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A PC victory?


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Well ol' Darkstars had an interesting few days!


At work a young man, who I shall call Jeffa, has accused one of the managers, who shall be called Jim, of racist abuse.


Jeffa is a hindu and claims that his religion is his life. However, he smokes, drinks and has had a LOT of unmarried sex.


One night there was only me, Jeffa and Jim on shift. We started talking about how the BBC wanted to remove the word 'Paki' from an old episode of Only Fools and Horses (when Del Boy refers to a paki shop).

This prompted Jeffa to exclaim "I f****** hate pakis".


Surprised Jim said he thought Jeffa was a 'paki'. This comment made Jeffa go off on a rant about how Pakistan and Hindism are two different things. He claimed the reason he hates Pakistanis is becouse the village his family orrigionaly came from was close to the bourder with Pakistan and kept getting bombed (I forget which country he said).


We ended up talking about the origins of words and how they turned from descriptions into insults.


When Jim finally understood what Jeffa was saying he exclaimed " Well I dont care what you are as long as you do your job!"


Seeing that Jeffa was still annoyed I decided to clear the air with a joke and I said " Well where were you born man?"




"Well then Jeffa, you're not a Paki then are you! You're just a bit of a c*** like the rest of us mate!"


This made everybody laugh and the thing was dropped. Now however, 4 weeks later, Jeffa has put in a complaint that Jim racially abused him by:

1- saying he thought he was a Paki!

2- saying he wasnt bothered about what religion Jeffa was!


So by not caring Jim is a racist!


But as I was there I also am being investigated for racial abuse! And becouse of the comment I made (which calmed it all down) I am allso being investigated for non racial abuse as well! This all goes down on my work record, so goodbye to my promotion!


I will update you with what happens as and when I can!


I apologise if my quoting of the word 'Paki' has insulted or offended anyone! I think it is a derogetry term but was the one being used in the conversation and I wanted to repeat it as faithfully as I could.

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Ridiculous, if you'd been abused though, I bet noone would have given a monkeys. Like the time when I was trying to sort out a situation at the youth club, and a young black girl told me to "Kiss her black arse", if I'd of said that, I would have been done for racial abuse. It's totally messed up, hope it turns out ok for ya Darkstar mate.
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its totally messed up in this country, if we make a slur to another ethnic origin then we are racist but like when i was walking down a street in walsall with two of my mates before college and some indian lads started shouting over the road to us calling us "White Mother F***ers" Now if thats not racist because we are white then how does racism work? Do you have to be coloured to be classed as another race and therefore racism made against you? Britain sucks seriously because nothing would of been done about that but if we had said something to them, not that we were going to considering they pulled knifes on us, but we would have been investigated.


Seriously Britain may be ethnically mixed but politically and lawfully Britain Sucks

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PC is just as big a butt pain, and just as out of control, here in the U.S.


I am a white male. Therefore, I am part of the only unprotected group. Everyone except me can claim minority status in one form or another.


Funny thing is that 90% of the people I come into contact with on a daily basis are female. Whenever furniture needs moved, or put together, or carried, they always call on me. I am the only man in my office. 2 of the 5 women in my office have SERIOUS man-hate issues and constantly say derogatory things about men. If I protest their remarks I am seen as being in the wrong.


Why can an a dark skinned person call themselves or anyone else a n****r and its okay? Its an ugly word and no one should use it. Also why is it okay to call me a honky or cracker if the N word is so bad?


I have acquaintances who are police officers and prison guards. The stories they tell are crazy. The laws favor the criminals, inhibitting those who enforce the law and making life easier for criminals.


We've turned our kids into scared little sissies who aren't well educated. The school systems have dummied down the curriculum to make it easier to pass since "too many are failing". I have an idea. Lets make the kids learn. Thats the purpose of going to school, isn't it? Do the work and become more knowledgeable or fail. Oh sorry. I'm trying to involve real life and common sense into pc. How silly and conservative of me. I recently saw something that was really cool. In the early 1900's many school systems had mandatory end-of-year tests that you had to pass in order to go to the next grade. I saw the 8th grade exit exam for a school in Kansas. There is NO WAY that most modern 8th graders would pass it. Kids get passed on to the next grade all the time because teachers don't want to "scar" them. What a load of crap! We're graduating kids from high school who can't read. They weren't helped, they were crippled by the pc idiots.


Many of them have voiced opinions that youth sports contests should stop keeping score. This would mean that everyone wins and feels good about themselves. Are you F***ING crazy? That won't teach kids anything! In the real world you lose some and you ,hopefully, win some. Thats life. These pc idiots are so STUUUUUUUUUPID!


Many kids here won't get a job. They think that their parents owe them an allowance. My dad didn't pay us to mow the lawn. He'd ask me, "You hungry?".

I would say yes.

He would reply, "Mow the yard and you get to eat".


Thats my two cents about pc. Keep fighting to be real Brother.


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As far as I see it, the Hindu guy was the only one who expressed racial hatred by his I hate Paki's comment.


The rest of the malarky was just everyone trying to understand his comment, I would also see your manager doing his job by diffusing the situation with a joke. The fact that he doesn't care what religion the guy is as long as he does his job is more than enough to prove that he is not racist.


Seeing as most Indians are separated by culture and not any specific genetic trait, it is very hard for anyone to automatically know what religion they are, so how can that be racist? Gotta be a mind reader now to be PC?



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After reading Darkstar's "novella" :D I think that "Jim" perhaps could have handled the situation with a bit more maturity. Saying things like "I don't care what you are", while almost universally recognised as inoffensive could be construed as offensive by some souls - and rightly so, I guess.


