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NFL Update - Week 2!


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NFL Update Week 2


Hello all and welcome to the NFL Update for week 2 of the season. Week 1 produced some excellent games and some shocking results, and hopefully week 2 would do just that. In this weeks NFL Update I take a look at the Panthers – Chiefs game, along with the full results and the usual feature on the New York Jets and a short look towards next weeks matches. So here goes Week 2 of the NFL Update, enjoy!


Game Feature - Carolina Panthers at Kansas City Chiefs


This week I managed to catch this match on Sky, and boy am I glad I did. This game was full of lead changes and it showcased some inconsistent defence from both sides. The first quarter started with Kansas making the drive, all was going well, until they had 4th down and about 2 yards around the Carolina 20. The coach decided to put out the Kicking group rather than try for a first down, and this decision was met with a huge chorus of boos from the Kansas crowd. Lawrence Tynes hit the field goal and put KC up 3-0 early on. Carolina were missing their top two Offensive guys in Steve Davis and Steve Smith, but that didn’t seem to stop them as they clawed back and got a TD before the end of the quarter to go 7-3 up. The second quarter provided us with a few drives back and forth, with only the Chief’s Priest Holmes managing to capitalise on one by finishing a 69 yard drive with a 1 yard vault over into the end zone! It’s always fun to see the big guys fly!


The third quarter went all the Panthers way, taking up around 9 minutes with an 80 yard drive which eventually led to a touchdown courtesy of Delhomme’s passing to Keary Colbert. The Chiefs didn’t manage to do anything on their next drive, but with Carolina on the attack once more their defence seemed to burst into life! Eric Warfield was vigilant enough to intercept Delhomme’s pass and then rush 43 yards into the end zone to give the lead back to Kansas 14-10. Adding insult to Delhomme, Warfield stiff-armed him whilst running for his TD! Kansas City were on a high going into the fourth, but after an over-elaborate celebration after the previous TD, they gave up a 15 yard penalty and set Carolina into motion yet again. The Panthers managed to make 56 yards in only 8 plays and Mike Seidman caught a 1-yard pass from Delhomme to regain the Panthers lead 21-17. Kansas’s offense were failing on all sides with time running out, they turned it over yet again and the Panthers didn’t waste much time in exploiting the holes in the Chiefs defence yet again. DeShaun Foster rushed for 71 yards on one play, then followed that with a 3 yard TD run which took him to 174 for the game, and that gave the Panthers a 11 point lead with 10:35 left. That was it for Kansas, their defence could not capitalise on Delhommes erratic throwing throughout the fourth, and their offense just couldn’t break through.


It was a close game right up until Fosters blinding run in the fourth, and it could have gone either way if Kansas’s defence were up to scratch! The Panthers finished with a total of 358 yards gained, 4 TDs and a total of 23 first downs, whilst the Chiefs could only manage 281 yards with 2 TDs and 17 first downs.


Full results


Minnesota Vikings (1-1) 16 – Philadelphia Eagles (2-0) 27

Chicago Bears (1-1) 21 – Green Bay Packers (1-1) 10

Houston Texans (0-2) 16 – Detroit Lions (2-0) 28

Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1) 13 – Baltimore Ravens (1-1) 30

St Louis Rams (1-1) 17 – Atlanta Falcons (2-0) 34

Indianapolis Colts (1-1) 31 – Tennessee Titans (1-1) 17

Washington Redskins (1-1) 14 – NY Giants (1-1) 20

San Francisco 49ers (0-2) 27 – New Orleans Saints (1-1) 30

Carolina Panthers (1-1) 28 – Kansas City Chiefs (0-2) 17

Denver Broncos (1-1) 6 – Jacksonville Jaguars (2-0) 7

Seattle Seahawks (2-0) 10 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-2) 6

New York Jets (2-0) 34 – San Diego Chargers (1-1) 28

Buffalo Bills (0-2) 10 – Oakland Raiders (1-1) 13

New England Patriots (2-0) 23 – Arizona Cardinals (0-2) 12

Cleveland Browns (1-1) 12 – Dallas Cowboys (1-1) 19

Miami Dolphins (0-2) 13 – Cincinnati Bengals (1-1) 16


Jets Talk


Well the Jets go 2-0 for just the second time in eleven seasons thanks to a close win over the Chargers. Yet again we relied on Curtis Martin who finished on 119 yards on 32 carries, and now he has become the Jets all time rushing leader with 8185 yards in 7 seasons. We jumped to a 17-0 lead, and even though we made some major mistakes during the game, we never buckled and finished up 34-28. All was not good for NY though as Pro Bowl C Kevin Mawae managed to break his right hand in the third quarter, so he will be out for a little while. It doesn’t sound too bad though in the fact we have a bye this week, so no chance of losing our winning streak! More good news is that our return game is against the floundering Dolphins of Miami, so hopefully a good win will be on the cards!


