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Bxw Show


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Hi people...just so you know the bxw show is gettin ever closer...

23rd of march

the card has been confermed as:-

The Pig Man" Andy Hogg vs. Heavy Metal Mass


Little Dick Dudley vs. "Superfly" Billy Graham


Pay Your Dues 4 Way elimination

Rob McKay vs. Cyanide vs. Tony Warror vs. T.B.A


6 Man Tag Team Match

The Nastrass Boyz vs. Timm Wylie, Mickey Whiplash and Bakardi Kid


Submission Match

Samson Horn vs. Andy Barden


Tables Match

"The Middleman" Lee Butler vs. Juvenile


Hardcore Title Match

Iceman vs. Deacon Dispair


First Time In The U.K

Lord Of Nottingham Battle Royal

The Winner will be crowned Lord Of Nottingham

& Presented a Trophy


i know that alot of you cant make it cause 1 you dont want to..and 2 you live to far away....but thouse who can make it please do...there have been tomany people pass us of as just another wannabe promtion that will never put on a show!..

the night is looking to be an enjoyable night


many thanx

lee butler




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Good luck with it Lee,


I think a lot of your problems came because of the following three things:


1.) The Ownership storyline (good, but people online always need a face to give something credibility)


2.) The Wrestling in Britain Fan Forum...gotta admit, it was a home to idiots and a hotbed for fights and misinformation.


3.) Rob McKay...his and the people he works with, own worst enemy.


Hopefully i'll get down for the show, just need to check if St.Mirren are at home or away...though a weekend of not watching that tripe would be good. :) If not, i'll get a tape as i'd like to see how the younger lads like Timm and the Natrass Boyz get on.

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Guest Cyanide

hi Kenny,

What do you mean about "Rob McKay...his and the people he works with, own worst enemy"?

does that have anything to do with me?

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Guest SkinnyBoy
i think your wrong tsu having rob mckay in a promotion does nothing wrong your just bitter cuz he never fought on your show. I doubt Rob will draw but he sure as hell won't stop people from going to shows. He said in his interview it was stage fright and that can happen to anyone. The people that make the xxx can't be much Rob MacKay is on there cards are dumb and probably wouldn't even go to a uk wrestling show in the first place so there an non factor.
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Bitter....don't be stupid.


Skinny Boy has been away for a week, Rob has been in Tenerife for week...


It's really genuinely funny that Rob shoots his mouth off constantly and acts a complete arse, offers up reasons why he loves blood and hardcore extreme matches and then, on his debut, goes home because he threw up on himself on a train (the only report of this coming from Rob himself of course). What's even more funny, is that he can post a picture from rotten.com on a wrestling fan forum and make comments about September the 11th...then be left staring at down at his own vomit, kind of reminds me of a Manic Street Preachers song. Nobody could have scripted it better or even come up with an action upon Rob that would be better...quite frankly, it's one of the funniest things I've ever been involved with.


What did happen to the text message he sent to explain himself on the Saturday??? Who really cares?


If Rob cannot get from his home to Linwood, what chance of him getting to Nottingham...especially with even more pressure on him and even more chance of him getting booed out the building when all the "idiots" go along to watch.

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Guest SkinnyBoy
Actually I've not been away for a week and I'm not Rob but now that you've told me what has happened you won't hear me defending him anymore.
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It would be nice if some people would Rob a chance... yes maybe he was out of order on the UKFF, He showed guts admitting he had stage fright (pardon the pun). All I hope he is given a fair chance at the BXW event in Nottingham. Judge the guy on his wrestling not his sense of humour !!!



Have you signed the petition yet ?




Also for your chance to win 4 Front Row Tickets and Back Stage Passes, enter the competition on the http://www.wrestle-zone.co.uk website.


Gary Graham

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I doubt anyone could give Rob more chances than myself and others did whilst booking him for SCW, defending him on numerous occasions, offering him advice, having the advice thrown in our faces and arranging training for him leading up to the Lion Rampant show.


