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wwf have just announced that the wrestlemania main event is now triple h v stephanie mcmahon


it was changed after they realised they havent pushed jericho since january, and triple h and jericho actually dont have a feud, thus steph has put herself in the match, being head booker, as well as giving herself a 1hr segment on the ppv, coupled with match and booking bonus of 1 million, and the no sell to triple h and being able to go over on him and have a 14 month world title reign.


jericho will now face funaki


*remembers the days when managers were used to put wrestlers over, not the other way round*

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While we are on the subject of sarcasm, its great that HHH is doing his best to put Jericho over as a great champion isnt it :roll


WHY CANT THE McMAHONS KEEP THEIR NOSE OUT OF THE MAIN EVENT! Must they ruin it again, like in Wrestlemania 2000, or even the really pretty poo finish to Rock V Austin last year...it was a good match but it was one of these stupid beat down interferences....that take ages instead of being quick and shocking. It doesnt get the same effect as a quick sharp chair shot etc...

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