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Big Rik Waller


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Guest edgehead2001

Well i think that is version is good.. but it shouldnt get to number 1...


I think that he definately done something about those god damn teeth before doing the video..


I have seen Gareth gates new video and thats ok...


And Posh spice doesnt suck... but yet shes not the greatest Singer ever... Shes only goosd on certain songs..

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Guest Babs4life
Rik can sing, but i do think he shud at least try to lose weight, i'm scared of him encouraging people to put on weight!
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Guest Thundara

A lot of people has said that if Rik was anygood a singer, he wouldn't have to do covers, but he's just another pawn in the mass-produced music industry : songs all writen for him, sings the lyrics, walks home with ridiculous pay-cheque.


If artists were given more freedom to write their own material, we'd see a lot of people flop, and most probably all the artists in the top 20 right now.


Unfortunately, this won't result in a multi-million pound turnover for EMI and Virgin so they stick totheir way: underpaid session musicans and song writers with only 2 topics, falling in love and having a heart broken.


Either that or they just hunt through a bundle of old favourites, dust it off and give them to Pop Idol/PopStars/Steps.

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Guest Dean Douglas

I was flipping through the channels a few days ago and saw him on Top of the Pops, I was instantly reminded of the sketch in Trigger Happy TV with the two men in suits with a ton of padding blocking the escalator at a train station.





I'm not being nasty, I'm stating my visual perception.

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There is a guy in a couple of weeks ago, who spent over 4 hours in the store, then payed for a screwdriver and some wood screws. Could of sworn he went down every aisle in the store, I followed him incase he took a five fingered discount.


Back to topic, they also play Will's and Gareths songs too many times during the day too.

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