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a wrestling fan club / news letter

Guest Michael

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Guest Michael

Hey guys , recently it was sugested to me the posibility of joining a project that would take the form of a monthly wrestling "pack" sent out to fans.


after some thought (this is my opinion only and just some basic ideas at that) , i came up with a few basic ideas that an idea sutch as this could be worked around.


-a few A4 sheet printed both sides

- keeping costs to a minimum would alow us to make a subscription of around 5 pound for 12 months

- the "news letter" as such would take the form of magazine style articals analyzing various topics of the world wide wrestling scene (mainly WWF as this is what the market is interested in)

- as i said the pack would not contain "news" as sutch because it would prob be old news by the time the pack reaches the readers

- interviews


ive got loads more ideas about this but thats the basics.




Anyway just wanted to know what everyone thinks about this topic.

any replys with opinions / ideas would be gr8



(also if anybody would be interested in getting involved in a project such as this please speak to me about it)


again this is in the very early stages and the only reason i posted this was to get opinions.


chears ,



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Guest Michael

no , i cant plug something that doesnt exist.


i am asking for poeples opinions on the idea of a wrestling "pack"




You can hardly say that post should be in the plug forum given the amount of people who plug their wrestling shows on here.

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Guest Michael

come on , producing a monthly publicaton for free !!!


it costs money for ink and paper , never mind postage and packing.


I know that there are several "news letter " publications chargeing a lot more than 5 pound per year.


plus 5 pound was a max , it could be as low as 3.


(maybe you misunderstood and thought it would be an internet publication via email).


I have been speaking to various other wrestling fans trying to figure out how a project like this could work , and allthough i am ver bussy the next 2 weeks an idea that i am looking into is having lots of prototype issues made and handed out to the public for free at the upcoming wwf tour. this may gain interest in subscribers.


thanks for your response anyway.



(does the lack of response have anything to do with the fact that its me who was asking?? , just a thought . I understand that a lot of people are tight for time when on line)

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I know that certainly it's something I'd pay £5 a year for, come on I spend that on my lunch down the pub on a Friday.


But.............only if the writing was good. I think at the end of the day there are enough people who would take a look at it initially. From there it's all down to the content to decide whether people come back.


I've messaged you privately about this one....

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Guest Michael

thanx loads for all your input :) , if you messaged me / requested i mesage you i will get back to you today or tomorrow. (sorry im so bussy lately with studies and stuff so i gotta get off line)



i can also say that if this goes ahead the plan will be to hand out free samples at the wwf tour in may.


again chears , and i'll keep uz updated



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