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Who do you share your birthday with????

peoples eyebrow

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Amanda Coetzer- Who??

Charles Keating- Nope doont know you

Derek Jacobi-........Ok then...........

Jeff Goldblum- Ahh guy from Jurrasic Park I think?

Kaushal de Alwis- Taking the piss now :lol

mado- OMG

Rachel Campos-Duffy- Ivan's love child? lol

Shaggy- Guy who made corny songs

Valeria Golino- LOL.....who?

Zac Hanson- Are these people having a laugh or what?


My Dad has Schwarzenegger, Lisa Kudrow, my Mum has The Rock and David Beckham, my Brother has HHH and I get them no-marks! :lol


I take pride in knowing Snoop Dogg was born 2 days before me. Not Snoop Doggy Dogg though he is apparently one year older :? :lol

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Ellen ten Damme

Shawn Ashmore

Summer Sanders

Tico Torres

Toni Braxton

Vladimir Putin


Awesome! I share my birthday with Tico Torres drummer from Bon Jovi! I've been a Bon Jovi fan for years and even I didn't know that.


I don't care for any of the others much, Even if one is a Russian President.

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Mines 3oth December so share it with...


Bo Diddley

Davy Jones

Eliza Dushku

Jason Behr

Julianne Moore

Matt Lauer

Meredith Monroe

Michael nesmith

Tracey Ullman


No idea who half of them are, but they forgot too important men I share my birthday with. The Jungle Book author Rudyard Kipling, and the Arsenal and Celtic legend Charlie Nicholas. My middle name is Nicholas named after Charlie.

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For mine I knew about Rod 'I'm such a big Celtic fan that I walked out five minutes before the end of the Scottish Cup final' Stewart, but not Jim Croce (my parents have an album of his) and Pat Benatar (Love Is A Battlefield, if anyone remembers that song). I was, however, unaware that GEORGE FOREMAN was born on the same day, only in 1949. w00t! Now I know I absolutley DEFINITELY want one of those grills now! They did forget though to include Gabriel Batistuta, who I think was born in 1969. He shares my birthday as well.
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Adam Trese - 22 January, 1970

Balthazar Getty - 22 January, 1975

Beverley Mitchell - 22 January, 1981

Bill Bixby - 22 January, 1934

Gabriel Macht - 22 January, 1972

Linda Blair - 22 January, 1959

Mandah - 22 January, 1981

Michael Hutchence - 22 January, 1960

Nakata Hidetoshi - 22 January, 1977

Olivia d'Abo - 22 January, 1967

Piper Laurie - 22 January, 1932

Steve Perry - 22 January, 1949



Whom most of these are I have no idea, although Mrs Blair shares my b'day!!!!


My cousins bday, 2 months after mine on 22nd march shares with Reese Witherspoon. William Shatner and George Benson.

Mother shares bday with Chester from Linkin Park

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Same day is Esha Deol (whoever she is!).


The others are no names except KD Lang! lol


Thats wierd, KD Lang came up on mine, but the other name you mentioned didnt. I already knew i shared a birthday with Ian Wright and Dwight Yorke, but i now know i also share it with:


Cody Montoya

Dennis Miller

Dolph Lundgren

Evgeny Plushenko

James J Fisher

K.D. Lang

Kate Capshaw


Raoul Heertje

Roseanne Barr

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Chow Yun-Fat - 18 May, 1955


Christopher Hall - 18 May, 1965

Vocals, Stabbing Westward


Reggie Jackson - 18 May, 1946


Toyah Willcox - 18 May, 1958


those are the only ones i had heard of - tho i dont know why i know reggie jackson? Can anyone enlighten me?

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