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How to improve the WWF

Guest nWo Hogan

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Guest nWo Hogan

I think the WWF have totally spoilt the tradition of the some of there best and most respected PPV's and matches eg


Survivor Series- It used to be teams of 5 strive to survive, then it was 4 and then there was no teams at all (apart from the last one ), meaning that the title of the title of the PPV is meaningless. the survivor series was great (think of the 1990 one), now its just like any of the other million PPV's on the calendar.


King of the Ring-It used to be a tournament on the night (93 was a good start for the PPV despite the odd bad match, think Mr hughes etc), Now its another meaningless PPV where the winner gets a trophy but no 'push' and all he does is wrestle on Raw a few times (which they do anyway week in week out) and have one match at KOTR and he's champion. Another wasted PPV.


PPV's- The WWF should seriously limit the number of PPV's it does. It used to only have about 4-6, now there a monthly occurrence, and are basically a 3 hour version of Raw or Smackdown. You see the same matches over and over and 1/2 the time the matches are repeated on raw/Smackdown the next night and the results are usually that the result of the night before are totally undone or the title goes back to who lost it the night before.


Gimmick Matches- Gimmick matches like ladder,Chair, streetfight etc, used to be a rarity and thus they were more highly anticipated and meant more (think Razor V Michaels 1), now theyre on either every other Smackdown/Raw or every PPV . Think about the TLC matches, how many times did the WWF flogg it to death before realising that they were spoiling the novelty.


Title changes- Im not saying we should go back to the days of 4 year reigns etc, but is it really neccessary to have a title change hands every week . Just think, Mr Perfect had 2 title reigns and they were highly regarded because he actually held a title, and that had prestige, it signified that he had reached the summit, now every one's held near enough every title at least 3-5 times. Title reigns have to start meaning something again!


Tag teams- The WWF badly needs some fresh tag teams, and I dont mean bodged link ups eg Kane with (everyone), Bigshow with (everyone) etc. The same teams recycled over and over eg The Hardys and the Dudleys, E & C (when they were together). Nowadays the tag titles seem like an aftherthought. Or crap gimmics and link ups. I mean Billy and Chuck (awful, it's a career killer like Red Rooster get my drift, neither's career will ever be the same again), Tazz and Spike and all the other makeshift duo's. Think back to the 80's when you had at least 6-8 decent teams eg Hart Foundation,Dream Team,Bulldogs,Islanders,Demolition,Powers of Pain,Strike Force etc all in the divison at the same time. The ranks desperatley need a new L.O.D or something.


No talent/Career killing- The WWF has to stop being self serving to itself eg Stephanie,Shane and Vince, basically the WWF over the last few years has been used as an ego machine for these guys. It should also stop ruining talent and wasting or spoiling peoples careers eg Big Show (could be if pushed right the most dangerous man in the division, is being totally wasted in non feuds and crap tag team high jinxs) and career killing eg DDP (oh how he must be crying at home that all the hard work he did in WCW has been undone in 12 months). While the WWF serves us up a large portion of McMahon every night, guys like Lance Storm are wasting there 'peak' years watching Stephanie scream and bitch for 2 hours)


I myself are enjoying the return of the nWo, but how long will it be till the angles ruined and it ends up having 1/2 the roster as members.

Whats concerning me at the moment is that the WWF package is starting to go the way WCW did from 1999 onwards, crap gimmic after crap gimmick, confusing short term rapid fire 'heal' and 'face' turns, and aborted angles'. Look at Stone Cold. Last year he turned 'heal' minced Jim Ross and went mad and soft (crying at K.Angle). Now all of a sudden he's back as supertough Stone Cold, a 'face' again and Jim Ross sounds like he's masturbating over Stone Cold every time he makes an appearance. "Hello Jim Ross didnt this guy massacre you 12 months ago, oh how people get short memories when in the WWF).

I think the WWF needs to regain some direction as to me it seems a little desperate at times and seems to look lost creativity.

Judging by the way Hogan is getting major pops again, dont be surprised if he turns 'face' and goes back Yellow and Red by Summerslam, courtesy of the WWF's 'we wont let this angle run its full course' machine.


Below is a short list of wrestlers the WWF is 'killing' at the moment:


Big Show: Massive potential, spends most of the time languishing in laughable tag-team combo's

Lance Storm: Lots of talent, now spends his time 'jobbing' to the non WCW lot.

DDP: self explanatory.

Jerry Lynn: ECW legend, couldn't even get air time.

Tommy Dreamer: As above.

Perry Saturn: As above.

