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TWO Newsletter: Issue #1


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TWO Newsletter #1


Hi all and welcome to the first TWO Newsletter – I hope you like it! If you have any feedback at all – please let me know.


For those that don’t know, Revival will be aired on Bravo this week – March 3rd from 8pm. There will also be a Revival CHAT this Sunday from 10pm onwards in the Revival Chatroom. For more info see:




Also for Interviews with Marco Di Fiore/Justice, Steve Knight, Jon Farrer, Chris Hamrick and many more stars checkout:




WWF Weekly Roundup – By Luke Constable ( Luke@talkwrestlingonline.com)



15 Feb

*It was rumoured that the band Drowning Pool (who performed the single 'Bodies' at SummerSlam) would be producing a new song for Triple H and thus perform live at WrestleMania.


16 Feb

*There appears to be some confusion over the UK broadcast of WWF HeAT. The WWF International website listed HeAT as airing on MTV UK at 7pm GMT on Sundays. This is unfounded by Sky Digital which does not list HeAT on MTV this Sunday.


17 Feb

*In an interview Jeremy Borash, the man behind independent promotion the World Wrestling Allstars, confirmed that the group have been in talks with Sting, Shane Douglas and Goldberg. He went on to add that fans should not be surprised if Sting were to appear on a future WWA show.


*William Regal revealed that HE came up with the idea for Vince McMahon's 'Kiss My Ass' club, as he thought it would increase his heel heat.


18 Feb

*William Hill cut the odds of Hulk Hogan being WWF champion on December 31 2002 from 25-1 to 16-1. In my opinion, that looks like a shrewd bet.


*The much vaunted comeback of Shawn Michaels was updated by the comment that he is "Currently spending time with his family." I don't see that as a good sign at all. The question of 'When is Shawn Michaels coming back?' is as much a part of the wrestling lexicon nowadays as 'Where is Ken Shamrock?'.


* Billy Gunn asked WWF.com to pass along the following message to their fans: "Just let everybody know that we really like chicks," Billy said with a laugh. "They just keep backing out on us." Yes, I was surprised too. I had no idea they had fans.


20 Feb

* Names in line for a push from the WWF after the roster split include D'Lo Brown, Randy Orton, Rico Constantino, Jaime Knoble and Lady Victoria.


*Just days after the arrival of the nWo, stories of discontent are already emerging, although some believe that these are merely rumours to gain the trio more heat. That said I do think that they are borne out of genuine locker-room animosity.


Scott Hall was alleged to have mocked the Dudley Boyz, by saying something along the lines of 'That's a great finisher (3D) you've got there, I can't wait to kick out of it.' It was also believed that Steve Austin was lukewarm to plans for a match with Scott Hall at WrestleMania, as he believed that Hall would not be with the company by the time the showpiece event took place. In the case of Kevin Nash, it is felt that he is trying to befriend the Undertaker as he is perceived to be a locker room leader. This friendship would no doubt help his political pull.


Hulk Hogan is seen in two different ways. Much similar to Nash in the respect that he is trying to mend his ways whilst still trying to cement his position as a backstage string-puller. Others think that he will soon reprieve the status he had in his final days for WCW, in that he'll barely do any work, turn up when he feels like and so on.


21 Feb

* The planned roster split is still touted to go ahead as planned, with two separate groups of storylines and talent. It is proposed that one division will take the RAW timeslot headed by Vince McMahon, while the other division will obtain the SmackDown timeslot. The RAW group is expected to mainly consist of the brand name talent, whilst the SmackDown contingent will focus more on the in-ring product, specifically a revamped Cruiserweight division.


22 Feb

*After SmackDown climbed 0.6 points in the Nielsen ratings, it served as a good sign that the nWo angle is proving to be a success so far.


*After strong sales in Japan, Singapore and Malaysia, the next international stop for the WWF will be in Europe this coming May. One show will be done in Germany and three others will be in England. The PPV 'Insurrextion' is also part of the tour, live from the Wembley Arena in London. In August they will travel to Australia for a show which will be aired on PPV for Australian fans - similar to the UK-only PPVs. In October they will return to Europe to close the tour for 2002.


*WWFE announced that the annual PPV quotient will go up from 12 to 16 after WrestleMania.


