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Who is the mystery man returning at Wrestlemania?

Guest nWo Hogan

Who is the Mystery man returning at WM18  

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  1. 1. Who is the Mystery man returning at WM18

    • Ultimate Warrior
    • Bret Hart
    • Goldberg
    • Scott Steiner
    • Shawn Michaels
    • Sting
    • Macho Man
    • Other

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Guest nWo Hogan

Who do you think will be the mystery man returning to the WWF at Wrestlemania (allegedly in the Rock's corner)?


Below are some of my ideas:


Ultimate Warrior:

For: The only guy to beat Hogan cleanly in his WWF Hulkamaina stint (84-93),same venue that he beat Hogan in, the most fancied to return according to US 'spoiler' sites.

Against: Has been out of action for so long that no one knows what kind of condition he's in, had several fallouts with the WWF, was 'poor' on last returns to Wrestling in WWF and WCW.


Bret Hart:

For: Has been offically approached to return, big fan following,WWF seems to want to 'patch' up the relationship, home country.

Against: Still agrieved against the WWF, the infamous 'bust up' with McMahon, has publicly said "NO" to any WWF return.



For: Major star,Major Pops, the 'Star' of the late nineties, had WCW feud with Hogan.

Against: Collecting major money for nothing on existing Time Warner contract,has said he wont go to the WWF before, on recent interviews claims he's not in Wrestling shape anymore.


Shawn Michaels:

For: Big WWF star, known to be returning as some point, friends with Hall,Nash and HHH.

Against: Known to be returning to the WWF anyway, so seriously reduced 'Shock' value.


Scott Steiner:

For: Big heel,Imposing physique, wants to join WWF and the WWF wants him.

Against: Still suffering from a few injuries, idea wouldn't fit with the Rock bringing him down to help him unless he turns on Rock and joins nWo, allowing Hogan to get the victory.



For: The'franchise' of the defunct WCW, still popular, good gimmick, was the original thorn in Hogan's and the nWo's side.

Against: Says he's retired, says he couldn't fit in with the WWf product (with its sexually orientated storylines), and has been looking towards more non wrestling roles.


Randy Savage:

For: Former WWF and WCW star, has feuded with Hogan before, former nWo member.

Against: Gimmick was getting a little tired in WWF when he left, again not the kind of guy who would come down with the Rock, unless he turned on the Rock and joined the nWo, and helped Hogan win. Wouldn't get 'Huge' pops on his return.


My money on the Warrior, as its the only one that even remotely fits in.

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to be honest the only way this would work for me with any of those guys, is for someone to come out (someone who isn't just doing a one off appearance as it then doesn't make sense), and turn on the Rock and join the nWo.


it's what made the nWo so great last time round. the surprise heel turns. every one of those, bar probably warrior, could join the nWo as they all fit in.


unfortunately a lot of the stuff i've read kinda points to warrior

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Guest ELsupremo
What makes people think anybody will return? Until I see this storyline on TV then I doubt any body will return at Wrestlemania.
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How about rock v austin, hall and nash come down kick seven bells out of hogan with the rock joining the nWo, hogan then returns at backlash interfering in triple h v rock for the title with patterson and briscoe and all of hulkamania, the sad thing is i'm being serious. Well i suppose we need a rock heel turn so there:P
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