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WWF Asia Tour


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Got this of http://www.puroresupower.com I would of posted it in the Puro fourm but I thought people who never go in there might be interested in it since it is kind of what will be done in England and Scotland in 3 months.


Shane McMahon was at the show representing management and largely got booed by the Japanese fans. Ric Flair also showed up and got a good response. The Japanese fans tried an "ass hole" chant in English on Steve Regal. Lots of ribbing on Jericho for being Super Liger a few years ago in Japan. Rock did his standard moves and English catchphrases at the show (including Rock Bottom, People's Elbow, and if you smell... line) while having the American flag. TAKA Michinoku was Shoichi Funaki's "ring second" for Funaki vs. Shane Helms. Both TAKA & Funaki got booed. Stacy Keibler showed up with short red pants on and why some of the horny fans in attendance got off on it, other hardcore fans in the crowd started making fun of her because the nickname that the Japanese have given to Billy Gunn & Chuck Palumbo for their "gay duo" routine is "The Red Tights Party." Also, guess who showed up for the Yokohama Arena show - Johnny Ace. Ace is trying to broker a deal with either All Japan or NOAH. He'll have more success with NOAH because there's still bad blood between him and All Japan. (Every time I think of Johnny Ace and his reputation, I think about the time he once travelled to a Dory Funk Jr. camp in Florida and showed up late while the new wrestlers were practicing in the ring. Ace jumps in during the practice session, with his hands greasy after eating out of a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken and starts stiffing all the young guys shitless and then says that he's trying to teach them something.) Yoshihiro Tajiri was very much over with the crowd. The show was considered a success by management.


When the show started, the electronic board/message area set up said "Welcome to Japan." The lines at the merchandise counter were extraordinarily long and the WWF made out like bandits profit-wise. Total Sports Asia did a very good job of managing the entire show. Every single Rock & Austin T-Shirt sold out, plus most if not all of the pamphlets for the show sold out.


WWF announced/claimed 16,000 paid for the Yokohama Arena show. Results:


- Shane McMahon defeated Yusuke "Wally" Yamaguchi by KO. Yamaguchi is the long-time writer for Weekly Gong, All Japan 2nd-in-command referee, and long-time wheeler-and-dealer in Japan. Yamaguchi's relationship with the WWF is connected in a couple of ways. Yamaguchi was unfortunately "Yamaguchi-san" with Kaientai a few years ago. The WWF actually tried to hire Wally's brother, Shun (who's a fabulous photographer out of Boston), but Shun had brains and didn't do it. Also, Wally took care of one of Jim Ross's daughters a few years ago when the daughter went to Japan for a modeling session.


- WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Regal over Edge in 14 minutes, 41 seconds.


- Lita over Mighty Molly in 6 minutes, 26 seconds.


- WWF European Title Match: Diamond Dallas Page over King Haku (this can't please Tenryu) in 5 minutes, 37 seconds. Page couldn't have been happy about this one - several fans left for the merchandise tables and the bathrooms during this match and that's not a work, either.


- Shoichi Funaki over Shane Helms in 9 minutes. TAKA announced he would be at the Smackgirl show on 3/2 at Differ Ariake in Tokyo.


- WWF Tag Titles Match: Billy Gunn & Chuck Palumbo defeated Matt & Jeff Hardy in 9 minutes, 20 seconds when Gunn went over on Matt Hardy. The Japanese weren't very interested in most parts of this match. Lots of hardcore fans ribbing the Hardy Boys by doing "Mikami!" calls during the match whenever Jeff Hardy would go for a swanton bomb since that's what Mikami does in DDT.


- WCW Cruiserweight Title Match: Yoshihiro Tajiri defeated Billy Kidman in 11 minutes, 38 seconds with a stick-kick. Tajiri did the green mist and it got a lot of interest from the crowd because Mutoh was at ringside doing TV commentary and Tajiri had some "explaining" to do to Mutoh.


- Ric Flair defeated Riki Choshu. Well, sort of. Choshu showed up and went to fight Flair and the fans were crazy. William (Steve) Regal then did a run-in and Flair put Regal in the Figure-4 Leg Lock. About only half the fans knew who Choshu was. Someone who I talked to at the show said that it was amazing how many "new" marks at the show didn't know much about the history of Japanese wrestling.


- Kane & Big S(l)how defeated Buh-Buh Ray & D-Von Dudley in 11 minutes, 8 seconds when Kane went over on Buh-Buh with the chokeslam.


- WWF Title Match: Chris Jericho defeated The Rock in 20 minutes, 53 seconds. Whoever decided on this finish needs to be shot. They did a screwjob finish in which the Dudleys ran in and interefered and Jericho got the win. The fans were pissed off and afterwards a non-title re-match was issued between both men.


- The Rock defeated Chris Jericho in 30 minutes with the People's Elbow.

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