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Tribute Shows - The Anger!

Cactus Jack

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Apoligies Mods if I use selected words considered swearing, but you try to stay calm on an annoying subject :devil


OK,OK If I knew better, I should have stayed at home and not gone. But I wanted to know are they really that shabby?


The big name on the card was Jake "The Snake" Roberts. The first minute of the show, the announcer says:



Unfortunalty, due to heavy traffic on the M1, Jake will NOT make it tonight. We have been in mobile-mobile contact with him during the day, and there is NO chance of him appearing


Surprise! Surprise!


Imagin the size of a king size bed. That was the size of the ring. Then when the heel went out of the ring for a break, the announcer got on the Mike and shouted: Chicken! Chicken! Chicken! attempting to get the crowd to boo. How pathetic.


Every match was billed as UK vs USA. I swear they hardly wrestled. All the time the USA would say Shut Your Mouth! which got boos, and the UK guy shout England! England! To get a cheap pop.


I swear, the Main Event Heel came down to SClub7's Dont Stop Movin'! Awwwwww My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It pisses my off the way they promote Jake, then say bollocks to you, you cant get your money back. Wether its Jake or them (I think they were called All-Stars American Wrestling) its a crime. Surley to use Jake's name he would have to give them permission, so he would have had a apart to play in this.


Now, I know you will all be saying that this is the point, you knew that you would be screwed and still went. But I wanted to see how chabby it was.


Jake was in the UK to do They Think Its All Over! Why the Fcuk (Spelt wrong on purpose) could he not be arsed getting there?



A very pissed off Person

Bang! Bang!

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You knew how crap it would be but you and your mates still gave your money to these muppets who give wrestling its childish image that non fans always go on about. You totally deserved what you got. EVERYONE says these tribute shows are sh*te but you still supported them. UK fans would rather travel to see tribute shows than a decent WRESTLING group. I wish Tommy Boyd and the SWA the best of luck cause they're gonna need it with the fans in this country.
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As soon as All Star get past Birmingham it becomes tribute time...you see, none of the big UK names like travelling by car or train.


(I think thay actually think they are above that sort of thing...Mick Foley would spit in their face.)


"This advertisement for what is wrong with UK wrestling was brough to you by Me!" lol




On the other hand...


All Stars going rate, apparently, is £40 (that's just for one year rookies) and they could easily run full time... so, let's say a wrestler does 5 shows a week then that's ... aaaaaaaanyways, a roster of say 20 and you build up a fanbase as you go round. Two years later you don't have any tributes, you have a roster everyone knows and respects, you have a national product and you can fill a 2,000 arena by yourself.


Surely, someone apart from me can see that.

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Well, we have reported the missing Jake Roberts to trading standards, the local newpapers, and ticketmaster. Guess what the woman at ticketmaster said when we complained? "Did you actually think he would be there?" Ermmmmmmmmmmm, no but the whole point was you advertised him, stupid Bitch.
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