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Bret Hart at WrestleMania X8


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Just read that Bret Hart was offered a spot as an unadvertised secret guest referee at WrestleMania X8. Unfotunately but unsurprisingly he turned down the offer, but apparently he gave it a lot of thought. Wouldn't it have been cool to have seen the Hitman back in the WWF, also the fact that he took time to think about it instead ofturning t down straight gives me small hope that someday we will see Bret back in the WWF.
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I'm sure if the WWF up the buck$ then Bret would find the offer hard to refuse.He would come back with major babyface heat but after the initial shock what would they do with him?.For a start the guys in-ring career is over so the only real option is a commissioner role but that would not work as we already have Flair and Vince running the show and having another guy making matches and decisions would make no sence.

Dont get me wrong I would love to see Bret back as a wrestler but it aint gonna happen,so why bother?.

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Guest Dizzy
I would be surprised if Bret accepted the apperance. He would be pissing on all the statements he made in the past. Don't do it Breat.
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To read his full column see:




It would of been nice to see, but I cant see Bret going for it. I think the only reason he thought about it was because:


Because, in return, they'd give me access to video footage and still shots. They own every picture and every inch of film of every match I had over the last 16 years of my career.


So now, as a 'trade off', they offered me the same access McMahon already promised me when I met with him on a park bench in Calgary the day before Owen's funeral, two-and-a-half years ago.


Four days later, when my people called his to work out the details, they were told Vince recalls no such conversation.


Imagine the pop Bret would of got though! :xyx

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i'm a huge bret fan, and that's not what i'd want to see at all.


Wrestlemania has enough huge names already, Bret can't wrestle in a match, so I see little point him being there.


And I still think it makes too much of a mockery of everything that's gone on in the past for him to do it.


I'm a Bret fan, and I think he would be selling out. It's always great to see him on TV, but at Mani it just wouldn't feel or look quite right

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Considering that Ric Flair seems to be wrestling more, I think it would make more sense for Bret to own the "wrestling" company when the roster splits. No-one was a better "wrestler" than the Hitman and due to the genuine friction between the two, they could deliver blistering promos. Then with the company split, they will run the companys as normal and build up the friction even more. Then at Wrestlemania next year (long time, but well worth the wait), IF Bret can do it, and thats a big if, vince v Bret in any capacity would rake in the money. In the meantime, Flair could reform the Horsemen of any sort and feud with the NWO, led by Eric Bischoff. All four have heat with each other (except for Bret and Bischoff) and a big tag team match or double main event or whatever would work.


Bret v Flair=Sounds good to me.

Bret v Vince=Sounds even better.

Flair v Bischoff=Done before but still, i'd pay to see it.

Bischoff v Vince=At long last, ive waited for this for a long time.


or even.....


.....Bret & Bischoff v Vince & Flair.

Bret & Flair v Vince & Bischoff


or my favorite....


......Bret & Vince (genuine rivals) v Flair & Bischoff (genuine rivals)



I know that Bret is retired, but how long do retirements last in wrestling? And as far as his injury, that will hold him back. But we can't rule out the possibilities. We've gotta keep the dream alive.


But even if Bret still can't wrestle, him and McMahon as business rivals would satisfy me, as long as we saw more of the Hitman.

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Oh God!. What is all this talk of Horsemen,Flair,Hart,Hogan etc?.

All great in their day but come on this is 2002.Lets have some fresh ideas and not keep recycling the same old cr@p.

I find it funny how McMahon and the WWF ridiculed WCW when they were on top and called them 'the seniors tour' and now we have Hogan,Hall,Nash and Perfect back and we are all supposed to buy into it!.

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Guest nWo Hogan

Although the WWF has shown a willingness to forgive and forget eg

Mr Perfect,Hogan,Hall and Nash etc I doubt the WWF would be willing to forget that incident just in the name of the PPV, not unless they had somthing else (sinister as it may sound) in mind, nor do i think Bret after all he's said over the last few years about McMahon and the WWF would be that hypercritical.

As for Bret not wrestling, I may be being harsh here but I dont buy it entriely that he can't wrestle again. He says he's 99.9% being normal in every way again, which is alot more that 1/2 the wrestlers who wrestle with all sorts of ailments. Also if you remember he did still wrestle for WCW after the injury albeit occassionally, and the injury was nowhere near as healed as it is now and he did okay. I just think that Bret doesn't want to wrestle anymore, after the WWF incident and his misuse in WCW.

If money does talk though (and it does talk) and the WWF offered him a major chunk of cash to return to the scene I bet Hart would don the tights again, I doubt it though as I cant see McMahon trying to get him for any other reason that to exploit the McMahon v Hart angle.

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