Just Credible: As above

Tazz: Turned him from a monser in ECW to a P*ssy in the WWF.

Albert: Big Tough brute, can manhandle kane, now in laughable tag team combo.

Hugh Morrus: Good worker,good skills, doesn't even get air time.

Billy Kidman: Massive potential, now doesn't even get on 'Metal'.

Billy and Chuck: The WWF has in effect 'killed' there careers with this gay gimmick.

Mr Perfect: Only lost to about 8 different people in 8 years total in WWF first run. Now has lost 2 out of 3 tv matches already.

Shane Helms: Rubbish gimmick, straight out of the WWF 1995's lame gimmick's draw.

Raven: Hardcore legend, conspicous by his absence.

X-Pac: Badly needs a fresh gimmick

Essa Rios: Good flyer, great mover, now another 'metal' specialist'

Dean Malenko: man of 1000 moves, forced into retirement by crap idea of having him 'job' to women.


The above is a roster which any fed would die to have on there books and yet they're suffering either off air/on air or in a terrible gimmick. Come on WWF use them or release them.

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Nice Post:xyx


I agree with most of what you've said.


Survivor Series used to be great - I loved it when they had all the winners from all the previous matches in the main event.


I think KOTR is still ok - Edge has done ok since the ppv, although I dont think he can go any further up in the roster at the moment.


WWF use gimmick matches on Raw/Smackdown which make them less attractive during the PPVs.


I think once the roster splits, we'll see how the WWF cope. At the moment they've got so much talent they dont know what to do with them.


Most of the names you mentioned at the end, should get a decent spot in the split.

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yes i agrre with most of what u said.


survivor series was always an event of tag team every match was 5 on 5 or 4 on 4 no we r lucky if we got 2 of them matchs


king of the ring u got the honour of beatin 3 guys in one night


i also agree bigshow could be a monster like andre the giant was back the 80s


also wwf never push the cruiser-weight devision they have good talented guys like tajiri hurricane helms crash chavo billy kidman good guys like jerry lynn and essa rios have been released whivh was a mistake wwf could have really pushed the cruiser-weights


it is true wwf dont have many credible tag teams right now they have billy and chuck hardys dudleys and apa when they was a time when wwf had a huge tag team division like legion of doom nasy boys hart foundation british bulldogsmoney inc etc


and the title reigns bit i agree with guys should have 6-8 months reign with title now guys r lucky to have a 2 month reigns with titles mind u steve austin had a long reign as champion last year

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It is a good post, interesting read, and I agree with almost everything your saying.


I did mention at the time when Stone Cold turned heel that it was ridiculous to see the man who almost ran the WWF out of business (in the alliance angle of course), coming down on Raw as the big babyface again having everything instantly forgotten....It was tantamount to insulting by the WWF writers....if he'd come out and explained it or something...ridiculous.


Hopefully after the praise of last years Survivor Series 5 v 5 match they'll have more survivor style matches this year. That is if they manage to produce a half decent PPV at all ;)

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i don't mean to be harsh but it's unlikely the WWF are gonna listen to NWO Hogan (let alone any of us)...why...because "HE'S VINCE MCMAHON DAMMIT"


on a lighter side...though this shouldn't be any real surprise, when the split happens (which is scheduled to be 1 week after wrestlemania) the federations will launch a serperate and "serious" cuseriweight class in one of it's diversions.

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Guest Jack_Halewood
Well I don#t know what the WWF is like now, I've only watched PPVs for the past 6 months, but, jesus, just matches! Just good quality, not-short (more than 12 minutes) matches.
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Agree with most of what you've said.


Survivor Series has become, just another PPV. I used to love both that and the Rumble because they offered something different. I still have my SS 88 and 89 tapes, and love them to bits. The PPV was always demanding on a roster, but they certainly have one capable of coping with it these days.


On the tag team roster, if you remember the 88 Survivor Series, they actually had a match with 5 teams vs 5, could they do that now? Never. Look at who those teams were too. At least 5 of them were all time great tag teams, Rockers/Hart Foundation/British Bulldogs/Brain Busters/Demolition - the others weren't bad either, Young Stallions, Powers of Pain etc. Who have we got now? I like Billy and Chuck, but with the Dudleys, Hardys and the APA that's only 4 teams of any value. Tag team wrestling is far from dead, with the right talent involved


Far too many guys being underused, not sure about Perfect though, I'm actually surprised at how high they've put him up the roster. This isn't the same Hennig that hardly lost a match when he was there before, and he didn't have too many good matches in WCW towards the end.


I won't go on or I'm in danger of posting something way too similar to yours but you get the picture.

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