



Well that's all I have to mind...


I hope they don't make other movies like Catwoman. "Patience"- What a name for Halle Berry.

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I have on interest in seing it. All the reviews I've heard are beyond bad. And the words 'starring Sharon Stone' is surely enough to scare anyone out of the cinema.



I think you mean "No interest". I was a little confused there for a moment when I thought you meant to say "I have interest in seeing it".

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