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WWF Booking


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Ok feel free to shoot me down with this idea but...


WWF booking is terrible at the moment with people getting title shots outta nowhere so... why dont they seperate the wrestlers into the different divisions. heavyweight, cruiser etc. so intercontinental could be:






Storm etc


every wrestler in the group fights each other once (points gained for wins points deducted for dq's) and the top two go for the title...or the person at the top who isnt the title holder gets a title shot. Now some of these matches would be done on house shows cause of lack of time between ppv's but the ones on sd or raw would mean more wrestlers being seen on tv and would add more meaning to matches between people with little heat. Think about how the crowd would react for matches to decide 1st and 2nd 2nd and 3rd etc. plus they could show the table before the matches making it more of a contest than just a time filler in between promos. *prepares to be slaughtered*

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if an individual promotion did it, then yeah it would be cool, but i don't think it would work in the WWF..don't know why...maybe it's because the same old people would get the title shots, while the sam old people will still be champions
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I think its a silly idea, without being too nasty of course :) , particularly for the WWF. They have to keep things less complicated as possible for the fans to understand...That was one problem with the whole invasion thing, so many belts flying around.


Its always been everyone after the main gold, the WWF Title, and thats the way it should always stay. The WWF tried (well kinda i suppose) a Light heavyweight division but it obviously didnt get them anywhere in their opinion, so its just not going to happen.

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it's a good idea, but........... not for the WWF.


It focuses too much on the sport side, and not enough on the entertainment, side.


Anyone seen WCW Starcade - Future Shock? Similar thing, great PPV, Muta/Luger/Flair/Sting in a one night league, as well as a tag one.


Similarly some Japanese promotions have always focused more on tournament environments.


I just don't think it's the sort of move the WWF would go for, or that their fans would either. Sure many of us would love it, but it's a little complicated for anyone who just wants to here the Rock's promos and see Austin fight Booker in a supermarket. The WWF have hordes of fans who love the wrestling element, but also many who just want to be entertained, which is fair enough, that's surely what it's all about. I just don't see the sense in alienating the fanbase you've spent years cultivating.

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Guest edgehead2001

Since December i have thought that a league for the ic title would be good.. It would guarentee TV appearances for certain wrestlers...


I think maybe if you have 10 stars such as

  • Edge
  • Regal
  • RVD
  • Rikishi
  • Lance storm
  • Big SHOW
  • Booker T
  • Test
  • Christian
  • Golddust

Put them in a league like 3 points of win, non for loss, and maybe 1 point if you the match finishes in a DQ


Then this would mean that the title we be defended properly and also the fans will see exactly where each wrestler stands in the title shot scheme...


This could lead to friends having to go up against each other... SUCH AS BOOKER AND TEST... People throwing matchs to help others, people interefering to cause DQS i think it is a good idea...


I reckon King of the ring this year should be a Cruiserwight TOURNEY because the amount of cruiserwieght talent the WWF has it would be a good idea:jump

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Anyone else think that idea is even worse than the 1st one?


It would get the WWF nowhere ratings wise....and why should people like Booker T suddenly get pushed down to IC division?


It makes no sense, and im sorry to have to be nasty but I think that idea is one of the worst ideas I've ever heard, and id hate to have to watch something like that. :)

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Guest edgehead2001

Well i only put them down as a guess.. Cos booker is a Main eventer...


But i feel that it would be a good idea.. because it would give us a lot of tension with matchs


Its like the premiership but better.... There could be less than that and have just 4 in the league..


Or even better i reckon they should do a 8 man elimination match.. For the IC TITLE... just like they do on SMACKDOWN JBI That would eb good

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it's a format that has worked other places, and I can see the plus points, but I just don't think it's right for the WWF.


For a new fed, looking to offer something a little different and appeal to a different set of fans maybe

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