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Your WrestleMania Card


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As so many people have been complaining about the matches for this years WrestleMania, I thought we could make our own card. But you can only include wrestlers currently in storylines, i.e. no members of the alliance.


World Title

Triple H vs. Chris Jericho


Steve Austin vs. Hogan

Rock vs. Undertaker (preferably as the phenom)

Kurt Angle vs. Kane


IC Title

Booker T vs. Edge - I know Booker T isnt the IC Champion, but I think i would prefer this match to be for the IC Title. (I just think Edge winning the IC title in Canada would be awersome)


RVD vs. Lance Storm

Regal vs. Rikishi


Tag-Team Title

The Outsiders vs. The Hardys Vs Dudleys vs. APA vs. Test and Mr Perfect vs. Billy and Chuck


European Title

DDP vs. Christian


Hardcore Title

Hardcore invitational – most of the undercard


Womens Title

Jazz vs. Trish Vs Molly Vs Lita


I’ve tried to include most of the roster, as I’m sure that’s what the WWF would want too.

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HHH v Y2J in a no interference match. Imagine that, a WM main event without a McMahon. Unbelievable, eh?


Rock v Hogan. This match will be a classic battle.


Austin v Hall in a Beer on a pole match


Booker T & Test v Nash & X-pac. Booker and Test would make a good face team. Both athletic, charismatic and over. And Booker and X-pac could have good, fast paced action while Test (the so-called next Kevin Nash) could have a big man battle with him.


Kurt Angle v Kane They've had good matches in the past...cant see why they wouldnt better themselves on the biggest night of the WWF calender.


RVD v Lance Storm v Edge v Booker T For of the best, mid-card athletes in the WWF at the moment. All four are charasmatic, athletic, and could easily steal the show, especially under ladder match gimmick or something like that.


Taker & Vince v Ric & David Flair Blatent card filler, and WWF would do it as well. Still, would be interesting to watch.


Hardyz v Dudleyz v Billy/Chuck v Spike & Tazz(anything not to see the APA) Would be a pretty good match, overall.


DDP & Christian v Any tag team. WM has a nack of making pointless tag matches. Remember Bull and BBM v D'lo and Godfather?


Hardcore Invitational around the arena. After one person wins the title, someone else comes along. They win the belt and someone else comes along etc. Goldust-Faarooq-Bradshaw-Al Snow-Maven-Big Show-etc etc etc.


Jazz v Trish v Molly v Lita Only picked it cas Kam did.

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WWF Title Match


Jericho vs HHH


IC Title Way Dance


Regal vs Storm vs RVD


3 Way Dance would work far better as they could do the standard 3 way match spots, elimante Regal and then let RVD and Storm have 10 minutes to do there own thing, Storm goes over in Canada for the title with RVD getting it off him down the line, could be worked over a few more PPV's.


Hogan vs Rock


Austin vs Hall


Nash vs Val Venus


Nash has to do something and seems a perfect way to introduce X-Pac and Credible as nWo members.


Chuck and Billy vs APA vs Hardys vs Dudleys


Booker T and Christian vs Edge and DDP


Lita/Trish vs Jazz/Kiebler


Tajiri vs Kidman


Hey they've done it on the house show circut for a month now.

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I dont see much wrong with the Wrestlemania card so far..Indeed in recent years the WWF has managed to pull off a half decent Wrestlemania (bar 2000 of course). I reckon theyll do it again, so i wouldnt change anything :)


Only thing i would do, is make it a double main event as to not undermine Jerichos first Wrestlemania Main event. Hogan V Rock is a great headliner. Its got classic written all over it, as long as they dont have a poopy finish (one of these 30 minute nWo beatdowns).

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"Hogan V Rock is a great headliner. Its got classic written all over it"



Again i looked really hard but i cant see how its gonna have the word classic put anywhere near it ,and quite how you can call the card good when one of the matches is Ric Flair v Undertaker is beyond me.In the words of the immortal MR Spock "I find your lack of intelligence disturbing" :D :D :D

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Hahahaha HSM, I hear what your saying and all, but like I've said before, Hogan V Andre, Hogan V Sgt. Warrior etc werent known for their technical wrestling. Its 2 legendary wrestlers, maintaining the Wrestlemania tradition of huge matches (err forget Bam Bam v LT).


Give this years card a chance eh. I'll be the first to eat my hat if the event sucks :D

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sorry m8 but everywhere i look i see sub standard matches for wrestlemania with the exception of HHH v Jericho but even that isnt being pushed properly cos steph insists on being the centre of the attetion all the damn time.Im sure people would rather the actual match was pushed rather than the tiresome divorce angle.Undi v Flair will be a disaster i think because both of them should have packed up and gone home long ago.Regal v RVD will suck cos there styles are so different.Austin v Hall could possibly be a passable match but rumour has it Austin wasnt keen on it so dont expect a 5 star performance from him (not that u normally get that from him).Angle v Kane may actually be quite entertaining and to there credit the WWF are actually trying to build up some heat between the two which makes a change.Then of course we come to Rock v Hogan neither of whom posses much wrestling ability The rock has recently had some good matches mainly due to the high calibre of his opponent (jericho and angle for example)however with hogan the emphasis to perform will be on the rock and sadly i do not think hes capable of carrying a match by himself especially not with a relic like hogan.


