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J.R's Phrase Book

peoples eyebrow

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Courtesy of wwemirrorimages.com


'a heartbeat away'


'a hellacious/vile/satanic structure' (hell in a cell)


'an auspicious way to kick off Raw'


'and we aren't done yet'


'as God is my witness'


'at the top of the hour'


'barbecue sauce'


'big booger red (?)' (i.e. The Undertaker)


'big heart' (talking about small wrestlers)


'bleeding like a stuck pig/hog'


'bowling shoe ugly / bowling shoe tendencies'


'bubba tough' (talking about an obese untalented man in shorts)


'built some momentum'


'business is about to pick up'


'busted wide open'


'case of the limber tail'




'charlie-horsed the leg'


'cheap shot'


'chopping some meat'


'combustible elements'


'damn / damndest'


'damn near broken in half'


'damn you straight to hell' (e.g. 'you cost Austin the title, you bastard! Damn you, Helmsley! Damn you straight to hell, Triple H, you son of a bitch!')


'dealing with some issues/demons' (i.e. the wrestler is a drug addict)


'deep in the heart of Texas'




'don't think he quite got all of it' (i.e. a wrestler has just messed up a move)


'echoing throughout the arena'


'educated feet'




'from where I sit'


'get it on here tonight'


'good grief'


'good God Almighty'


'goofier than a pet coon'


'government mule'


'hand' (e.g. 'he is becoming a main event hand', 'good job by the hands in the TV department')






'horse' (e.g. 'this Bradshaw is a horse')


'I could be wrong'


'I'll tell you what King' (pronounced 'Keeeeeeng')


'in any event, up next...' (moving from one segment of Raw to another)




'in my view'


'in over 25 years in this business'




'looks like a car-wreck'


'more guts than brains'


'my God, the carnage!'


'not for the weak at heart'


'pack of (wild) dogs'


'quicker than a hiccup'


'quite frankly'


'restaurant quality'


'runt of the litter'




'scalded dog'


'schedule / scheduled' (e.g. 'Stone Cold is not scheduled to be here tonight')




'second-generation athlete'


'shades of the late/great' (comparing someone to a wrestler from the past)


'sick / sickening'




'stomp a mud hole' (and walk it dry)


'stud' (e.g. 'I tell you what King, this Triple H is a stud')


'sure as hell' (e.g. 'they won the match but they sure as hell haven't won the war')


'taken to the woodshed'


'technically sound'


'that's your story and I'm sure you're sticking to it'


'there'll be hell to pay tomorrow night on Raw' (said at the end of every pay-per-view)


'they learn to fall? how do you learn to fall off a 15 foot ladder?!'


'through hell fire and brimstone'


'tougher than a $2 steak' (e.g. 'this Bradshaw is tougher than a $2 steak')


'truly a keeper'


'unlimited potential'


'vEE-hick-el' (e.g. 'Austin drove that vEE-hick-el right in to the arena')


'vertical base'


'vile' (e.g. 'that vile chair shot')


'weight issues' (e.g. 'once he deals with his weight issues, this bruiser might surprise')


'well over the x pound mark'


'we thank you once again for welcoming us into your home'


'what, tonight?!' (when someone announces that a match will take place tonight on Raw)


'who's your daddy?'


'you might wanna put the women and children to bed for this one'


'young pup'


'you're damn right'


:lol Good 'ol J.R......ya gotta love him!!!!!!

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You missed 'Despicable human being' Which he uses whenever anyone ever dares to beat someone up outside of an official match instead of in it. (Apparantly Chris Benoit kicking the crap out of someone is 'wrestling' While Triple H doing the same thing is just an ass kicking.)
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