Saying something like "I thought you were a paki", although the recipient of that remark has already expressed their distaste for them, was also rather inadvised.


Personally I think PC people should rot in hell. One of my best friends is a Pakistani and calls himself a "Paki" and is proud to call himself that. When we were drunk one night I asked him "if you're so proud about being a Paki then why can't I call you one?". He said "ok, you can".


So we made a deal, I could call him a Paki and he could call me a honky. No harm done, and we had a good laugh. Although one day he asked me if I planned to make a car-park out of Afghanistan and I retorted that he should stick to playing football, the midfield general of West Bank FC.


Good times...



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The lines are blurred here and it is those who beleive they can see something who create all the problems. When the lines and borders break down, what, truly are we left with, Black, White, Yellow, Brown whatever, we are Earthlings no more no less.


Will it take the invasion of an "alien" race to make us wake up to that fact?


Polticians and beauracrats create these problems by thinking they are doing right, well they are wrong, because they are human and it is our nature to make mistakes, it is when they become adult about it and apologise for their mistakes that progress is made. If you do not recieve a promotion DS apply for another job.


The law in this country is a joke, I was verbally abused and unfairly dismissed in a previous job and the owner of the company laughed in my face, when I informed him of the law, and his responsibilities, that was until I took him to an industrial tribunal and wiped the smile off of his smugass face, by taking £10,000 out of his pocket.


That being said, I knew my own rights and did not need a solicitor/lawyer to help me out, a lot of folks can't do that, so when he crossed me, he made the mistake of his professional life.


DS if I were you I would protest your innocence vehemently and claim to Jeffa that he is being discriminatory towards you, as he has never asked you up front where you sit on this subject, therefore he is being presumptuous. The law states that anyone is allowed to be rascist as long as they do not become discrimanatory, and use their dislike/fear of those they dislike/fear to prevent them from progressing in life or the workplace.


In my opinion Jeffa does not have a leg to stand on, and if I were you I would demand this episode be stricken from your record.




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To me, saying "Paki's" or "Chinkies" is fairly standard. I'm 31 and really don't see any problem, even calling someone a Paki or Chinese git isn't anything as I've had English call me a Scots git or Scots bastard most of my life. It's when it goes the other way though and it becomes obviously hate that the problems start. Joking about it is something else, healthy even as you at least know you're joking.
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Yes indeed it does tgo buddy.

Jim was told to write an apology to Jaffa. He did so and it was excepted. End of story, or so we thought........


Today we found out (via tgo) that the actual store manager, who shall be called Sharon, said to Jaffa that she wished he had gone through with the complaint so that she would have an excuse to fire Jim!


Sharon has been working at the store for a month and a half and has royally cocked it up. Only Jim has kept his hand on the reins of the store.


But if Jaffa HAD of gone all the way with the complaint it could have cost 3 jobs (his, Jims and mine), so its being brought to the area manager above Sharons head......


Oh Sc, tgo is a workmate of mine. I introduced him to TWO a while back but he only joined the FWL (and started well).

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my mom go's out with an indian guy and i get on ok with him even thought his kids were ok till they moved in with my mom. his kids r 7,9 and 12 and not only do they have lack of respect for their elders (me) they even call my kids white b******s now i think this is completely out of order as my kids r only 2 and 4 they know nothing of racism as they have never encountered it i have black friends and i dont think my kids even notice the colour of their skin. When i confroted my moms fella about it his reply was "oh they r just children, i bet ur brats started it"

Now at this point i became enraged and damn right insulted, his kids r being racist towards mine and i cant do anything about it. When i mentioned it to my mom she said "stop being silly they wouldnt do such a thing" at which point my son slapped 1 of his children (reason unknown) and in a very loud voice his 9 yr old said to my son "get the F**K off my brother u white C**t, my mom dismissed it as childish banter, at which point i refused to stand by and watch as my children became victims of racism, i left the house and have never returned, my moms boyfriend and children r not welcome in my house and i limit the amount of time she spends with my children. My mom thinks i have gotten on my high horse but i think i have done what is best for my children and my family as a whole.

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yeah, that isn't playful banter at all and nobody should be subjected to it.


thing is, as disturbing as the fact that the little brat insisted on adding "white" into what he said, so is him calling anyone a "c#nt".


the idea that that can be dismissed as playful banter is ridiculous, and without wanting to be nasty about your Mum, who obviously I have never met and don't know at all, she seems just as childish and blind as they do.

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what winds me up about my mom is if i had said something like that to a black kid when i was younger i would of been pulled to my room and had the hell beaten out of me. never mind some little brat calling her own flesh and blood that. if my son had said anything to provoke it he would of been severely reprimanded for it. but my mom sticks up for "her new kids" as my sister calls them.
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i had a similar situation when my mum and dad split up. nothing to do with racism, but to do with my dad replacing his own flesh and blood kids, with three bratty ignorant little muppets and choosing them over me and my sister time and time again.


it was like all of a sudden nothing from before him getting remarried meant a thing, and in every situation what we said didn't matter, and what they said was gospel. I'm sure it's horrible for your kids to be in that situation and your mum (no disrespect to you and I apologise for insulting her) needs to wake up and remember the life she's come from.

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my kids were effected by racism and thankfully it wasnt them doing it, it was bound to happen someday just didnt think it would be inter family, especially as i have black and hispanic heritage fair enough it is a long way back on my line but its still there and my children will grow up knowing it. and hopefully my mom will see 1 day that her real family should mean more to her than some stupid little racist kids
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