Thats all the matches that i know of thus far bearing in mind that Mania is only 8 days away.I guess i just long for the days when at Wrestlemania the feuds that were settled had been running for months rather than days.


Ok Rant over you can all go back to sleep now :D :D :D

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World Title:

HHH vs Y2J (Flair as guest ref)


Hogan VS Rock


Hall VS Austin


Nash VS Kane


Cage Match:

Angle VS RVD


Triple Threat match:

Rikishi VS Undertaker VS Big Show


IC Title:

Regal VS Godfather


Test/Booker VS Edge/DDP


Womens title:

Jazz VS Trish VS Lita VS Jackie


European Title:

DDP vs Christian VS Lance Storm


Tag titles:

Palumbo/Gunn VS Hardyz VS Dudleyz VS APA (TLC match)

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I genuinely think this years card highlights two of the WWF's biggest problems right now.


Too many big name stars and egos that aren't great in the ring anymore. Badly worked feuds and angles. Agree with everything HSM says.


My Mania card would be.............. (but you have to bear in mind that this would be the result of all these feuds being pushed since the Rumble and some of these guys being pushed up to main event status, this absolutely doesn't reflect the current roster and state of play with the WWF, so no whinging about how not having the Rock in the main event will hurt ratings, this is about what I want to see as a fan)


World Title


Y2J Vs Angle


Edge Vs Austin


Winner Stays in the WWF (if you must have all the past it performers on the card, put them all together for a hideous 15 minutes or so. See all their finishers and then have them all bar one leave WWF for good)


Taker Vs Hogan Vs Hall Vs Nash Vs HHH Vs Rock Vs Flair Vs Steph Vs Vince


International Invitational Tournament (winner gets a shot at the world title, and gets some kind of lovely crown or something)




IC Title - Triple Threat


RVD Vs Storm Vs Test


European Title


DDP Vs Raven


Tag Titles


Billy and Chuck Vs APA


Shane McMahon Vs Jeff Hardy


Val Venis Vs Mr Perfect


Cruiserweight Title


Kidman Vs Helms Vs EZ Money Vs Rey Jr Vs Malenko Vs Moore

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(my PPV is Called Summer SlamSation)


HHH vs Jericho - heavyweight title


Rock Vs Hogan


Hall Vs Austin


1st ever Cuserwieght "Free for all" - the title is hanging from a celing of a cage - 20 cuserwights must complete to grab the belt from the celing- first one to grab it AND make it to the a specfic area wins the belt.


RVD vs Regal VS Edge VS Booker T - IC title


DDP vs Chistian


Kevin Nash Vs Kane Vs Angle - No 1 World Title contender match


Clebretity Brawl - 20 famous stars duke it out in the ring


Rikishi Vs test - European title (rikishi is champ)


Maven Vs Al Snow Vs Goldust - Hardcore title


Hell in the cell tag team match - hardyz vs Dudleyz Vs APA vs Blliy & chuck


Chris Benoit Vs Mr Perfect - 1-2-3 match (first one to pin the wrestler wins :D )


Raw or Metal - Gaodfather vs Val venis Vs D'lo Brown (winner appears on RAW a lot more)

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World Title

Y2J vs. Lance Storm

Special Referee: Bret Hart

Timekeeper: Chris Benoit


I don't know why, but even without hardly any build up, I think this match would be an absolute barnstormer, as the Canadian crowd would be falling over themselves with the emotion of it all. Have Y2J retain cleanly, and the four embrace after the match. That would just be unbelievably brilliant.


The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan


Triple H vs. Scott Hall vs. Kevin Nash vs. X-Pac

Special Referee: Shawn Michaels


Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle


RVD vs. Edge vs. Christian vs. Maven


The Hardyz vs. The Dudleyz vs. Tazz and Spike

(With some sick looking spots on Jeff and Spike...and plenty of tables!)


Jazz vs. Lita vs. Trish Stratus

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Originally posted by NJC

...Have Y2J retain cleanly, and the four embrace after the match. That would just be unbelievably brilliant.


i don't think the wwf would want to relive the days of the *kayfabe moment at madison square garden


(* where shawn michaels, nash, hall and HHH embracedeach other and wish each other ood luck)

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if both y2j and lance storm were faces these days then that scenario would work really well.


Seeing as both are heels, generally considered to be a bit nasty it just wouldn't look right to have the pair of them embrace.


But seeing as the whole thing is theoretical and depends on a lot of things, ie. Lance Storm being pushed as a main eventer, Bret agreeing to an appearance etc, there is also no reason why in theory they couldn't have turned both of them face too.


It would definitely create an awesome moment in Canada then.


Even in WCW when Storm beat Awesome in Canada, with Bret and Jacques Rougeau making an appearance the atmosphere created was awesome. So a moment with Benoit, Hart, Storm and Y2J would just be too good to be true for the Canadian fans in attendance

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Originally posted by Draven


Booker T & Test v Nash & X-pac. Booker and Test would make a good face team. Both athletic, charismatic and over. [/b]



Test charismatic??? rite who is it on these boards handing out stupid pills?

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