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Wrestlemania X8 Chat and Quiz TONIGHT!


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Wrestlemania X8 Chat and Quiz!


WrestleMania X8 Chat and Quiz




The quiz will take place on March 17th from 8pm - 9pm.

The questions will be based around the world of wrestling, QuizMaster will try to give the best variety of questions possible, WWF, WCW, ECW and many more.


The basic format of the quiz is you come in and then answer the questions. No teams, just every person for them selves. The Quiz Master will ask a question and the first person to get the question right will get the point, the person with the most points will be the winner.


Quiz Rules:-

No Flooding with answer - One answer will do, the first answer always gets the point.

No working in teams - you are only cheating yourself

No agruing - with each other or the Quiz Master, If you have a problem just PM Quiz Master.


All Other Chat Rules Apply, and people breaking the rules will be kicked or banned from the chat!


WrestleMania Quiz - 17th March 8pm - 9pm- TWO Chat Room -Quiz Room.


WrestleMania Chat


The WrestleMania Chat will follow on after the quiz from 9pm to 1am (UK Time).


Cya there!

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