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Jerry Lynn update


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I got this from a website, its regarding Jerry Lynn:


-- Jerry Lynn apparently called up the WWF after getting doctors’ clearance to wrestle again, but was told that there was no spot for him. When a recent interviewer asked about the chances of Lynn going back to the WWF, Jerry did note that he was told that one of the promotions after the split would have a cruiserweight division. Jerry said that he even told the WWF that he would be willing to go to one of the developmental groups to help in training, but was still told that there was just no spot for him.


Thats quite interesting coz it means that the WWF are actually rejecting Jerry Lynn. He's bound to be signed by XWF or WWA soon anyway.

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Well Lynn was never used to his full capacity in the WWFe.. Incase your interested he wrestled last saturday night for an indy promotion in the US. SDW (Steel Domain Wrestling) and judging by his performance it makes you wonder why the hell Vince McMahon would want to get rid of such a class Wrestler.


It appears that the WWFe are only interested in the "Old" Guys of wrestling. Mind thats a good thing, beause it increases interest in the other promotions in the US. And all the best Wrestling talent the WWFe are shunning.


Wrestle-Zone UK


Also its always a good idea to leave a link to a site that you take news directly from :groov



Gary Graham

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