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Wrestlemania main event

Latino Reheat

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Apparently Hogan vs Rock will replace HHH vs Jericho for the main event.


Now i'm not too happy about this, sure it will be a big draw, but I don't think Hogan is in any state to carry through a main event, at WM of all places.


And hasn't it been tradition to have the title match as the main event? It kinda also makes the Rumble pointless, HHH could of got a title shot without winning it.

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I have to disagree completely with all of this. I'm a huge Jericho fan, and I'd love to see him in a main event at Wrestlemania, but Hogan V Rock has the quality of a truly great match, particularly for a Wrestlemania. It doesnt need much hype, 2 of the biggest legends going at it.


While it might not contain the greatest technical wrestling, it will have the emotion of other big matches like Andre V Hogan, Hogan V Warrior etc...all not renowned for their techncial wrestling content, but still classics.


It isnt a tradition to have a title match last. LT v Bam Bam certainly wasnt a title match at WM 11, and i could be wrong, but didnt Hogan V Justice (not a title match) finish the event?


I'm looking forward to the Hogan V Rock match a lot, although I do think they should take less away from the title match by labelling Wrestlemania a double main event.

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I think its a case of having so many big names on the roster that you can not give every match or angle the push that they all deserve.There is only so much tv time to go around,plus Vince is paying Hogan to much money to not have him in the main event.

Two things take the meaning out of the WWF title match for me

1.I dont buy into Jericho being a World Champion,especially at a WrestleMania.His name has not been around the World title long enough for him to headline "the big one".

2.The whole HHH and Angle "Im the no.1 contender" thing went on too long that by the end of it I really didnt care anymore.

I hope that HHH and Jericho steal the show but Hogan vs Rock is the one that will sell tickets and so it should be the main event.

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I think that Rock v Hogan should be the main event because of the "classic match" stamp that its been labelled with. However, I think if this match was for the title, it would mean a lot more. Having it around Jericho hasnt been the best thing, even if i am a Jerichoholic. The title has been ripped of its credibility. And now that the title match will be overshadowed by Hogan/Rock, its gonna be demoted even more. A belt that at one point, was the only belt in american pro wrestling that actually meant anything, is been demoted at the show where it should be the focus point. Now if Hogan was champion at this time, he could put over The Rock, and give him the belt, which would be a classic Hogan/Warrior moment again, only the 2002 version. Y2J v HHH will be a classic, no doubt (if only a certain Miss McMahon could keep her silicone fakes out of it). But it will demote the title again, which at this moment in time (considering that ratings are plummetting and TV is dire) is not a good thing. Lets hope that WWF can pull something out of the woodwork. They did it in 1998 when WCW was whooping them, so why not now.

Even though Rock v Hogan will be amazing (my mom is even watching it, and she aint watched wrestling since about 92), think about the title.


(I apologise if none of this makes sence. I'm tired as hell and I dunno what the hell i'm saying)

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