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IWF 4th Anniv. Show. Gateshead 2nd Oct.


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The IWF presents its Fourth Anniversary Show on Saturday 2nd October at St Joseph’s Hall, Gateshead (Next to Gateshead Metro Station). Tickets cost £5 (£17 for 4) and are available from Gateshead Photographic.


The main event will see THE AVERY BROTHERS clash with ASSASSIN and JIMMY BLADE with the winners claiming the vacant IWF Tag Team titles. Since 2 Hot 2 Handle were stripped of the belts due to an injury suffered by Hot Ed, IWF management have been mulling over the claims of various teams before deciding on these teams as the number one and number two contenders. Blade recently fought Assassin for Assassin’s IWF Championship (18th Sept in Newcastle) but the two shook hands afterwards, proving, to the dismay of IWF owner ERIC SCARBORO, that the devious pair are still a force to be reckoned with. Former champs The Avery Brothers split up earlier this year when SHAUN walked out on YOUNGSTA before a match. Shaun has recently been trying to win back the trust of his brother, and for Youngsta to sign up for the match, he must have found away to do so. With two of the five titles in the IWF under the control of Assassin and his group, this match is crucial, as a victory for Blade and the champion will tip the balance of power firmly towards Assassin, and away from those who value fair play and sportsmanship.


Most in the IWF were pleased when WEAPON X won July’s Tournament of Faith to be crowned the inaugural Ring of Faith Champion. He seemed to be the perfect man to represent the belt, which is competed for under fair play rules. It was therefore a huge shock when X aligned himself with Assassin (18th Sept in Newcastle). The attitude change does not seem to have benefited him however, as on that night he was pinned, in a non-title match, by 2 Hot 2 Handle member ‘UNBREAKABLE’ BOBBY JACKSON after a top rope German Suplex. As such, Jackson has earned a title shot, which he is set to receive at the Fourth Anniversary Show.


LEE KYLE, seemingly bitter that ‘BAD BOY’ JED MASTERS was recently asked to compete in a prestigious tournament in Kent rather than him, attacked Masters in Newcastle recently and promised him that the Fourth Anniversary Show would be the worst night of his career. On paper, however, it seems as though Masters is in for a relatively easy night, having been booked against the black sheep of the LEE KYLE EXPERIENCE, KAMALA’S #1 FAN. This seems an odd match for Kyle to arrange as he is thought to be on the verge of kicking the youngster out of his group. One has to feel that this is not the only trick that Kyle has up his sleeve, as not only is Kyle himself booked to appear on the show, but Experience members HARRY PAIN and CHRIS PRIME are set to appear.


LIAM ‘THE PLAYER’ ATKINSON has been acting as something of an enforcer for Assassin as of late, so, Eric Scarboro has decided to fight fire with fire and has stated that he has a long line of opponents ready to keep the dangerous joint submission specialist busy. Scarboro has thus far refused to name Atkinson’s opponent at the Fourth Anniversary, but when he does, I will pass on the information.


IWF Women’s Champion, EMMA ‘PHOENIX’ ANDERSON has recently received a phone call from one of Britain’s top woman wrestlers and, although she has yet to name her, has promised that she will be at the Fourth Anniversary Show to be her partner in a tag team match against COURTNEY SYNN and ‘THE ANGEL’ SHARNA O’NEILL. As with the opponent of Liam Atkinson, I will pass on any details I get regarding the identity of this wrestler.


IWF’s resident oddball BOOGIE KNIGHTS has recently been attempting to find his niche in the company, and in Newcastle came up with the idea of transforming himself into the ‘Boogfather’. He is scheduled to appear at the show in some capacity but it remains to be seen whom exactly it is he comes as! Regardless, many IWF fans are very happy to see this popular competitor continue to pop-up on more and more IWF shows.


Weapon X has been heard numerous times lately, on the phone to somebody called Nick. On every occasion, the Ring of Faith Champion has seemed anxious that this mystery individual be at the Fourth Anniversary Show.


Junior Academy Champion ‘FRONT COVER’ RD WOOD finally comes face with MAX HEAT in a match which is many months in the making. Both men have been very successful against other members of the Junior Academy in the IWF Junior Academy shows but have never actually met one-on-one before. They did meet in a triple threat match recently, which ended when Wood pinned Heat. Most IWF fans will be hoping that the result is the same at the Fourth Anniversary Show.



Dan Lewis

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