You can talk about Mike Musso, Kid Krazy, The Chosen One or even Jerry Borrea all you want...in fact I have done till i'm blue in the face...but at least they back themselves up and don't throw up over themselves. I'd also hazard a guess that none of them have ever missed a booking either...even if it is BWF, Midlands or the GWA.


People talk about Shane Douglas burning bridges, but Rob McKay went around burning them and then waiting for them to be built up again before burning them again.


I realise you are new to the scene Gary, but I doubt you'll find very many people with a good word to say about Rob...interviewing him was ludicrous also, I can think of about 20 newcomers who are more deserving and who treat the wrestling business, the people he'll work for, the people he'll work with and the fans with a lot more respect than "moody baws" McKay.


The one bright point in all of this is Eric Canyon. Eric was supposed to tag with Rob against Scully and Chris Cullen (Who I'd never met, even after holding two training sessions) and as a result of no shows...and Carl Conroy pulling out the night before...Eric went on to face Andy Hogg and, by all accounts, made a damned good impression. Even if Carl hadn't pulled out, The Highlander did and Eric would have faced Majik instead. So, either way, it all worked out well in the end and Rob now has even more pressure on his shoulders than he did on February 16th. It's now even a case that Rob could make the most perverted, sick comment ever and people just would not care...they've switched off.


Oh and Rob...you're gonna love me for this...maybe you should stick to being dressed up as Doink at the Midlands shows, so you can sign autographs for the wee kids in attendance.

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Some good points made there. I am fairly new to the UK scene, but that had nothing to do with giving Rob the Interview, Until recently I never visisted forums much, as a lot of them were full of idiots who know nothing about nothing, but now I have found a few Forums that are good. I have heard all the Rob McKay stories but luckilly most of the people that visit the wrestle-zone website have not, and I actually have had some good feedback on the interview. From all the different comments I have heard about Rob on this forum and more so on the UKFF he was a total pratt, I did not know that Rob McKay, to me he has been acting professional.


Also you are right, there are loads of wrestler, new to the scene and experienced ones that should be interviewed and believe me they will be. I have had an exclusive with Alex Shane, infact an hour and Half phone conversation, We have just had an interview with Lee Butler "Middleman" from the BXW, Also promoters Like Kenny Morrison from the SCW, and an interview coming soon with Eric Scarboro owner of the IWF. Wrestler wise we have 2 interviews coming up, one with Scott Mckenzie a great all round wrestler and new to the scene Steven Reeves. If you want to see any interviews with any other UK wrestlers, then please let me know, who and if you have an email address or web address for them I will only be to happy to get in touch with them and see if they would be happy to do an interview.


As I have stated before, I did not know what Rob had been up to in the forums, if I had then it would have made a much more interesting interview. I know he let a lot of people down by not getting to the SCW event, and nerves did get the better of him, but thats happened to the biggest of the stars on their debuts. He has an enormous pressure on him at the BXW event, he screws that up, then I think we can say his wrestling career would be over.



Gary Graham

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IWF have a show in Berwick in April, Eric phoned me up to discuss a few things and their wish to promote in Scotland cropped up.


I've created Scottish Championship Wrestling for a number of reasons, mainly to give Scottish talent somewhere to work and also the fans something to watch. Other Promotions also know we are here and I know where they are, so it makes sense that we can work together with everyone....we'd even get a bus down to London if needbe.


Eric mentioned a few things, both on the phone and at SCW's first show, so perhaps we'll work together sooner rather than later...it would be a waste to not put together all the talent and contacts together. I've not checked the IWF's dates recently, but will do now that you've mentioned them invading Scotland. :)


We're also waiting for Northern Championship Wrestling and UPW to get up and running with shows, plus you also have BXW...who are slagged by the same people who &*& off to ECW PPV's at home...getting their first show this month.


It's quite an interesting time for the best of the rest.

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