Wrap Up.


So New England continue to show their dominance by going 2-0 after destroying the Cardinals, is this a sign of how the season will play out? Tampa can’t seem to buy a win, and neither can the Bills, but the Raiders returned to winning ways over Buffalo (Good result KJ?). Yes it’s early in the season, but you can tell a lot from how a team opens up, what do you think?

And that’s about it from me this week, hopefully you caught a game on TV and enjoyed it as much as I did. Next week is looking interesting with Houston at Kansas, Tampa Bay at Oakland and Philadelphia at Detroit. What did you think of week 2? Your team still without a win? Or are they unbeatable? Post away peeps and see you next week.

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Raiders beat Buffalo Bills 13 -10' date=' didn't manage to catch any games this weekend, but I'll hopefully start catching a few more after my Sky+ duberry is here on Tuesday![/quote']


Trust me, that will help out big time! How do you think i have been able to catch the games i have!


One game i hope is shown this weekend is the Houston - Kansas game, both teams are 0-2 and fingers crossed they will both be gunning for a much needed win. After watching the Chiefs game last week i noticed their rushing defence basically sucked, and thier passing defence wasnt any better. Now i havent seen Houston in action so i cant really guess as to how its gonna go, but if KC keep defending like last week? well the playoffs will be out of the question very early on in the season :lol

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The marquee match-up of week three is definitely Indianapolis vs Green Bay. Personally I'm not looking forward to it that much cos I'd take the Colts to win at home, but Farve vs Manning is a mouth-watering match-up. Here's a preview from nfl.com to whet the appetite:


Inside Indianapolis' RCA Dome and on televisions across the country, Canton-bound Packers quarterback Brett Favre will square off against Canton-bound Colts quarterback Peyton Manning. On the same stage, on the same day.


There is no arms race that could be any more appealing than Favre and Manning. Think of it as the purest form of fantasy football. "They're both great quarterbacks, especially when they're playing from behind," Buccaneers defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin said last December, after his team lost to Manning and the Colts on Oct. 6, then Favre and the Packers on Nov. 16.


"They're great two-minute quarterbacks that don't get rattled. Whenever you're ahead of them, you have to stay ahead of them. You have to get touchdowns instead of field goals. That's a big difference.


"Otherwise, those quarterbacks are going to remind you of John Elway in his days with the Broncos. They both tend to be at their best coming from behind, although it's pretty easy for them to get ahead and stay ahead, too."


They are model marksmen -- these two Pro Bowl quarterbacks -- as well as models of consistency. Favre has started 191 consecutive games, a record for NFL quarterbacks. Manning is fourth on the list of consecutive quarterback starts with 98. Favre has thrown at least one touchdown in 27 straight games, a mark that Manning matched during 1998-'99. Favre led the NFL in touchdown passes last season with 32. Right behind him -- second -- was Manning with 29.


Favre might be the NFL's most marketable player. Manning is not far behind. It is this weekend's Owens-Moss matchup, another Michael-vs.-Magic-type meeting, as intriguing as any the NFL can offer.


For now, there are other assessments to be offered up.


About Favre, Kiffin said: "Great competitor. He doesn't like to run, but he will. He takes hits but never misses games. Brett's not the greatest passer in history, but 11 vs. 11, he moves the chains. He's just so tough."


About Manning, Kiffin said: "He's just so explosive. Very smart. Reads defenses well. Looks off his receivers. They strike so quickly. It's boom! Boom! Dump off a pass for three yards. Boom! They really go for the big plays."


Aside from the big plays and big throws, what makes the matchup even more rare is the rarity of it. From 1953-1966, the Packers and Colts played twice per year. But Favre and Manning have been pitted vs. each other only once before, in 2000. It turned into the kind of game forecasted for Sunday.


The Packers jumped out to a 19-0 lead. Manning threw three second-half touchdowns to erase the lead, but Favre finished the day with 301 passing yards and two touchdowns, keying the Packers' 26-24 victory at Lambeau Field.


Sunday's rematch might be the final one. The Packers and Colts are not scheduled to meet again until 2008, meaning this could be the last time that Favre and Manning are on the same stage -- until some Hall of Fame reunion dinner

Should be a great game :xyx

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