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Revival - SHow times this weekend

Guest LondonCAB

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Guest LondonCAB



Its finally time.... The best of the FWA and TWA on

national TV as Revival 2002 hits the airwaves. The

event which took place on 9th February at the Crystal

Palace Sports Arena debuts on television on Sunday

3rd March.


The highlights include the King of England tournament

to find the best in the UK. Wrestlers on the show

include Showstealer Alex Shane, Doug Williams, former

WWF stars Eddy Guerrero and Brian Christopher, the

giant Ulf Herman from Germany, Nikita, Jody Fleisch,

Scott Parker, Lexie Fyfe and more... Plus look out

for a surprise guest appearance at the end.


The action is brought to you by the commentary team of

Mark Priest and the Twisted Genius Dean Ayass.


The show times including the repeat airings on Bravo

Channel are:


Sunday 3rd March at 8pm


Monday 4th March 11pm


Wednesday 6th March 6pm


Saturday 9th March 4pm


Bravo currently are running an advert for the show so

look out for that on TV now. Bravo Channel is available

on cable and on Sky Digital.

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