23 Feb

*WWFE announced dates for an international tour. The dates are as follows : May 1 in Colognem,Germany; May 2 in Glasgow, Scotland; May 3 in Birmingham, England; May 4 in London for the Insurrextion Pay-Per-View.


*D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry are expected to return to WWF television after WrestleMania



*In an interview with wwf.com, Scott Hall revealed his determination not to throw quite possibly his last chance at the top away. "I have such a great opportunity here, I'm not going to let alcohol take it away from me. It ain't gonna happen again. You'll never see me drunk again. I guarantee it, because I take that pill every morning when I know I'm on the road." I hope his statement rings true, as he is easily the best worker of all three members of the nWo.


25 Feb

*Jerry Lynn was fired by the WWF. His 90 day notice was given to him due to him not having any place in the storylines. I find this most unfortunate as I had hoped that Lynn would be part of a revamped Crusierwight scene. This is a major blow for the former ECW champion who saw his chances of fame slip away despite winning the WWF Light Heavyweight championship on his debut

with the company. However on the positive side, at least fans will now at least be able to see him wrestle again. Lynn has joined the WWA roster for the time being.


26 Feb

* Mark Henry won a $75,000 Hum-Vee vehicle after winning the 'World's Strongest Man' competition which was held in Columbo, Ohio. Henry, who is soon to return to the World Wrestling Federation may use this title as the basis for an angle perhaps.


Inno’s Corner – By Inno (inno@wrestleholic.com)


The nWo... a true talking point in the world of WWF TV since they arrived... but are they as bad as they’re made out to be? Love them, loathe them or just downright hate them, the nWo invasion has already given us some great moments that old school viewers thought we’d never see again... Kevin Nash back in a WWF ring... Scott Hall pulling hitting the Razor’s Edge on the Rock, and of course, an image for all ages... The Rock and Hollywood Hogan face-to-face.


It might not be technical wrestling, hell, it won’t be a five star classic match, but just the thought of a Rock vs. Hogan match at Wrestlemania has the wrestling world, and even the non-wrestling world talking about the WWF again... and isn’t that (as DDP would say) a Good Thing? If the nWo help to attract a few new fans (or even pull a few old ones back into the fold) then they will be worth the investment Vince McMahon has put into them. Whether or not you like the focus that the 'names' bring with them, the fact is that they ARE still big names in the industry.


Yes, they may well be past their best, but the ask almost any wrestling fan if they've heard of Kevin Nash, Scott Hall or Hulk Hogan and they'll more than likely know at least one of them. One of the most quibbled about points of the failed WCW Invasion angle was that there were no 'big' names for WCW... yet here we have three of the biggest names in the game right now (if not ever) and still we have complaints. We get people saying that it's bad for business bringing these three guys back, that they should push the mid card. They tried, it failed, people complained. It may be a bumpy ride with the nWo aboard, but I for one intend to hang on for the duration.


UK News – By Adam Sibley (Dagr81@talkwrestlingonline.com)


Last weekend saw FWA promote FutureShock II, matches of the night included The New Breed vs. The Coalminers who wrestled to a double disqualification and Mark Sloan making a dubious but successful defence of his All England title against Jack Xavier. CSF promoted their much-awaited Bobby Eaton tour but unfortunately due to a mix up in dates Bobby couldn’t make it but will hopefully be down later this year.


This week I managed to catch up with Stevie Knight the 11, year wrestling veteran with the brand new wrestling organisation EWC who are causing waves going in to their first tour. Read the interview here: http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/Columns/AaronInt/Stevie_Knight/stevie_knight.shtml. The EWC will be putting on their first tour entitled “Genesis” this weekend for more information go to: http://www.ewcwrestling.info.


This weekend sees the first British wrestling event to make it on to a national TV for a long while SWAT “Revival” which took place earlier this month will be shown in highlight format this Sunday March the 3rd at 8pm on Bravo. For more information on Revival go to our very own Revival page at: http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/Revival/revival.shtml and maybe join us after the event at 10pm for a post Revival chat in the Revival chatroom at TWO where you can share your thoughts and opinions on the show with other wrestling fans.


For upcoming events check out the TWO Calendar:



For the weekly UK scene column keep it tuned to: http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/UKScene/ukscene.shtml



That’s it for this week! PLEASE let us know your thoughts on this first issue.

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