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Hart still beating?

Latino Reheat

Should Bret come back?  

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  1. 1. Should Bret come back?

    • Yes, I'd love to see him back
    • Hell no !
    • Couldn't care less
    • Only if Vince doesn't show his face on the telly.

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Theres been so many rumours flying off the walls, saying that Bret Hart has been offered to ref the main event for WMX8.


I read this off a site, credit Brendan Starr -


If you try heading over to http://www.brethart.com, you will find that the website domain in fact forwards to WWF.com. Although this is not the official Bret Hart website, it is very strange that the WWF would register this domain name, especially after the events of last week.


-- For those who do not know, the internet was buzzing last week with the news of the WWF approaching Bret Hart over a possible Wrestlemania X-8 appearance. The WWF gave Hart two angle offers - to be the unadvertised special guest referee of Chris Jericho vs. Triple H for the Undisputed Championship, or to walk out unadvertised and punch Vince McMahon. As seen in his column the next day, Bret Hart supposedly refused both offers to appear, as he essentially felt that people would treat him like a fool if he returned to the WWF after his past history, namely the Montreal 1997 Survivor Series Screwjob.


-- There are basically two possibilities for the BretHart.com domain name forwarding to WWF.com. The first is that Bret Hart and the WWF are in fact "in the know" together, with both parties covering up a Wrestlemania appearance to lead the fans off-track. Although many may think this unlikely, the same type of situation has happened before. For example, Jerry "The King' Lawler last year vigorously denied all rumors of a WWF return, but then appeared on the very next RAW. If this situation is true, then we will most likely be seeing Bret Hart at Wrestlemania, despite his denying signing any contracts with the WWF.


-- The second possibility, and a less exciting one, is that prior to offering Bret Hart his Wrestlemania appearances, the WWF registered BretHart.com in preparation for the possibility that Hart would agree to the deal. They would have forwarded it to WWF.com as a way of showing that the domain name was WWFE owned. However, the fact is that after over a week of Hart not accepting the deal, the WWF media department should have either unregistered the domain or stopped it from forwarding to WWF.com. This should have happened for the simple reason that Bret Hart is able to sue if the WWF uses his name as a way of promoting WWF Entertainment without his prior consent. With Hart supposedly not agreeing to the WWF's Wrestlemania offers, it is highly doubtful that he would choose to allow the WWF to promote themselves using his name.


-- We may soon hear Bret Hart respond to these "rumors". If he does respond and deny the rumors once again, then it should show that he has not in fact restarted any sort of negotiations with the WWF, nor is he in on anything. However, if we do not hear anything, then there are once again two possibilities. The first is simply that he has not heard anything about them. The second is that he does not want to reveal anything concerning his WWF knowledge.


Now then, would you welcome his return? Or do you think he'd be selling out for returning?

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Guest Alliance Mark

I don't know if this makes sense to anyone but here's some information about the domain name.




Bruce Allen Talent (BRETHART5-DOM)

500 - 425 Carrall Street

Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 6E3





Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Billing Contact:

Tkachuk, Teri (TTB276) info@BRUCEALLEN.COM

Bruce Allen Talent



British Columbia

V6B 6E3


604-688-7274 604-688-7118


Record last updated on 05-Mar-2002.

Record expires on 02-May-2003.

Record created on 02-May-2001.

Database last updated on 7-Mar-2002 03:08:00 EST.

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